SuperMush Review 2024: Benefits of These Non-Psychedelic Mints and Mouth Sprays


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SuperMush offers various mouth sprays and mints that include ingredients, such as cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, and turkey tail, which, according to the company, may help support energy levels, immune system function, restful sleep, stress management, and more.

We recommend SuperMush mouth spray and mints because of their use of natural ingredients in delicious products that are easy to take on the go. We also like that all products are certified organic and are third-party tested.

In this SuperMush review, we discuss its pros and cons, benefits, as well as possible side effects. In addition, we compare SuperMush to LifeCykel, so you can make an informed decision when selecting the best mushroom supplements for your unique needs.

Is SuperMush legal?

Yes, SuperMush products are legal and are not considered psychedelics.

SuperMush Pros and Cons


  • Products are delicious and come in a variety of flavors
  • The spray and mints are pocket-sized, making them incredibly convenient to take on the go
  • Uses natural ingredients that are certified organic
  • All products are third-party tested, ensuring their effectiveness
  • Products are easy to take, just a quick spray or pop a mint into your mouth
  • Offers a variety of products that aim to support different needs, such as improved sleep, energy, relaxation, focus, and more


  • May interact with other drugs or cause allergic reactions, making it unsuitable for certain individuals to take
  • May not be safe for those with certain health conditions to take, so check with your healthcare provider prior to using
  • Price point may be too expensive for some individuals 

What Is SuperMush?


SuperMush mouth spray and mints are mushroom supplements that are rich in beta-glucans, which are types of fibers found in cells of mushrooms that research suggests may help the body boost immune function.

The mints and the sprays are both taken sublingually, or under the tongue. According to research, sublingual delivery allows for the fastest onset of action, as the supplements bypass the digestive system and pass directly into the bloodstream.

Available in regular and mini versions, SuperMush mouth sprays include:

  • Daily Energy spray (tangerine flavor)
  • Daily Immunity spray (cinnamon toast flavor)
  • Daily Chill spray (hibiscus flavor)

SuperMush mints include:

  • Daily Flow Focus mints (peppermint flavor)
  • Daily Creativity Connection mints (cinnamon flavor)

How long does it take for SuperMush to work?

According to the company, SuperMush mouth sprays and mints begin to work within minutes.

Benefits of SuperMush

SuperMush products include four key ingredients that aim to support energy, immunity, relaxation, focus, creativity, and more. According to the company, the products take effect within a few minutes and can be used on a daily basis. One bottle will last about a month if used every day.

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Supermush Key Ingredients

The key ingredients found in SuperMush mints and sprays include cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, and turkey tail, which are types of fungi commonly used for medicinal reasons.

Cordyceps, a type of fungus, is thought to help with supporting natural energy levels, endurance, immune functioning, and more. This ingredient is found in the Daily Energy spray as well as the Daily Creativity Connection mints. 

Lion’s mane, a type of mushroom, may be used to support digestion, and mental functioning, as well as a healthy immune and cerebral system, according to the company. Research suggests that this ingredient has neurotrophic properties, which describes promoting the growth of neurons, an important aspect of cognitive function and memory. This ingredient can be found in the Daily Chill spray, Daily Energy spray, and the Daily Flow Focus mints. 

Reishi, a type of mushroom, is thought to support immune functioning, however, more research is needed. According to the company, it may help reduce stress and support sleep. This ingredient can be found in both SuperMush mints, the Daily Immunity spray, and the Daily Chill spray. 

Turkey Tail, a mushroom, may support stress reduction and contains fiber, which may help support gut health. In addition, some research notes that this ingredient has shown to be clinically significant in supporting the treatment of certain cancers when used along with other traditional cancer therapies. This ingredient can be found in the Daily Immunity spray. 

Additional Supporting Ingredients 

Rhodiola is a flowering plant, which may promote energy, stamina, and strength. It may also help manage symptoms of depression and anxiety, however, more research is needed. This extract can be found in the Daily Energy spray and Daily Flow mints. 

Acerola extract contains ascorbic acid, along with many phytonutrients, and is high in antioxidants. This extract can be found in the Daily Immunity spray.  

Ashwagandha root extract contains bioactive compounds, some of which are noted as having antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It may be effective for supporting good sleep and stress management, however, more research is needed. This extract can be found in the Daily Chill spray.   

Maca pure extract has been used to help with fertility, increasing sex drive, and for managing conditions after menopause, however, more research is needed. This extract can be found in the Daily Creativity Connection mints.

Bacopa monnieri pure extract has been used to improve memory and insomnia, as well as reduce anxiety symptoms. However, more research is needed. This extract can be found in both the Daily Creativity Connection mints and the Daily Flow mints.

Is SuperMush psychoactive?

No, SuperMush products are not psychoactive and will not make you trip.

Why We Recommend SuperMush Mouth Spray and Mints 

In addition to the potential benefits associated with their mints and mouth sprays, we recommend SuperMush for a variety of reasons. 

High-Quality Ingredients

SuperMush prioritizes the use of high-quality ingredients that are USDA organic. In addition, all products are third-party tested to ensure effectiveness.

Fast Onset of Action

Because SuperMush products are taken sublingually, individuals may experience a faster onset of action, quickly enjoying the benefits that the sprays and mints offer. 

Easy to Use

SuperMush products can be taken multiple times a day, every day, and come in a variety of flavors. The mints and the sprays are small in size and are easy to take on the go, making the products convenient to take along with you.

Side Effects and Safety of SuperMush

While the company doesn’t note any potential side effects, mushroom supplements in general may be associated with side effects, such as: 

  • Dry mouth
  • Dizziness
  • Itching
  • Nausea
  • Stomachache
  • Rash

Before taking any new supplement, be sure to speak with your healthcare provider and let them know if you currently have any underlying medical conditions, or are taking any prescription or OTC medications, vitamins, or supplements.

Compare the Best Mushroom Supplements

We’ve compared SuperMush to another mushroom supplement called LifeCykel, so you can make an informed decision when selecting the best supplement for your needs.

SuperMush logo Move 240x60 LifeCykel 240x60

Compare Mushroom Supplements



Spray price with quantity1 month supply = 30mL

$27/bottle or $69 for 3 bottles
1 month supply = 60mL

$34.95 AUD or about $23.52 USD
Mint price with quantity24 mints per pack

$18/pack or $61 for 2 packs
❌ (not available)
FlavorsDiffers by product:

Mint, cinnamon, tangerine, hibiscus, cinnamon toast
Kakadu plum
May supportDiffers by product:

- Energy
- Immunity
- Relaxation/stress
- Creativity
- Focus/clarity
- Gut health
Differs by product:

- Energy
- Anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial
- Immunity
- Relaxation/stress
- Creativity
- Focus
Key ingredientsDiffers by product:

Blend of mushrooms and superfoods:
- Cordyceps
- Lion’s mane
- Reishi
- Turkey tail
Differs by product:

Each product contains just one mushroom:
- Cordyceps
- Lion’s mane
- Reishi
- Turkey tail
- Chaga
- Shiitake
How to use?For mints:
- Dissolve 1-2 mints in your mouth

For spray:
- Spray 4 times and swallow
Add 2mL to any drink
Uses fruiting body extract?
Uses additional superfoods?
Gluten free?
Third-party tested?
Free shipping?🟡 (For orders above $50) 🟡 (For orders above $120 AUD)
AvailabilityUSA, Argentina, Chile, Costa Rica,
Australia, Austria, Belgium,
Finland, Greece, Ireland, Israel,
Italy, Portugal, Turkey, Brazil,
Canada, Mexico, Estonia,
Germany, Japan, and Morocco

SuperMush Reviews From Their Customers

Overall, individuals found SuperMush products to be effective and delicious. However, some individuals noted that their spray nozzles broke.

Pleasant Surprise
Abigail Hudson
Read More
“Gave me energy, and actually mellowed me out surprisingly”
Great as advertised!
Read More
“Was skeptical at first, gave the product a five day trial. Actually worth the purchase. Allows me to get a full restful night’s sleep.”
Tastes delicious and actually works!
Play With My Hair
Read More
“Tastes delicious and actually works! I’ve replaced caffeine with this and best part is there’s no crash. New daily ritual."
It works!
Read More
"I love this stuff! It honestly works so good. I will definitely be buying more. I do wish it had a nicer sprayer for the price, but mine was not broken like other reviews suggested theirs were. Mine worked, I just feel like it’s so pricey that the packaging should be perfect. The bottle is a nice sturdy glass. Just needs a better spray nozzle. ☺️ The flavor isn’t the best but it’s edible and worth the benefits."

The Verdict: Is SuperMush Effective?

SuperMush products incorporate a blend of fungi superfoods that may have many benefits, including supporting gut health, immune functioning, stress management, sleep, relaxation, and energy. With three different mouth sprays, and two mint options offered in a variety of flavors, SuperMush makes it easy to take these delicious products on the go. In addition, SuperMush products are fast-acting, organic, and third-party tested.

SuperMush may work well for individuals who are interested in using an easy-to-take, natural product that emphasizes the many benefits that fungi may offer.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does SuperMush make you feel?

According to the company, SuperMush mouth spray and mints work within minutes and may give users a relaxed, energized, or focused feeling depending on the specific product used.

How much does SuperMush cost?

SuperMush sprays cost $27 dollars and the mints cost $18. Prices for bundles vary.

Does SuperMush get you high?

No, SuperMush products do not have psychedelic effects and will not get you high.


We conducted extensive research to evaluate the effectiveness, quality, cost, and customer service associated with SuperMush. To determine overall value, we looked closely at the scientific evidence to back up its natural ingredients, as well as compared the formula with a top competitor, like LifeCykel.

Prior to choosing the best mushroom supplement, we looked at factors such as convenience, accessibility, ease of use, and customer service to ensure that we were picking a good product, as well as a trustworthy brand.

For an effective and organic mushroom supplement, SuperMush stood out for its natural formula, fast onset of action, and dedication to using the highest quality ingredients.

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