Review: Vault Health for Personalized Testosterone Treatment and Men’s Health

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Over the past several decades, men’s health has received increased attention and expanded well beyond its initial foray as just testosterone replacement therapy. Thankfully for the guys of America, increased attention on men’s health – which includes everything from physical performance to urologic, endocrine, and mental health – has coincided with the increased popularity and demand for telemedicine. 

Already well-established and largely accelerated by COVID, it appears as though online healthcare and telemedicine are here to stay. It only stands to reason that telemedicine companies will rise to the challenge and ensure that men’s healthcare becomes as convenient as other forms of online or delivered health services. 

One of the early leaders in the space is Vault Health. Let’s dive into their offerings and see how they stack up to the alternatives. 

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What does Vault Health offer to men?

vault health logo

Vault Health is a telemedicine company that specializes in optimizing men’s health with at-home treatments and ongoing remote care. 

Available in 37 U.S. states (as of April 2021, but they’re expanding rapidly), Vault Health offers direct-to-consumer prescription treatment, supplements, and testosterone replacement therapy. Particularly in the midst of a raging pandemic, Vault Health gives men the opportunity to address their health concerns from the comfort and safety of their own homes. 

Interestingly, Vault’s most apparent offering has lately been its at-home COVID-19 saliva test kits. It’s worth noting, however, that this was merely a pivot to offer their well-acclaimed testing service to the masses. They got their start offering men’s health services, and that’s really where their long-term future lies: in easy-access treatments for men’s health.

How does Vault Health work?

Depending on the service you’re looking for, Vault Health has different plans available. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, though.

Start out by filling out a questionnaire that gives Vault an overview of your symptoms.

With this info, you’ll schedule a (free) consultation with a Vault Health doctor who will ask you more questions to gain better clarity about your overall health. 

Depending on your needs (as in the case of testosterone therapy plans), a provider will schedule an appointment for an in-house blood test. If you’ve recently gotten one, it’s possible they can use this same data. At the very least, it’s worth asking. 

Finally, any treatments will be discreetly delivered to your door (free) while you can continue to request in-house doctor visits and schedule virtual follow ups if you need to ask more questions. Everything is done electronically and at your convenience. 

Vault health online doctor visit

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Vault Health Pricing: How does it stack up to traditional, in-person coverage?

Depending on your insurance and which clinic you choose, the costs for in-person treatment can vary wildly. The treatments and techniques used might vary, which also affects the variance in cost. 

It’s worth noting, though, that the costs of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) are generally going to be higher in-person than with Vault. Although if you’ve got killer insurance, though, this may not hold true. 

The rest of Vault Health’s services listed here should be compared on a case-by-case basis, but this comparison chart should be a handy starting point for your research. 

Vault Health logo Estimated cost at an In-Person Clinic
Testosterone Replacement Therapy$165 per month$395 per month
Sexual Health Treatment$75 per month$155 per month
Labido Treatment$149 per month$200-1000 per month
Body Treatment$199 per month$199 per month
Vitamin B12 Treatment$99 per month$50-80 per month
Phytotress Hair Treatment$125 per month$250 per month
Brain Treatment$199 per month$50-500 per month
Immunity Treatment$299 per montharound $400 per month

What men's health treatments does Vault Health offer?

Quite frankly, the sheer quantity of treatments that Vault Health offers will likely warrant you doing some additional research and evaluating each package on a case-by-case basis. Thankfully, Vault lists each of its medications on its packages, but you’ll also need to consider any allergies or alternative medications/treatments. (Your doctor will help you with that, too). 

Nevertheless, here’s a quick rundown on each of their offerings.

Vault Health lab testing
Vault Health lab tech doing science

Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT)

What is TRT?

Low testosterone in the blood (commonly referred to as “Low T”) can result in several side effects, including but not limited to depression, disturbed sleep, difficulty concentrating, declining muscle mass, increased body fat, fatigue, swollen breasts, lower sex drive, and difficulty sustaining erections. 

However, just because you’re suffering one or two of these symptoms doesn’t mean that the culprit is low testosterone, but if many of these symptoms are present or severe enough, you should consider getting tested. 

A consultation with a Vault Health doctor and a blood test can help you confirm your testosterone levels so you’ll know if TRT is the right next step. 

May assist with:

Sex drive, Erections, Romantic connections, Muscles, Body fat, Stamina, Mood, Recovery, Energy, Mental Clarity, Sleep, Focus and Memory. 

*NOTE: An initial blood test is required for this package.

Treatment plans include:

  1. Testosterone Enanthate
  2. HCG (injections
  3. Clomiphene Citrate (Oral pills)
  4. Testosterone Topical Cream

How much does TRT cost?

Vault Health’s TRT pricing plans vary by medication and range, from $165-$299/month. There’s a minimum 3 month commitment.

Sex Kit

As the name suggests, this medical kit is designed specifically to address sexual health, which might be a recommended option after your consultation. These medications can be used even if you’re currently on testosterone therapy and regardless of age.  

Helps with:

Sex drive, Sexual Stamina, Orgasms, Erections and Romantic Connection.

Medications include:

  1. Tadalafil and apomorphine lozenges,
  2. Oxytocin oral drops

How much does Vault's Sex Kit cost?


Vault Libido Kit

What is it?

This kit is similar to the sex kit, but contains an added medication. It focuses on both sexual performance and arousal. This one is also more powerful and holistic in addressing sexual health needs compared to the sex kit.  

Helps with:

Low libido, Erections, Sexual Stamina, Arousal, Romantic Connections and Orgasms

Medications include:

  1. Bremelanotide nasal spray (not included in the aforementioned Sex Kit)
  2. Tadalafil tablets
  3. Oxytocin sublingual tablets

How much does Vault Health's Libido Kit cost?


Body Kit

If you’re looking to improve your lifestyle through better sleep, mental clarity, mood, and muscle gains via exercise, this kit offers medications more focused on day-to-day men’s health needs. 

Helps with:

Muscle mass, Body fat, Stamina, Recovery, Energy, Sleep, Memory, Mood

Medications included:

  1. CJC-1295 and Ipamorelin subcutaneous injections
  2. Ibutamoren capsules

How much does the Body Kit cost?


Vitamin B12 Mic Fat Burner

If you’re consistently low on B12 and have metabolic difficulties, Vault doctors might recommend this package. This helps you boost energy and burn fat more effectively.

Helps with:

Energy, Metabolism, Body fat and Nutrient deficiency

Medications included:

Vitamin B12-MIC intramuscular injections. These are far more effective than if you were to say, supplement with a B12 pill or capsule. 

How much does the B12 fat burner kit cost?


Phytotress Hair System

If you struggle with hair loss or want to preserve your current hair, this package is specifically designed for this purpose. Be sure to check the ingredients in the shampoo product in advance to ensure you won’t have an allergic reaction. 

Helps with:

Hair loss and male pattern baldness

Medications included:

  1. PhytoWashRx Shampoo
  2. PhytoSolRx Solution drops

How much does Vault's hair loss system cost?


Brain Kit

In lieu of the full body subscription, this package is specifically for men who want to increase their attention and energy levels. The treatments in this kit helps stimulate brain cell growth and shield the brain from the impacts of toxins and natural aging. 

Helps with:

Energy, focus, mental clarity, sleep, memory, and stress 

Medications included:

  1. Semax Nasal Spray
  2. Vault Brain Boost capsules

How much does it cost?


Immunity Kit

If you’re interested in preventative medications to stay healthy as you age, the immunity kit is designed to help you more easily fight infections and maintain your mental health. 

Helps with:

Fighting infections, improving heart health, detoxification, improving overall energy, brain health, and inflammation

Medications included:

  1. Thymosin Alpha-1 subcutaneous injections
  2. Glutathione intramuscular injections

Thymosin Alpha-1 is a naturally occurring peptide (in the thymus) that has been recognized for enhancing and restoring immune function. 

It is worth noting, however, that while it can be legally prescribed, its effects have not been FDA-approved. 

Clinical studies have demonstrated the significant role of thymosin alpha 1 in immune and inflammatory responses, and extensive research has shown its effective use in a myriad of diseases ranging from hepatitis and HIV to immune deficiencies and cancers, as well as its use as a vaccine adjuvant.

How much does the immunity kit cost?


Does Vault Health take insurance?

Vault Health treatments are considered out-of-network, but you can use your insurance. As always, the costs of each treatment will vary depending on your insurance benefits. 

Vault Health Reviews: What are others saying?

Given that Vault’s men’s health services are relatively new, it’s a bit more difficult to gather much information on customer experience for those specific services. That said, there are plenty of reviews for Vault’s COVID testing services, which can help you get a better understanding of how they handle their business as a company. As of this writing, Vault Health boasts a 4.5 star rating (out of 5) on TrustPilot.

The positive reviews typically praise Vault’s overall convenience and speed, especially since their COVID tests are often used before or after travel.

Vault health review 2 from trustpilot
Vault health review 3 from trustpilot

The negative reviews similarly center around logistics, or those who didn’t receive their results as quickly as they were promised or expected. Pretty understandable, given the chaos that COVID-19 has brought to medical and testing facilities, but definitely something to be taken into account. 

vault health review 4 from trustpilot

The Consensus: Is Vault Health legit / worth it?

For starters, yes – Vault Health is as legit a telemedicine company as any. They bring industry-standard men’s health treatments at affordable prices. There is no doubt that Vault Health provides a valuable service for men across the board, regardless of age. Vault Health tailors to your health needs instantly through online appointments, the simplicity and privacy are unmatched, and their variety of plans might even introduce you to some treatments you didn’t even know existed.

As for whether or not they’re worth it: that mostly depends on which of Vault Health’s plan(s) you’re interested in trying (and that your Vault Health doctor recommends to you, following your initial consultation and bloodwork results).

Remember from the pricing comparison chart above that Vault Health’s vitamin B12 treatment is actually a bit more expensive than the national average. Although for some, the convenience of their telemedicine model makes it worthwhile. 

If you’re looking at Vault Health specifically for TRT, there’s a good chance they’ll be a less expensive and far more convenient option. But remember that this might not always be the case for other treatment option they offer. 

Overall, if you value the convenience and discretion of delivery, and the expertise of visiting with a doctor online, Vault Health is a great upgrade from its traditional, in-person competitors. Although that same convenience of online treatment could bite you in the butt if you’re not so great or comfortable with doing things online. Decide for yourself if you think it’s worthwhile. 🙂