Talkiatry ADHD Review: Our Experience With Online Psychiatry Care


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Talkiatry Online ADHD Treatment Overview

  • Cost/billing information: $30 or less per visit (after insurance)
    Services offered: Diagnosis, psychotherapy, medication management
  • Meds prescribed (if appropriate): Controlled substances including certain stimulants (i.e. Adderall), antidepressants (i.e. Wellbutrin), and more
  • Appointment details: 60 minutes for initial appointment, 30 minutes for follow-ups
  • Accessibility: Available in 43 states
  • Who it works best for: Individuals who may benefit from medication and/or therapy for ADHD, anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD, or insomnia
  • Insurance info: Must have an in-network insurance plan
  • TrustPilot rating: 1.5/5 
  • Our rating: 3.9
talkiatry online ADHD treatment overview

Talkiatry offers online psychiatry services for a range of mental health conditions, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

With a team of over 300 psychiatrists, Talkiatry provides diagnoses, psychotherapy, and medication management (including controlled substances, when appropriate) for ADHD. 

Unlike many of its competitors, Talkiatry works with a range of insurance plans, with individuals paying as little as $30 per visit. Additionally, with both medication management and talk therapy services, this platform is a well-rounded option for people with insurance who are experiencing symptoms of ADHD. 

Talkiatry’s TrustPilot rating is 1.5 stars out of 5, which may generate some questions as you evaluate online psychiatry services. After thoroughly evaluating these reviews, we found that individuals with a negative experience overwhelmingly had issues with the billing process, which often involved their insurance companies. Reviews that discuss Talkiatry’s quality of care are largely positive. 

If you’re looking to manage ADHD symptoms, online psychiatry services can provide you with greater flexibility and efficiency, with the ability to complete appointments from home. Especially for those in suburban or rural areas, local in-network psychiatrists can be difficult to find – Talkiatry brings them within reach in a convenient online platform. 

In this article, we’ll provide a thorough review of Talkiatry’s ADHD services, including what it offers for ADHD symptom management, our experience using it, and how it stacks up against other online psychiatry providers. 

Our Quick Take

Overall, Talkiatry is a great option for individuals with insurance seeking a holistic approach to online ADHD management. With the ability to prescribe certain controlled ADHD medications and diagnose ADHD with a thorough hour-long initial appointment, Talkiatry provides safe, comprehensive psychiatric services. We also like that you can add talk therapy to your treatment plan and your therapist will collaborate with your psychiatrist for ongoing care.


  • Some people pay $30 or less per visit after insurance
  • Provides both psychiatric services and talk therapy
  • Prescribes certain controlled ADHD medications, like Adderall, if appropriate
  • Flexible scheduling with evening and weekend appointments available


  • Only works with in-network insurance plans
  • Quality of care can differ by location

Our Experience With Talkiatry for ADHD Treatment

Overall, I found Talkiatry to be a convenient way to get psychiatry services for ADHD. I like that the platform offers both prescription medications (when appropriate) and talk therapy, providing a holistic approach to ADHD care. 

To obtain an ADHD prescription with in-person appointments, you may face various obstacles, including the need to get a referral from your primary care physician and long wait times for appointments. Depending on your location, it may also be difficult to find an in-network psychiatrist near you.

our experience with talkiatry for ADHD treatment

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In contrast, Talkiatry can match you with an expert psychiatrist in as little as 48 hours, making it a time-saving solution for individuals with ADHD symptoms. Evening and weekend appointments are available (depending on your location) for greater flexibility. With 60-minute initial consultations, Talkiatry also provides thorough evaluations to ensure that any prescribed medications are safe and appropriate for each individual.  

Keep in mind that the quality of your experience with Talkiatry can differ depending on your assigned psychiatrist and location. But, if the platform is in-network with your insurance and you’re a good candidate for virtual psychiatry, it may provide high-quality, time-saving care.

Benefits: Is Talkiatry Good for ADHD Treatment?

Talkiatry provides personalized treatment plans for ADHD, which may include prescription medication and talk therapy depending on your unique condition and needs. Compared to a one-size-fits-all approach, Talkiatry takes the time to understand each person’s needs with a thorough initial appointment and ongoing care.

Talkiatry ADHD Evaluation

Talkiatry is one of the largest psychiatric practices in the U.S. with a team of over 300 qualified psychiatrists across 43 states. Their medical team provides ADHD evaluations and diagnoses, when appropriate. The initial virtual consultation lasts for a full hour, ensuring a thorough review of your symptoms, concerns, and treatment goals. Follow-up appointments last for 30 minutes.

In your initial ADHD evaluation with Talkiatry, your provider will introduce themselves, provide information about their background, and cover what you can expect from working with them. Then, your provider will ask a series of questions about:

  • Your general medical history, including any medical problems, allergies, and medications
  • Your mental health treatment history
  • Your family history
  • Your lifestyle, including your social circle, family life, exercise, sleep schedule, etc.
  • Your reason for using Talkiatry and treatment goals

After gathering this information, your provider can recommend a treatment plan, which may include therapy and/or ADHD medication. 

Can Talkiatry Diagnose ADHD?

Yes, Talkiatry can diagnose ADHD. With a thorough hour-long evaluation, Talkiatry can provide accurate diagnoses, without the long wait times associated with in-person appointments. ADHD symptoms don’t generally require in-person appointments, so online platforms are a safe, convenient way to get diagnosed.

Talkiatry ADHD Medication Management

Talkiatry’s psychiatrists are all medical doctors with the ability to prescribe medications, including certain controlled substances when appropriate. However, Talkiatry prescribes ADHD medications according to your state’s laws, so treatment can differ depending on your location. 

Additionally, Talkiatry only prescribes medications after an hour-long initial virtual evaluation. If you’re a good candidate for ADHD medications, your psychiatrist will prescribe the best dosage and medication for your needs.

The primary difference between obtaining prescription medications online and in person is that some individuals may feel less connected with their doctor if their appointments are only virtual. However, virtual appointments may be easier to book and more accessible for a wider variety of individuals.

What Medications Does Talkiatry Prescribe?

Talkiatry can prescribe certain controlled substances, including stimulants like Adderall, when safe and appropriate. The platform’s psychiatrists follow state guidelines for prescribing stimulants, so accessibility can vary by location. Talkiatry psychiatrists may also prescribe various medications off-label for ADHD, such as antidepressants like Wellbutrin.

Talkiatry Talk Therapy

Your Talkiatry psychiatrist can refer you to one of the platform’s therapists, if appropriate. Your therapist will collaborate closely with your psychiatrist for consistency throughout your treatment plan. All therapy appointments through Talkiatry are virtual, with evening and weekend appointments available. 

How Does Talkiatry Work?

To get started with Talkiatry, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  1. Check if Talkiatry takes your insurance plan. You can quickly confirm your insurance eligibility on Talkiatry’s homepage
  2. Complete the short initial assessment to determine if you’re a candidate. This online form gathers information about your symptoms, medical history, history of mental health treatment, and goals for treatment. It also checks that you’re eligible for Talkiatry based on your insurance plan and location. 
  3. Talkiatry will match you with a clinician that fits your needs within a week (some people receive a match within 48 hours). 
  4. Self-schedule a virtual visit with your provider at a time that works for you. The initial appointment lasts for 60 minutes to ensure a thorough exam. 
  5. If appropriate, your psychiatrist may prescribe ADHD medications. 
  6. You can reach out to your psychiatrist or therapist at any time with questions through Healow, Talkiatry’s patient portal. Providers reply within 48 hours. 

How Does Talkiatry Billing Work?

Talkiatry will send a bill directly to your insurance for any services you receive through the platform. Your insurer will then review your coverage and determine how much of the bill they’ll cover. Your financial responsibility is determined by your insurer – not Talkiatry.

We’d recommend checking directly with your insurance company before starting Talkiatry to understand how much of your bill will be covered. 

How Do I Cancel My Talkiatry Subscription? 

To cancel your Talkiatry subscription, you can either tell your psychiatrist during your appointment or contact Talkiatry directly at or 833-351-8255. 

How Much Is the Cancellation Fee for Talkiatry?

The cancellation fee for Talkiatry is $100. It applies only if you cancel or reschedule your appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice. 

Why We Recommend Talkiatry Online ADHD Treatment

We recommend Talkiatry for ADHD because it provides personalized, well-rounded treatment plans including psychiatric care and therapy.

Other key reasons why we recommend Talkiatry for online ADHD treatment include:

1. Personalized Treatment Plan

With an initial appointment of 60 minutes, Talkiatry’s psychiatrists take the time to thoroughly understand your needs before suggesting a treatment plan. This provides a high degree of personalization while ensuring any prescribed medications are safe and appropriate. 

2. Online Access to Medications

Talkiatry provides convenient online access to ADHD medications, including certain stimulants, that can be otherwise difficult to obtain. With Talkiatry, you’ll skip lengthy appointment wait times, referrals, and commuting to the doctor’s office. 

3. Accepts Insurance

Talkiatry is in-network with most major health insurance providers. This makes it a more affordable option for many individuals with insurance, with some paying $30 or less per appointment after insurance. 

4. Continuous Care 

With the ability to contact your psychiatrist or therapist at any time and 30-minute follow-up visits, Talkiatry provides continuous care. Your psychiatrist can adapt your treatment plan according to your evolving needs. 

Talkiatry ADHD vs. Alternatives

We compared Talkiatry to other telehealth platforms for ADHD including Betterhelp, Cerebral, and Done to help you determine the best fit for your needs.

Talkiatry vs. Betterhelp vs. Cerebral vs. Done

Price$30 or less per visit after insurance$70 to $100 per week$365/month for medication + therapy$199 for first month
$79/month thereafter for ongoing care and rx renewals
Accepts insurance?
Combined medication and supportive therapy?🟡 Only talk therapy🟡 Only medication
Prescribes controlled meds?
Flexible scheduling?
Duration of visits60 mins for initial visit
30 mins for follow-up visits
30 to 45 mins30 mins for initial visit
15 mins for follow-up visits
30 mins for initial visit
Choose your own psychiatrist/therapist?
How long to match with a psychiatrist/therapist?Within a week or as little as 48 hoursWithin a week or as little as 48 hoursNot mentioned As soon as the next day
Continuous care?

Talkiatry vs. Betterhelp

While Talkiatry offers ADHD medications, including certain stimulants, Betterhelp only offers talk therapy and doesn’t accept insurance. So, Betterhelp isn’t ideal for individuals seeking ADHD prescriptions, or those looking to use their insurance plan to pay for teletherapy services. However, unlike Talkiatry, Betterhelp allows you to choose your therapist, making it a good option for people interested in teletherapy for ADHD.

Talkiatry vs. Cerebral

Like Talkiatry, Cerebral offers both prescriptions and therapy for ADHD. With weekly 45-minute therapy sessions, Cerebral is a great option for people seeking comprehensive ADHD care. However, Cerebral doesn’t accept insurance and costs $365 per month for medication and therapy, making it more expensive than Talkiatry for certain individuals.

Talkiatry vs. Done

Done accepts insurance and prescribes controlled medications for ADHD. It may be a quicker way to obtain an ADHD prescription than Talkiatry, as it can match you with a psychiatrist as soon as the next day – Talkiatry offers matches within a week. However, Done only offers medications and lacks the option of therapy, so Talkiatry may be a better choice for individuals seeking a combined treatment plan.

The Verdict: Is Talkiatry Legit for Online ADHD Care?

Overall, Talkiatry is a convenient, accessible way to obtain online psychiatric care and therapy for ADHD. It’s ideal for individuals with insurance seeking a holistic approach to ADHD care and who want to avoid the long wait times associated with in-person psychiatry. 

Talkiatry prescribes ADHD medications online, including certain controlled substances like Adderall, making it a time-saving solution for individuals who can benefit from ADHD medication. Additionally, you can choose to work with one of the platform’s therapists, who will collaborate with your psychiatrist for personalized, ongoing care. 

Since it only works with insurance, Talkiatry isn’t a good fit for people paying out-of-pocket, and the quality of care can differ depending on your assigned psychiatrist. However, people with in-network plans may pay as little as $30 per appointment.


Can telehealth companies prescribe Adderall?

Some telehealth companies, like Talkiatry, can prescribe Adderall. 

Is ADHD online treatment legitimate?

ADHD online treatment is legitimate if the platform offers science-based care from licensed physicians.

What is the best therapy for ADHD?

Cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is widely regarded as one of the best therapy options for ADHD.

What is it like to have untreated ADHD?

Untreated ADHD can make it difficult to focus, remember details, stay organized, and control impulses. It can also lead to procrastination, burnout, and even anxiety and depression.

Will Talkiatry prescribe stimulants?

Talkiatry can prescribe stimulants for ADHD if it’s determined to be safe and appropriate by one of the platform’s psychiatrists after an hour-long virtual appointment.


We conducted extensive research to evaluate the pricing, effectiveness, accessibility, overall quality, customer support, and useability of Talkiatry, which also included examining multiple telehealth platforms offering ADHD treatment. To determine overall value, we evaluated treatment options, cost, and accessibility. 

Other factors we investigated prior to choosing the best online ADHD treatment service included convenience, discounts, customer service, access to healthcare providers, health insurance, package deals, and any free services or resources offered. For the best platform overall, Talkiatry stood out for its wide range of treatment options, personalization, in-network insurance plans, and commitment to ongoing care.

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