Tempo vs JaxJox Studio: Which Home Gym is Right for You?

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Ryan Ernsbarger, CPT, SNS

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Go ahead and Google “cancel my gym membership” and feast your eyes on the vast amount of lists and legal webpages that have been published to protect  your wallet. For any of you who have tried to cancel a gym membership, you know exactly how ridiculous of a process it can be. You’d probably have a smoother journey to Mordor than you would trying to get out of an annual contract with the big gyms. Rather than facing armies of orcs, though, you’d be met with the fine print gremlins and magical offers that just seem to appear out of thin air to keep you from leaving. 

Check out how the Google Search volume for “cancel my gym membership” has been trending. It ain’t looking great for the big commercials gyms – COVID aside.


google search volume for cancel gym membership
RIP Gyms

So why even give these gyms a second chance? That is the question that companies like Tempo and JaxJox are answering for thousands of people. The age of the smart home gym is here and it looks like it’s here to stay. 

Gone are the days of having to join a gym or even leave your house to get a full body workout. No more waiting for the squat rack to clear or trying to avoid eye contact with the overly sweaty man using the kegel machine (every gym has that guy, it’s just fact). With COVID-19 changing the way we view public gyms, at-home workout equipment has taken off like never before. More people are realizing that it is just as effective, and even more enjoyable, to work out from the comfort of your own home – provided you’ve got the right equipment.

In this article, we’ll be taking a closer look at two of the most exciting names in at-home gym equipment, Tempo and JaxJox, to help you decide which one is the better choice for you.

Feature Comparison: Tempo vs JaxJox Studio

TempoJaxJox Studio
Starting price$2,495$2,199
Coupon codeSAVEBIG for $500 off (Nov 5-30)
Weights included2x 7.5 lb dumbbells, 1x 25 lb barbell, 6x collars, 4x 10 lb plates, 4x 5 lb plates, 4x 2.5 lb plates, 4x 1.25 lb plates, 1x Heart rate monitor, 1x Workout mat, 1x Recovery roller1x KettlebellConnect (12-42 lbs), 2x DumbbellConnect (8-50 lbs), 1x Foam RollerConnect, 1x Push UpConnect,
Live classes
Form check
Partner workouts
Rep counting
Strength training
Yoga and mobility
Workout tracking
# of classesHundredsHundreds
1:1 Personal training
Custom workouts

Overview: The Tempo Studio

tempo studio in action
The Tempo Studio, in all it's glory. No, that's not me.

What if you could get an at-home gym that gives you cardio, yoga and weight training all-in-one? Tempo’s connected home gym comes with pretty much everything you need to turn your home into a gym. It’s got a 42-inch touchscreen, a barbell, dumbbells, and plates so you can adjust your resistance and difficulty. There’s also a foam roller, a workout mat and a heart rate monitor. The Tempo device comes with 3D sensors that track your movements and give you instant feedback on your workout quality, rep count, and more. 

Like JaxJox, Tempo isn’t something that you just hang on the wall. The Tempo is more like a cabinet or piece of furniture – it’s 6’ high, 2’2” wide, and 1’4” deep. On its face lies a stunning 42” screen and below (and on the back) are handy storage compartments for your weights and other equipment. The base model is $1,995 – but they do have financing that pushes it down to as little as $55 per month (not including the monthly subscription). You can also pick up additional weights and accessories – some of which are pretty cool – but the base Tempo Studio is a great home gym option. 

You can also read our dedicated Tempo Review here. 

Like JaxJox and other connected/AI at-home gym gear, Tempo has a monthly subscription that’ll really maximize its power. This subscription hooks you up with a huge library of  live and on-demand workout classes. Tempo has HIIT, cardio, bootcamp style workouts, yoga, strength training, and more – so the subscription really does cover a lot. 

At $39 per month, the cost of a Tempo subscription is comparable to JaxJox. Up to six members of your household can have his or her own membership to access, monitor, and improve their workouts and progress.  However, one big advantage Tempo has is that they’ve been around for far longer and have significantly more VC funding behind them, which means a more impressive library and classes and experienced coaches. 

tempo studio weights
The Tempo comes with some seriously premium, rubberized weights.

Who should consider picking up Tempo Studio?

The Tempo Studio home gym has an impressive list of workouts and workout styles that can help you gain strength, get great cardio workouts, stretch and more. It’s an impressive choice for anyone who wants to work on a wide range of fitness goals. And, because there are unlimited profiles that come with that $39 per month subscription (and because the weights are adjustable), your whole family can workout. 

As we mentioned in the JaxJox review, we like the AI workout assistant. It can help count your reps and let you know if you need to improve your form. However, not everyone may embrace this, so like we said in the JaxJox section, if you don’t want to track your reps you may just want to get some “dumb” weights. 

Plus, the AI and 3D technology inside the Tempo lets the live instructors watch your form as well. So the instructors can also help you improve your form and give you tips in real time. (Don’t worry, the company says that the instructors don’t actually see YOU, they just see skeleton-like figures that the 3D sensors and AI create – so they aren’t going to notice if you’ve got on pink sweats with orange shoes.)

To summarize, Tempo’s a great fit for:

  • Anyone who wants form tracking and workout advice from their own home.
  • People at virtually any stage in their strength training journey, except for powerlifters. The 3D sensors and AI form tracking, amount of weights, and classes are great for someone who would love expert help with strength workouts.
  • Anyone who doesn’t want to go to the gym – so, during COVID, that’s pretty much all of us.
  • People with limited space. Though it does require a 6” or so perimeter for you to move around, the device itself is surprisingly sleek and compact.
  • Families or roommates who want to all set up their own profiles, because Tempo has the whole family covered. Everyone in your house can set up their own workouts, track their own reps, etc.
tempo studio app lets you pick classes when you're on the go
Love the ability to browse classes when I'm on-the-go, then do them when I get home.

Advantages of the Tempo Studio Home Gym

  1. The Tempo Studio combines cardio, strength training, yoga, and recovery into one machine. So it will work for everyone in your house – or whatever exercise mood you’re in.
  2. The heart rate monitor gives you another amazing piece of data that you can use to track your progress, and it will help you understand when you are getting into that “zone.”
  3. The design is pretty great. Tempo’s yoga mat, foam roller, barbell, plates, clips, dumbbells, etc. all fit into a cool, narrow cabinet that you can tuck away in a corner when you aren’t using it. Although, at 100 pounds, it may not be super simple to move, but regardless, it’s easy to put on the side of your room so you don’t lose valuable floor space.
  4. Tempo comes with 60 watt speakers – that’s pretty awesome and will help you get pumped up to workout! They’ve also got a nice variety of playlists to listen to, depending on your mood. 
  5. The 42″ touchscreen is stunning. Heck, it’s probably nicer than my TV, if I’m being honest.

Disadvantages of the Tempo Studio

  1. The Tempo isn’t cheap. At $2,000 (plus the $39/month subscription), you’re looking at a fairly significant investment to get your home gym journey started. For the record, though, it’s among the lowest priced smart home gyms on the market. 
  2. It may not be heavy duty enough – out of the box – for heavy weight lifters. For example, it doesn’t come included with a bench, which most serious weight lifters will want (or already own). Thankfully, they’re around $150 on OfferUp. You can also purchase additional weights to push up the resistance levels if you want. (Editor’s note: Zenmaster Wellness’ Matt Oney loads up his Tempo barbell with extra weight because he’s super jacked 😉 )

Tempo Studio Reviews: What do other customers think?

Anecdotally, our team loves the Tempo. As do the roommates. But since we’re staying professional here and delivering an unbiased review, we scoured the web for other customer reviews. Among Trustpilot, Google Reviews, Reddit, and Tempo’s own site, the Tempo Studio scores an awesome 4.9 star rating (out of 35 reviews). 

Take a look at some customers’ feedback:

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Overview: The JaxJox Interactive Studio

Imagine an at-home smart gym that combines cardio, weight training, and recovery exercises all into one. That is exactly what the JaxJox Interactive Studio offers. 

Included is a 43-inch, 4k touchscreen that serves as your control module for the entire system. The screen doubles as a stand for an adjustable kettlebell (12lbs – 42lbs), adjustable dumbbells (8lbs – 50lbs per dumbbell), a vibrating foam roller with 5 levels of intensity, a digital push up board, and a water bottle to make sure you stay hydrated during your workout. If that’s not enough, JaxJox even includes a soundbar that connects with Spotify and Apple Music so you can bump your favorite tunes while you workout. The entire bundle rounds out to $2,199, but JaxJox offers the opportunity to purchase individual pieces at separate costs. 

❗ It’s important to note that as of us writing this review (January 2021), JaxJox is not yet shipping the product. Instead, they are taking a $250 deposit and saying that they will be shipping in 8 to 12 weeks. 

Like most at-home fitness equipment on the market, JaxJox has a subscription-based model that helps you get the most out of its hardware. At $39 per month, JaxJox grants you and up to six members of your household access to daily live and on-demand classes. This monthly subscription price is comparable to Tempo’s monthly subscription cost. 


What does the JaxJox membership include?

  • All-Access to experience on or off the InteractiveStudio (single sign-on for InteractiveStudio and iOS + Android companion app)
  • Unlimited live and on-demand classes
  • Workout programs
  • Ability for six users to share an account
  • “Fitness iQ score” to help you progress in your goals
  • Track your performance in real-time
  • Interactive personal training with JAXJOX coaches
  • Advanced analytics into your workouts and performance
  • Personalized workout recommendations
  • Friendly competition with live class Leaderboards
  • Workout with friends (coming soon)
  • Schedule workouts in advance

What types of classes does the JaxJox Interactive Studio offer?

These classes are separated into five categories: JaxJox 360, Sweat, Strong, Restore, and Skills. 

JaxJox 360 combines cardio, strength training, and recovery all into one class. 

Sweat classes are for you cardio nuts out there that want to get that heart rate up and the sweat pouring. 

For those of you that want to build muscle and utilize the dumbbells and kettlebells, the Strong classes are right up your alley. 

Restore classes are centered around recovery and utilize the foam roller to help with alleviating the aches and pains of a good workout. 

And if you’re looking to improve your form during your workouts, the Skills classes are short 5-minute instructional videos that will have your form looking A+ before you jump into the live classes. 

What really separates JaxJox from the bunch, though, is their use of AI performance tracking in pair with their new-and-improved mobile app. Your number of reps, sets, weight, and average power output are all automatically tracked during your workouts. To help you get better each day, JaxJox’s AI technology assigns you a Fitness IQ to help you see how you have improved using the InteractiveStudio. 

Understandably, not everyone is able to shell out $2,199 for the complete bundle. JaxJox realizes this and offers their adjustable dumbbells separately at $449, adjustable kettlebell at $229, and foam roller at $99. Even if they are purchased separately, the dumbbells, kettlebell, and foam roller all connect with the mobile application and offer real-time data tracking during workouts. JaxJox even adjusts the subscription price to a more moderate $13 per month for the hardware that is purchased on its own. Pretty thoughtful of them! 

And, while the InteractiveStudio isn’t yet shipping, the fact that their kettlebell and other smart equipment is live and well reviewed should help give you confidence in the JaxJox brand. 

Who is the JaxJox InteractiveStudio right for?

The JaxJox InteractiveStudio truly offers a wide range of cardio, strength training, and recovery workouts all in one package. It is a great option for anyone that is looking for a versatile gym experience from the comfort of his or her own home. With the ability to purchase individual parts of the bundle on their own, it is also perfect for those that want to focus on one aspect of their workouts, whether that is building muscle or cardiovascular health. 

That being said, the introduction of AI technology and tracking each and every move you make while working out can seem overwhelming to some. Most people simply want to get a good sweat on or feel the burn when lifting weights, so the inclusion of data tracking could be a turn off. If you fit into this bucket, you might consider just going with some used weights off Craigslist, to be honest.

For those who ARE intrigued by the AI and data side of things, the JaxJox InteractiveStudio will impress you. It helps you know which equipment to use, when to use it, what amount of weight is good for you, and how many reps to use it for. This is an awesome feature for those that aren’t sure what to do when it comes to working out. On top of that, the InteractiveStudio tracks EVERYTHING. Every rep, every movement, it’s all tracked. This means that keeping track of your progress couldn’t be easier and achieving your fitness goals is that much more attainable. 

Advantages of the JaxJox InteractiveStudio

  1. JaxJox combines cardio, strength training, and recovery into one machine. It truly is a one-stop-shop for fitness and can be fully utilized in the comfort of your own home.
  2. For all that is included with the InteractiveStudio, it is quite compact as far as at-home gym equipment goes. At about 7’ tall, 3’ wide, and 2’ deep, you don’t have to dedicate an entire room for this machine. And unlike the Tonal, you won’t have to drill into any wall studs, either.
  3. The introduction of AI technology and real-time data tracking is a game changer. The fact that every movement and rep is tracked takes the guessing game out of fitness. Tracking your progress in real-time makes achieving your fitness goals easier than ever.
  4. The JaxJox InteractiveStudio has a huge library of live and on-demand classes. With five different categories to choose from, your workouts can vary more than you’d think.
  5. An at-home gym with a built-in soundbar that has Bluetooth connectivity? Check

Disadvantages of the JaxJox InteractiveStudio

  1. High cost. $2,199 plus $39 per month for classes can be a lot of money to spend and some people won’t be able to justify that. And you may find yourself buying additional weights.
  2. AI technology and constant data tracking can be overwhelming to those that just want a simple workout. Some may argue that $449 adjustable dumbbells with motion tracking technology are overkill.
  3. The dumbbells top out at 50 pounds each – which is quite a bit for the fitness level of most people! But, if you are a serious powerlifter, these are probably going to be too light.

JaxJox Studio Reviews: What are others saying?

As a newer product to market, it’s tough to find many folks out there who’ve been able to pick up a JaxJox Interactive Studio just yet. But I did dig around to find reviews and ratings from people who have tried their smart gym equipment (like kettlebells and dumbbells). 

Overall, people have some technical faults with the equipment, which doesn’t fare well for long-term optimism in the Interactive Studio itself. But as with any new, innovative piece of technology, there can be an adjustment period where you can expect things to be not-so-perfect. Check a few customer reviews out for yourself:

Pricing Comparison: Tempo vs JaxJox Interactive Studio

Ok, so we’ve laid out the advantages and disadvantages of JaxJox and Tempo – but how do they compare side by side? Let’s compare JaxJox vs Tempo Studio’s prices, equipment, specs, and their membership perks. 

Pricing: Tempo vs JaxJox Studio cost and specs

TempoJaxJox Studio
Starting price$2,495$2,199
Customer rating4.9 ✩ (35 ratings)3.7 ✩ (88 ratings)
Shipping and Installation$250Not currently shipping
Coupon codeSAVEBIG for $500 off (Nov 5-30)
Membership cost$39 per month$39 per month
Optional add-onsAdditional 25 lb or 45 lb weightsAdditional dumbbells and kettlebells
30 day free trial
Warranty3 years1 Year
Payment planStarts at $69/mo$60/mo for 36 mo
PortabilityEasy to move. 100 lbs. No studs.Heavy. No studs.
Size1'4" long, 2'2" wide, 6" tall3' long, 2'4" wide, 6'11.5" tall
Touch screen
Number of accounts incl. w/ membershipThe whole houseThe whole house

While these are both impressive pieces of fitness tech, and any of us who take price is having a “smart home” would probably love either, there are some big differences between JaxJox and Tempo’s equipment. Listing them by what we consider the most important:

  1. The JaxJox Studio has automated tech that adjusts the weights. The Tempo, on the other hand, requires that you use clips and plates to change heaviness. In my opinion, JaxJox’s automation is pretty cool, although you’ll never have to worry about Tempo’s weights running out of power. 
  2. They look pretty different – Tempo resembles a cabinet with a big screen. JaxJox is more of a screen and a dumbbell/barbells stand. In our opinion, they both look pretty awesome, but everyone will have their own opinion on which is a better fit for their house. Think about whether or not you care about how well your gym will fit into your home aesthetically.
  3. JaxJox comes with a pushup “aide,” while the Tempo does not. On the other hand, Tempo has a heart rate monitor, a barbell and a yoga mat.
  4. Out of the box, JaxJox can provide some serious weight training – up to 50 pounds per dumbbell. However, with the selection of plates that come with Tempo, you can go slightly heavier. If you are a serious powerlifter, you’ll want more weight – and Tempo will allow for that, while we don’t think JaxJox can get much heavier.

Who Wins: Tempo vs Jaxjox Studio?

When it comes to choosing which gym equipment is right for your home gym, the answer is rarely black and white. That’s even moreso the case when you’re looking at smart home gyms. Both the Tempo and Jaxjox Interactive Studio are stellar pieces of tech with their own pros and cons. 

The Tempo Studio is an excellent fit for people looking for a smart home gym that offers them a generous variety of workouts and customizability without needing a ton of equipment. The 42″ touch screen is beautiful, especially up close. The Tempo’s 3D sensors and AI will enable your coaches to give you feedback in real-time, minimizing your chance of injury. All the weights look and feel super premium, and we love how neatly they tuck away into the Tempo’s front and back compartments. For people who want an at-home gym experience without feeling like they live in a gym, it’s an amazing fit. 

Whether you’re a beginner looking to get into strength training, or an experienced lifter who lowkey misses the gym, you’re in good hands with the Tempo. It comes outfitted with enough equipment to keep you challenged for years to come, and also offers you the ability to buy additional weights if you’re already in great shape. Since the barbell holds up to 315 lbs, it’s unlikely that you’ll grow out of your Tempo anytime soon. Or ever. 

The JaxJox Interactive Studio falls in a similar tier as the Tempo within the home gym equipment market. While it’s far younger and less established than companies like Tempo, the JaxJox Studio appears to be a really intelligent piece of fitness tech. Having established themselves with their smart kettlebells and dumbbells, you don’t have to jump in with completely blind faith. And on that note, the JaxJox Studio could be a better fit for people who are super comfortable with (or would like to be) making kettlebells an integral piece of their gym equipment repertoire. 

At the end of the day, both Tempo and JaxJox offer 30 day, money-back guarantees. Since you won’t be drilling into any studs to install them, there’s actually a pretty limited “risk” in trying either of them out. If you happen to decide to roll with the JaxJox, check back into their site periodically to see when you may be able to snag one. And if you’d rather start your fitness journey today, hop on over to Tempo’s site and satisfy those goals sooner. 

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