Tempo Move Review: Pros and Cons of This Compact Home Gym

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Ryan Ernsbarger, CPT, SNS

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Ryan Ernsbarger, CPT, SNS is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist who is passionate about bringing a data-driven approach to fitness. With a background in both Accounting and Finance, he obsesses over how data translates over to optimizes his training and recovery. He applies this mindset both to his powerlifting and marathon training regimen.

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The Tempo Move is a compact home gym that uses smart weights, as well as movement tracking through your iPhone to provide real-time feedback and recommendations, so you can get the most out of your live or on-demand workouts.

Made to work for a variety of fitness levels, the Tempo Move counts your reps, ensures good form, and offers a daily readiness score that informs your customized workout.

We recommend the Tempo Move because it offers a comprehensive and personalized workout experience, with the added convenience of compact, quality design. We also like that it takes into account the user’s health metrics when generating workout recommendations and tips.

In this Tempo Move review, we discuss its pros and cons, as well as offer an overview of the product, including its cost, what’s included, and how to use it.  We also compare the Tempo Move to other smart home gym options, like Tempo Studio and Peloton Guide, so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Tempo Move Pros & Cons


  • AI technology that allows it to continuously adapt to your performance, providing real-time form recommendations, adjustments, and modifications to optimize your workouts
  • Made with durable and high-quality materials, ensuring a sturdy and reliable workout experience
  • Compact size, making it especially useful in smaller spaces
  • Curated fitness programs that offer expert-led live or on-demand workouts to help you achieve specific goals
  • Ability to share membership with up to 5 people


  • Initial cost may be higher compared to other fitness equipment options
  • Limited customization for weightlifting exercises
  • Monthly subscription requirement to access the full range of features and on-demand classes, adding to the overall cost
  • Not compatible with anything except iPhone, which may not work for everyone

Overview of Tempo Move

The Tempo Move offers three different equipment packages, including Move Starter, Move Plus, and Move Pro, which vary based on price and the amount of equipment included. 

Once you select the equipment package, you confirm the color you’d like, as well as the type of membership that works best for you. The Tempo Move comes in a light or dark finish, blending seamlessly into various design aesthetics. Memberships can be prepaid for 12 or 24 months, or paid on a month-to-month basis.

Tempo Move vs. Tempo Studio

The Tempo Move is designed for space-efficiency, whereas the Tempo Studio includes a large 42" HD touchscreen. Both models offer similar workout and health tracking features, with the key difference lying in their pricing and size. The Tempo Move is more affordable and compact, making it an ideal choice for those with space constraints or a tighter budget.

What Is Included In Tempo Move?

The Tempo Move weights and equipment vary depending on the equipment package selected. However, all of the equipment packages come with:

  • A storage cabinet
  • A Tempo Core (iPhone dock)
  • At least 4 weight collars
  • At least 2 dumbbells
  • At least 35lbs of weight
  • HDMI and USB-C cables

Tempo Move Cost and Equipment Packages

The Tempo Move costs $395, or $16.46 per month for 24 months, with membership costing between $30-$39 per month depending on how frequently you’d like to make payments. In addition, individuals will select a Starter, Plus, or Pro package, which may add to the total cost.

Tempo Move storage cabinet

Matt Oney / Zenmaster Wellness

Tempo Moves dumbbells

Matt Oney / Zenmaster Wellness

How to Use Tempo Move

The Tempo Move comes pre-assembled. All you have to do is place the weights inside the storage cabinet and you’re all set. The Tempo Move membership grants you unlimited access to live and on-demand classes spanning multiple fitness genres.

To set up your Tempo App:

  1. Download the Tempo App from the Apple App Store.
  2. Create an account by filling in the required details.
  3. Set your fitness goals and preferences.
  4. Start exploring the array of classes and personalized workout plans.

Types of Workouts: Who Is It For?

Tempo Move is a versatile smart home gym that caters to a wide array of individuals, from those who consider themselves beginners to more advanced users. 

Types of classes and workouts include:

  • Strength training
  • High-intensity interval training (HIIT)
  • Low-impact exercises
  • Bodyweight resistance training
  • Core
  • Cardio
  • Bootcamp
  • Yoga

Compare the Best Smart Home Gyms: Tempo Move vs. Alternatives

Whether you’re looking for something similar to Tempo Move or something completely different, we’ve compared this smart home gym to alternatives, including Tempo Studio and Peloton Guide, so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Tempo logo Move 240x60 Tempo logo 240x60 Peloton logo 240x60

Tempo Move vs. Alternatives

Tempo Move

Tempo Studio

Peloton Guide

Price$395$1,695From $195-$715 depending on package
Membership price$30 per month for 2 year membership ($720)

$35 per month for 1 year membership ($420)

$39 if paid per month
$30 per month for 2 year membership ($720)

$35 per month for 1 year membership ($420)

$39 if paid per month
$24 per month
What's included?Starter package: Storage cabinet, Tempo Core (iPhone dock), 4 weight collars, 2 7.5lb dumbbells, 35lbs of weight, HDMI & USB-C cables

Plus package: Everything in Starter package + 40lbs of additional weights and mat

Pro package: Everything in plus package +25lb barbell and 2 25lb plates
Starter package: Mat,
2 7.5lb dumbbells,
4 weight collars,
75lbs of weight

Plus package: Everything in starter package + 2 extra weight collars, 25lb barbell, heart rate monitor, foam roller, folding bench, 2 25 lb plates

Pro package: Everything in Plus package + folding squat rack, kettlebells, 2 45lb plates, and weight plate storage
Guide package: Guide and 12 month warranty

Guide starter: Everything from Guide package + mat, 2 sets of dumbbells, and water bottle

Guide select package: Everything from Starter + an extra set of dumbbells

Guide ultimate package: Everything from Guide select + 3 extra sets of dumbbells, heart rate band, and towel set
Dimensions Height: 22”
Depth: 13.5"
Width: 13.5”
Height: 72″
Depth: 16"
Width: 26"
Height of Peloton Guide with stand: 2.6"
Width: 2.5"
Length: 6.5"
Display iPhone XR or later, and TV or display with an HDMI port42" touch screenTV
Required equipmentiPhone XR or later, and TV or display with an HDMI portNone if you use Tempo equipmentNone, but may want to use Peloton weights or your own
Compatible devices iPhone XR or lateriPhone XR or laterApple and Android Smartwatches

Bluetooth speakers and headphones
Weight 40 lbs without accessories and weight plates100 lbs without accessories and weight platesPeloton Guide is 18oz, plus the weight of various equipment depending on package
Motion sensor
Warranty✔ Varies based on specific product✔ Varies based on specific product✔ 12 month warranty
Real-time form correction?
Measures health metrics?
Live workouts?
Calculates daily readiness score?

Why We Recommend Tempo Move 

Unlike its competition, Tempo Move offers a holistic home gym experience. It also stands out for its user-friendliness and broad exercise library, which caters to all fitness levels. 

Moreover, its personalized recommendations make workouts efficient and specifically tailored to each individual’s needs. The interactive training experience and sleek, space-saving design further enhance its appeal, making it a high-quality home gym solution.

Form Feedback

AI tracks your movements through your iPhone camera to guide your positioning and form. It also detects and logs the smart weights, providing accurate guidance as you train.

Health Tracking

Link your Apple Watch or a separate heart rate monitor to track your health data. The Heart Rate Zone metric ensures you get the most out of each workout, while staying within your target heart rate zones. 

Whether or not you use a wearable, you can still track your health and fitness data. Tempo Move uses metrics based on your sleep, heart rate (if available), workout, and muscle recovery to calculate your readiness score. This helps inform your personalized workout recommendations.

Progress Tracking

Tempo Move’s progress tracking offers a detailed analysis of your workout highlights, which includes activity and intensity minutes, a calorie burn estimate, and more. Using this information, it generates recommendations based on your goals so you can track your overall fitness progress on a daily and weekly basis.

Our Experience With Tempo Move

In our experience, the Tempo Move surpasses expectations. Its website is user-friendly, the sign-up process is seamless, and the app interface is intuitive and easy to navigate. Tempo Move’s innovative features, particularly the real-time form feedback and personalized recommendations, genuinely enhanced our workout experience. We also found the AI-driven personalization to be very effective in meeting our specific fitness goals and keeping us motivated throughout our workouts.

matt oney doing doing curtsy lunge while taking a class on the tempo move

Matt Oney / Zenmaster Wellness

matt oney doing some stretches while taking a class on the tempo move

Matt Oney / Zenmaster Wellness

Tempo Move Reviews From Their Customers

Overall, users seem happy with the Tempo Move, however, some note that the subscription cost is too high.

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I like the Tempo Move and find myself working harder on many of their workouts compared to competitors due to increased accountability, even though the instructors can sometimes be a little lower energy than Peloton/Apple fitness instructors. The quality of equipment is good, but the cost of the subscription is very high compared to competitors, so weigh the cost/benefits before purchase. I would recommend this product to someone that would like to get into weight training at home.
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If the Move actually lived up to the hype on their website, it would be more worth it, but it doesn't. Still the classes are pretty engaging and it is cheaper than hiring a trainer, so it's not a terrible deal.


The Verdict: Is Tempo Move Worth It?

Tempo Move offers a robust and personalized at-home fitness experience. Its real strength lies in its unique ability to combine the features of an all-in-one home gym with advanced AI technology. The system provides a variety of workout options, caters to diverse fitness goals, and continually adjusts based on your progress and preferences. The real-time form feedback it offers is incredibly useful, providing interactive guidance to ensure proper form, reduce the risk of injury, and maximize workout effectiveness.

While Tempo Move shines in its breadth of offerings and personalized guidance, it may not be the most cost-effective choice for those who prefer simpler, equipment-free workouts or who are not interested in a comprehensive fitness solution. 

However, for those who are willing to invest in a personalized, interactive, and compact home gym, Tempo Move may be a good option.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Tempo Move subscription cost?

A Tempo Move subscription costs $39 per month. Subscriptions that are prepaid for one or two years come with a discount.

Does Tempo Move work without a subscription?

Yes, you can use Tempo Move without a subscription, but you won’t have access to personalized workouts, real-time form feedback, or progress tracking.

Can you use your own weights with Tempo Move?

While you can use your own weights with Tempo Move, it is designed to work with its own set of weights, recognizing and tracking them for optimized user performance.

How much space do you need for Tempo Move?

Tempo Move requires an area of approximately 6×6 feet for comfortable use.


We conducted extensive research to evaluate Tempo Move’s pricing, effectiveness, overall quality, customer support, and usability. This process involved comparing Tempo Move to similar products on the market, focusing on factors like cost, workout options, usability, and subscription services. 

We also took into account additional offerings, as well as user reviews and feedback to gain a better understanding of the product’s performance and user satisfaction. In addition, we tested the product ourselves to get first-hand experience of its usability and effectiveness. Tempo Move stood out due to its wide range of workout options and AI-powered personalization, making it a top choice for home gym enthusiasts.