Zealthy Review – Is It Legit for Mental Health Online? I Found Out.


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Zealthy Mental Health Overview

  • Cost: $99 per month ($39 for the first month)
  • Mental health conditions treated: Anxiety and depression
  • Types of Rx meds prescribed: SSRIs, SNRIs, & NDRIs
  • Treatment approach: Personalized psychiatric care with prescription medications, when appropriate
  • Other services offered: Weight loss, primary care, erectile dysfunction, urgent care, hair loss, birth control, skincare
  • Where it’s available: Florida, New Jersey, Georgia, California, Texas, Oregon, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio

Zealthy is a telemedicine company offering a personalized psychiatry program. It primarily treats anxiety and depression with prescription medications, when appropriate, for $39 for the first month and $99 each month thereafter.

The licensed psychiatrists and psychiatric providers at Zealthy may prescribe FDA-approved medications for mental health conditions, including selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) and selective-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors (SNRIs). These medications, which may include Lexapro, Zoloft, Prozac, Wellbutrin, and more may work for individuals who are hoping to better manage symptoms of anxiety and/or depression. While Zealthy only prescribes non-addictive medications, some people may experience side effects, such as headaches, fatigue, and gastrointestinal symptoms. 

This article will explore Zealthy’s mental health program, including its pros and cons, how it works, potential benefits, medication side effects, and more. In addition, we’ve compared Zealthy to other providers, so you can determine which one may work best for your needs.

Our Quick Take

Zealthy is a dependable, convenient option for people with anxiety or depression who may benefit from prescription medications. The program offers same-day appointments and unlimited messaging with licensed psychiatric providers, who will devise a personalized treatment for your needs. If you already have a trusted therapist, you may consider using Zealthy as a complement to talk therapy for medication management. Additionally, Zealthy offers a 1:1 coaching program which complements the psychiatric program at an additional cost. Zealthy mental health coaches are well-trained in providing behavioral interventions, including cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic approaches. Coaches, like psychiatric providers, are available for live video sessions and for unlimited messaging in the portal.

Zealthy Mental Health Pros & Cons


  • FDA-approved, non-addictive medications for anxiety and depression
  • Unlimited ongoing messaging and appointments with your psychiatrist to adjust your treatment plan as needed
  • Psychiatric providers are available with wait times within days or even hours, compared to multi-month wait times with other programs
  • Affordable at $39 for the first month and $99 for each month thereafter


  • Doesn’t offer in person talk therapy services; the service is 100% online
  • Only available in FL, NJ, GA, CA, TX, OR, IN, IL, WI, and OH

What Is Zealthy’s Mental Health Program?

Zealthy offers FDA-approved medications along with coaching, and unlimited consultations with a licensed psychiatrist of your choice, all from the comfort of your home. While Zealthy doesn’t offer dedicated talk therapy or counseling appointments, your psychiatrist and coach can provide you with mental health support.

zealthy mental health online visit

Image by getzealthy.com

How Does Zealthy Work?

To get started with Zealthy, you’ll first take a free online assessment, which includes a short series of questions about your mental and general health. Then, you’ll schedule a virtual visit with a psychiatric provider, who will create a personalized treatment plan including FDA-approved medications, if appropriate.

If prescribed, your medication will be shipped directly to your door in discreet packaging. You can also opt to have the prescription sent to your local pharmacy. You’ll have unlimited messaging and follow-ups with your psychiatrist for ongoing support and to adjust your dosage as needed. Refills are automatic so that you never have to worry about missing a dose.

Benefits of Zealthy’s Mental Health Program

Zealthy differs from traditional psychiatry programs because it provides ongoing medication management and coaching from the comfort of your home. Individuals in the program don’t have to worry about commuting to appointments or waiting in doctors’ offices. Additionally, with a flat monthly fee that includes unlimited messaging, follow-ups, and medication (if prescribed), Zealthy offers predictable, affordable pricing.

Through regular check-ins and assessments, Zealthy makes it simple to adjust your treatment plan based on your ongoing needs. Additionally, the platform prevents complications by only prescribing FDA-approved, non-addictive medications. Using only non-addictive medications allows Zealthy to limit the risk of dependence and unhealthy drug use in a telehealth environment. 

While Zealthy lacks dedicated talk therapy appointments, research has found that virtual professional coaching can fill the gaps in mental health care and promote better overall wellbeing. 

Zealthy Medication

Zealthy offers FDA-approved SSRIs, NDRIs, and SNRIs to treat anxiety and depression. Examples of medications available through Zealthy include:

Zealthy Coaching

Coaching can be an important addition to medication management for anxiety and depression, as it allows you to discuss your progress, report any side effects, and receive drug-free recommendations to improve your mental health, such as breathing exercises. Zealthy provides coaching via instant messaging and follow-up appointments. 

Coaching differs from therapy because it tends to hone in on solutions for the present and future, while therapy may also involve addressing past traumas and experiences. Both are valuable, but they tend to serve different purposes in mental health treatment. 

Many people benefit from regular sessions with a credentialed therapist, along with medication management, while others may do well with medication management and coaching. In some cases, medication management, coaching, and therapy may provide the ideal supportive environment for some individuals.

zealthy coaching

Image by Pexels

Why We Recommend Zealthy Telemedicine

We recommend Zealthy because it’s a reputable telemedicine company that offers healthcare services from a licensed, experienced team of providers. After evaluating Zealthy’s mental health program, we determined that it’s a convenient and dependable option for cases of anxiety or depression that may benefit from prescription medications. 

Key reasons why we recommend Zealthy mental healthcare include:

  • Personalized Treatment Plan

Zealthy offers 100% personalized treatment plans for anxiety and depression. No two cases are alike, and the licensed psychiatrists at Zealthy consider an extensive range of factors to find the best treatment plan for you. 

  • Unlimited Ongoing Support

Individuals’ needs shift and evolve over time, so ongoing support is crucial in mental healthcare. Zealthy offers unlimited messaging and follow-ups with your psychiatrist to ensure that you have the support you need. This simplifies the process of adjusting your medication dosage, switching your medication, and addressing any side effects. 

  • Easy and On-Time Refills 

Missing a dose of your medication can disrupt your day, make it difficult to work, and trigger uncomfortable symptoms. Zealthy provides automatic refills, shipped directly to your door, so that you don’t have to worry about missing a dose.  

  • Same-Day Appointments

With a hectic schedule, finding time for an appointment can be challenging. Zealthy offers same-day appointments for flexibility and accessibility.  

Zealthy Medication Safety and Side Effects

The prescription medications available through Zealthy may cause side effects. Zealthy will gather information about your current medications, underlying medical conditions, and health history to prevent drug interactions and other complications, however, side effects may still occur.

Common side effects of SSRIs may include:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Insomnia
  • Drowsiness
  • Headache
  • Reduced libido 
  • Agitation

Common side effects of SNRIs may include:

  • Nausea
  • Dry mouth
  • Insomnia
  • Headache 
  • Reduced libido
  • Indigestion 

Common side effects of NDRIs include:

  • Dry mouth
  • Constipation
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Nausea
  • Excessive sweating
  • Tremor 

When to Seek Emergency Medical Care

Seek emergency medical care if you experience thoughts of self harm, disorientation, psychosis, seizures, fever, unconsciousness, or irregular heartbeat.

Zealthy Mental Health vs. Alternatives

We’ve compared Zealthy to other brands including Cerebral, Brightside, and PlushCare to help you determine which mental healthcare provider may work best for your needs.

Zealthy vs. Cerebral

Cerebral offers a wider range of mental health treatment options than Zealthy. However, Zealthy offers greater flexibility with same-day appointment availability.

Zealthy vs. Brightside

Brightside offers a broader range of mental health treatments than Zealthy with medication and online therapy for anxiety, depression, panic disorder, insomnia, bipolar disorder, PTSD, and more. However, Brightside doesn’t ship medications directly to your door like Zealthy (you have to pick them up at your local pharmacy) or offer same-day appointments. 

3. Zealthy vs. PlushCare

PlushCare prescribes SSRIs and SNRIs for anxiety and depression, much like Zealthy. Unlike Zealthy, PlushCare also treats ADHD. However, PlushCare’s initial visits cost $129 and $99 for appointments thereafter, plus a $14.99 monthly membership fee. This is significantly more expensive than Zealthy, which charges $39 for the first month (including unlimited follow-ups) and $99 for each month thereafter.

Our Experience With Zealthy Mental Health

In our experience with Zealthy, we found the platform to be fast and user-friendly. We particularly liked the quick questionnaire and same-day appointment availability, which allowed us to start our mental health journey in a single day. We also appreciated that Zealthy gave us the ability to choose our psychiatrist, rather than assigning us one at random.

Zealthy Mental Health Reviews From Their Customers

Given that Zealthy is rapidly expanding and its mental health program is relatively new, reviews are limited. However, from the real customer reviews that we did find, it’s clear that people are pleased that their providers respond to messages quickly and provide attentive ongoing coaching. Many people also noted that Zealthy helped ensure that their treatment plan was covered by insurance.

Brent G.
Read More
I've been anxious about my challenges with erectile disfunction and weight loss. I cam across Zealthy when researching providers that could help me. I'm grateful for having found them as they are treating my ED and anxiety in one place. i now feel much more confident on the dating apps 🙂
Read More
I've been really stressed at work. It was keeping me up at night and sometimes I'd feel like I couldn't deal with anything - I was just freezing up. I saw an ad on Facebook and thought I'd try this out. I saw a Zealthy doctor right away. He prescribed Zoloft and sent it in the mail. Things are much better now. So glad I tried it - I'm a huge fan.
Read More
I do not normally write reviews but I had to make an exception here. I was hopeful for my experience at Zealthy but I have been blown away. I never would have expected so much from an online medical service. My doctor is considerate when they make decisions and always loops me in. My care coordinator responds super quickly and helps me navigate any questions I have. So happy with this service.
Read More
I am super busy and I feel like I never have time to schedule a doctor's appointment because it takes FOREVER. I feel like I am always there for over an hour because of all the waiting not even counting the time it takes to drive there and back. Zealthy has been so awesome for my busy schedule because I don’t have to wait or go into an office. I get what I need when I need it and do not have to worry about scheduling long appointments.

The Verdict: Is Zealthy Legit for Anxiety & Depression Treatment?

Zealthy’s psychiatry program is a convenient, affordable way to address anxiety and depression with FDA-approved medications (if appropriate) and ongoing coaching. This program is unique in its flat monthly price that includes unlimited follow-ups and messaging with your psychiatrist, helping you feel supported throughout your mental health treatment. Additionally, all of Zealthy’s treatment plans are 100% customized to suit your needs.

Unfortunately, Zealthy is only available in Florida, New Jersey, Texas, Georgia, California, Oregon, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Ohio, so it’s not accessible to everyone. Additionally, without a talk therapy option or treatment for mental health conditions other than anxiety and depression, it may not meet everyone’s needs. Nonetheless, Zealthy has earned many positive reviews for its responsiveness and caring support for anxiety and depression.


Does Zealthy accept insurance?

Yes, Zealthy accepts plans from most major insurance providers. It may also be affordable without insurance for some individuals.

What is the best treatment for anxiety?

The best treatment for anxiety varies from person to person, but most often includes therapy, prescription medication, and lifestyle adjustments.

What are two methods you can use to cope with depression?

Two treatment methods you can use to cope with depression are therapy or coaching and prescription medications. 

How much does a Zealthy online doctor visit cost?

Zealthy costs $39 for the first month and $99 for each month thereafter, which includes unlimited doctor’s visits, messaging, and medications.

What is a combination of anxiety and depression called?

A combination of anxiety and depression is called mixed anxiety-depressive disorder, or MADD.


We conducted extensive research to evaluate the pricing, effectiveness, accessibility, overall quality, doctor support, treatment options, and safety of Zealthy, which also included examining other mental health telemedicine platforms. To determine overall value, we evaluated cost, usability, treatment options, and ongoing physician support. 

Other factors we investigated prior to choosing the best mental health telemedicine program included convenience, discounts, customer service, access to healthcare providers, health insurance, and package deals offered. For the best, most convenient option overall, Zealthy stood out for its ongoing and affordable psychiatric care for individuals with anxiety and/or depression.

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