Viome vs Thryve (aka Ombre): How to decide the best Gut Health test for you

Medically reviewed by Dr. Steve Kim, MD

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Never thought I’d be writing about companies that analyze your stool samples to help you live a healthier lifestyle, but here we are. 

I don’t know if I missed the boat or something, but I didn’t really start hearing about the importance of healthy gut bacteria until those yogurt commercials started appearing. Oh, and kombucha. But I didn’t really take it all that seriously until I started noticing pain and discomfort that so clearly stemmed from the foods I was eating. This spurred me to look more seriously into gut health, which led me to this not-so-little tidbit: the microorganisms that live inside our digestive tract can considerably affect our weight, cholesterol, and even our mental health.

While gut flora may not be the most exciting topic, unbalanced microbiomes can cause complex health issues. And tackling the problem isn’t always as simple as adding yogurt to your diet (although they do contain probiotics that help). So it should come to no surprise that a lot of people lately are taking gut tests to help them better understand how their gut is doing.

In this post, we’re gonna take a look at two of the major players in the gut health testing space: Ombre vs Viome. We’ll look at the specific products and services they offer, how their prices compare, and boil down hundreds of customer reviews to figure out which company offers the best gut health test. That’s why we’re here, isn’t it?

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What’s the point in taking a gut health test?

Depiction of how Thryve's supplements help gut bacteria

Whenever we eat, our guts start breaking food down into simpler forms like glucose, amino acids, and fatty acids. This broken-down food is then absorbed into the bloodstream to deliver nutrients throughout the rest of our bodies. A healthy gut contains good bacterium and immune cells that fight off viruses and other bacteria. And with the right gut biomes on the frontlines, a lot of people start seeing improvement in their digestion, energy levels, and mental health. Simple, right?

Well, here’s the thing: not everyone’s gut is working effectively all the time. Some people have real imbalances in gut bacterium. That’s where companies like Ombre and Viome come in, enabling us to take simple tests (from home) that give us a closer glimpse at what’s happening inside our bodies. These gut health tests analyze a range of factors like digestive efficiency, inflammation, and the health of our gut lining. By identifying problem areas, you can improve your gut flora with supplements, probiotics, and prebiotics. 

These tests generally run around $100-200 a pop (not incl. our Zenmaster discounts). Not chump change, but understanding and addressing the sorts of issues that these tests shed light on can solve chronic illness, anxiety, tiredness, and even assist with weight loss. No, seriously. 

How do at home gut health tests work?

At-home gut tests are super user-friendly and discrete.

  1. Order a kit from whichever website you choose. Both Ombre and Viome offer affordable, robust gut health tests that are pretty comparable. We’ll dive into those deeper in a sec, as well as some more premium offerings that you may choose to run with. 
  2. Once you receive your kit in the mail, you collect your stool sample. Not glamorous, I know, but both companies share detailed instructions on how to do it easily and sanitarily.
  3. Package up your sample inside the prepaid postage return box, leave it on your doorstep, and it’ll get sent back to the lab.
  4. Your sample is analyzed, and your results are returned in just 2 weeks (Ombre) or 3-4 weeks (Viome)
  5. Depending on the results, you may receive any recommendations for supplements or diet changes that’ll help you get healthy.

Easy squeezy, you get it. Now let’s get into actually comparing Ombre vs Viome, shall we?

⚔️ Comparison: Ombre vs Viome

Let’s start by looking at things from a pretty high level. Ombre and Viome both have different pricing (duh), features and product comparisons, and more. Regardless of which product and brand you choose, you’ll (at the bare minimum) receive a kit that sheds light on your: 

  • Metabolic fitness, AKA how well your metabolism runs
  • Efficiency of your digestive system, including how well you’re able to break down macronutrients (protein, carbs, fats)
  • Inflammatory activity, AKA how trigger-happy your system is when it comes to inflammation responses
  • Active microbial diversity, AKA how resilient your gut is
  • 💨 Gas production, which (smelly factor aside) can lead to discomfort and digestive problems
  • Overall health of your gut lining. You may be familiar with “leaky gut syndrome”. When you’ve got a poor gut lining, you’re more susceptible to getting toxins, bugs, and partially-digested food in your bloodstream ( Not good. 

Moving on. Take a quick look at the table below and then we’ll dive deeper into each of their gut health tests.

Pricing Comparison Table: Thryve vs Viome

Thryve logo Viome logo
Name of testGut Health TestHealth Intelligence Test
Starting Price$199$599
Coupon codeNone needed for discountNone needed for discount
Discounted Price$59$199
Results turnaround2 weeks3-4 weeks
Diet do's and donts'?
What does it test for?BacteriaBacteria, yeast, viruses, eukaryotes, and archaea
Supplement recommendations
Collection methodStool sampleStool sample