Stasis Supplement Review: Our Research, Testing, and Impressions

Medically reviewed by:
Dr. Steve Kim, MD

About Dr. Steve Kim, MD

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Dr. Kim received his BA in Human Biology at Stanford University, before receiving his M.D. degree (Primary Care Track) from UC Davis School of Medicine in 1989. Dr. Kim completed his Internship & Residency in Family Practice from Glendale Adventist Hospital and is Board-Certified in Family Medicine via the American Board of Family Medicine. He has re-certified multiple times; and is currently Board-Certified through December 2030. He has served as Sr Medical Editor for Healthline, and has held faculty appointments at Stanford & UCSF medical schools. He is also a decorated, retired Flight Surgeon from the US Air Force Reserves.

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Stimulants like Adderall, Vyvanse, and caffeine are great for so many things, especially if you’re neurodivergent (brain function is different from the norm), but they can have their downsides.

Stimulants lead to an increased release of dopamine in your brain, and therefore a crash typically ensues when they wear off. This crash may leave you agitated and/or unable to sleep. And while not definitive, long-term use of stimulantsmay also damage parts of the nervous system, such as the receptors and neurotransmitters in your brain.

Stasis has developed a set of supplements to even out energy levels and soothe the neurotransmitter peaks and dips. 

Taken alongside your usual stimulants, the blend of vitamins and adaptogens in Stasis’ Daytime and Nighttime formulas is designed to support your dopamine system and keep your brain chemistry closer to its baseline function. People who take Stasis report more balanced mood, consistent behavior, increased focus, and even enhanced cognitive function.

Key Takeways

  • Stasis offers daily (and nightly) supplements that can reduce the downsides of stimulants.
  • Extended stimulant use can have adverse effects on your mental health and cognitive function. Stasis can combat this by supporting your dopamine system and general brain health.
  • Taking stimulants and Stasis together has been reported to help you avoid jitters and crash.
  • The Daytime formula can maximize the beneficial effects of stimulants while still making you feel like yourself (read: no crash and irregular mood).
  • The Nighttime formula is designed to help you wind down slower & easier and promote restful sleep

Based on our internal research: each of the 17 ingredients in Stasis’ supplements is backed by strong academic research, and would otherwise be overly costly and difficult to acquire on your own.

Best natural supplements for stimulants: Stasis vs Recoop vs buying the individual ingredients on Stasis’s nutrition label

Best supplements to combat stimulants: Recoop vs Stasis vs DIY individual ingredients Stasis logo 240x60 Recoop logo 240x60 Buying individual ingredients on Stasis' nutrition label
One-time purchase price$119$119Estimated based on online prices:

Vitamin B6: $8.99
KSM-66 Ashwagandha: $14.95
L-Theanine: $9.98
Magnesium: $12.99
Vitamin C: $11.99
Melatonin: $12.99
Algae Oil (Oceanix) $24.99
Saffron: $20.74
Sage: $17.99
Selenium: $4.52
Vitamin B12: $9.61
Apigenin: $11.86
Astaxanthin: $26.49
Skullcap: $13.59
Curcumin (Venetron): $33.74
Zinc: $8.48

Total: $243.90
Subscription price$79/mo$79/moEstimated based on online prices:

Vitamin B6: $8.09
KSM-66 Ashwagandha: $14.20
L-Theanine: $9.48
Magnesium: $12.34
Vitamin C: $11.99
Melatonin: $12.34
Algae Oil (Oceanix): $22.49
Saffron supplement: $19.70
Sage supplement: $17.09
Selenium supplement: $4.29
Vitamin B12: $9.13
Apigenin: $11.86
Astaxanthin: $23.84
Skullcap: $12.91
Curcumin (Venetron): $32.05
Zinc: $8.06

Total: $229.86/mo
Number of nutrients171117
Vegan?🟡 depends on how meticulous you are with your research & purchases
Appropriate for?Aged 18 and aboveAged 18 and aboveAged 18 and above
Day and Night set?
Easy-to-swallow pills?🟡 some reviews state that they are rather difficult
How often should you take it?2 of the Day supplements in the morning with your stimulant of choice

2 of the Night supplements before going to bed
2 capsules of Recoop Day Formula once a day before taking stimulants

2 capsules of Recoop Night Formula 30 minutes before bedtime
Dosage recommendations vary for each supplement
Free shipping?🟡, with Amazon Prime subscription
Money-back guarantee?
Where do they ship to?United StatesUnited StatesInternational shipping to eligible countries
WebsiteN/a - online or at a supplement store

What is Stasis?

As a neurodivergent, I know first-hand how helpful stimulants can be – for work, life, focus, everything. However, I didn’t really anticipate the downsides. Sometimes, it was difficult to get out of “work mode.” Falling and staying asleep became difficult, I lost my appetite and experienced harder crashes. On days that I didn’t take my stimulants, I felt kind of like a shell of myself.

Enter Stasis: a day and night supplement formulated with adaptogens and vitamins that keep your brain chemistry closer to its baseline function. The natural ingredients counter the highs and lows that can come with stimulants, including energy levels, mood, mental clarity, focus levels, and more.

The product comes as a set with capsules; one is to keep your energy and mood balanced during the day, and the other is to ensure peaceful sleep during the night.

Some of the notable ingredients for the Daytime include ashwagandha for stress relief, Oceanix for neurotransmitter protection, and L-Theanine to fight jitters and maintain focus. In contrast, the night set contains apigenin, magnesium, magnolia bark, and melatonin, all of which help to fight stress and aid sleep.

Stasis product shot

Why should you take supplements alongside stimulants?

Taking your stimulants with a supplement may sound unnecessary, but doing so can go a long way in maximizing efficacy and curbing downsides. To understand how supplements can help, let’s first touch on what stimulants actually do to the brain.

Ok, so how do stimulants actually affect the brain?

Stimulants have dopamine-releasing qualities that affect both motor control (purposeful muscle movements) and the brain’s reward system

At the risk of oversimplification: Stimulants increase the amount of dopamine that your brain actively “uses” by inhibiting the reuptake process. When reuptake occurs naturally, chemicals in your brain (such as dopamine) are removed from the synapse and recycled back into their constituent elements. When stimulants block this reuptake of dopamine, it prevents your brain from recycling it, therefore allowing your brain to feel more of it. For neurodivergent people, this is crucial.

A comedown period follows the peak of your stimulant when the dopamine begins to wear off. The high is now gone, and unpleasant withdrawal symptoms take its place. Consequently, the user sometimes experiences adverse effects such as mood changes, agitation, and stress. 

live more crash less 3024x1485

Many of these downsides occur either because of a nutrient deficiency caused by lack of appetite, or a nutrient depletion directly caused by stimulants. Stasis contains the necessary ingredients to counteract these. For instance, saffron boosts your mood, while selenium chelate and sage protect your nervous system from neurotoxins.

What Should I Expect from Using Stasis?

There are plenty of reasons to take stimulants every day: reduced fatigue, heightened alertness, and improved focus and concentration are just a few. Millions rely on them for normal social, academic, or work-life functioning.

But in what often feels like a zero-sum game, stimulants also come with their fair share of nasty downsides. Jitters, heightened stress, sleeplessness – the list goes on. 

The purpose of taking a supplement blend like Stasis is to mitigate these downsides so you’re free to enjoy the positives. 

Within an hour or two of taking Stasis’ Daytime Formulation, many (myself included) report feeling reduced jitters and stabilized energy for a steady focus as they go through their day. 

And within a few days of continued use, you can expect the Stasis Nighttime Formulation to provide a deeper, more restorative sleep as your Circadian rhythm regulates. After a few weeks, you might feel a more stable mood and improved mental clarity as your dopamine system regulates itself. After a couple of months, all of these positive effects should marry together for better overall brain health and cognitive function.

In conjunction with your stimulant(s) of choice, the ingredients in Stasis:

  • Maintain your brain health
  • Boost your mood 
  • Reduce dopamine crash
  • Taper you off of your stimulant medicine more slowly
  • Fights downsides like stress and fatigue
  • Slow the tolerance to stimulants that your brain builds up over time
  • Replenish the nutrients that stimulants use up to avoid nutrient deficiencies

What Are the Ingredients in Stasis Supplements?

At the time of writing, Stasis’ Daytime and Nighttime Formulas contain the following ingredients. Each has been tested by a third-party lab and classified by the FDA as GRAS, or passed through Phase III clinical trials.

Daytime Formula






Selenium Chelate

Vitamin B6

Vitamin B12

Nighttime Formula




Magnolia Bark



Vitamin C



Do Stasis Supplements Help Reduce the Downsides of Stimulants?

If there’s one thing the supplement industry likes to do, it’s to slap a bunch of mysterious ingredients onto a label, make some bold claims about how great they are for your health, and then sit back in their chairs and count money. 

Shady companies prey on people’s innocence, knowing full well that no one wants to spend hours reading through research studies, just to determine whether a product is effective or not. Well, except us – we like that sort of thing. 

So is Stasis putting legitimately effective ingredients in their formulas, at proper dosages? Here are our findings.


Fights stress and stabilizes energy. Ashwagandha is a potent adaptogen that regulates how your body reacts to cortisol, the stress hormone. This 2019 study determined that a 240mg dose of ashwagandha reduced respondents’ stress levels. This one found similar findings with a dose varying between 250mg and 600mg. 

Stasis’ Daytime Formula contains 120mg of Ashwagandha per serving.


Calms your nerves and improves focus . It boosts neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin by fighting inhibitory neurotransmitters to combat jitters. This study found that a dose of 200-400mg of L-Theanine per day had anti-stress effects in acute and chronic conditions. 

Stasis’ Daytime Formula contains 300mg of L-Theanine per serving.


A powerful antioxidant and neuroprotector extracted from algae. It forms the first line of defense against oxidative stress, cellular deterioration, and neural degeneration. In this 2021 study , Oceanix improved recovery and sustained immune function in participants. The exact dosage used in the human study is unclear; it only mentions a loading phase, which generally means taking an unnecessarily large super dose. 

Stasis’ Daytime Formula contains 25mg of Oceanix per serving.


A mood booster and neuron protector. It boosts serotonin which fights oxidative stress and regulates mood. This study found that 30mg of saffron extract, taken daily for 8 weeks, reduced depression and improved social relationships in respondents who had previously felt depressed and/or stressed. This systematic review of clinical studies confirmed that saffron is an effective treatment for major depressive disorder.

Stasis’ Daytime Formula contains 28mg of Affron (Saffron extract) per serving. 


A focus powerhouse. This neuroprotector boosts learning capacity, the power of recall, and focus and calms your nerves.

Stasis’ Daytime Formula contains 333mg of sage extract per serving. 


Selenium Chelate

A neuroprotector and an antioxidant. Selenium chelate protects neurotransmitters from oxidative toxins. When dopamine undergoes monoamine oxidation, it produces toxic products, such as quinones, semiquinones, hydrogen peroxide, and free radicals. These byproducts can permanently damage neurotransmitters.

Stasis’ Daytime Formula contains 50mcg of selenium chelate per serving.


Vitamin B6

Pyridoxine promotes relaxation and boosts mood . The vitamin also protects your nervous system and eases you into a restful sleep at night.

Stasis’ Daytime Formula contains 10mg of Vitamin B6 per serving. 


Vitamin B12 (AKA Cobalamin)

Is a water-soluble vitamin that plays a vital role in cell metabolism , red blood cell production, and optimal nerve function. It is a neuroprotector that restores energy, prevents inflammatory response, and maintains a healthy brain.

Stasis’ Daytime Formula contains 1000mcg of Vitamin B12 per serving.



An antioxidant and natural sleeping aid. The chemical is present in nighttime formulation to promote restorative sleep . Melatonin modulates dopamine transporters to reverse cellular degeneration and oxidative stress.

Stasis’ Nighttime Formula contains 2mg of melatonin per serving.



A mood booster and a neuroprotector. The substance has been proven to dramatically reduce oxidative stress , regulate the dopamine system , and improve mood .

Stasis’ Nighttime Formula contains 50mg of skullcap root extract and 150mg of skullcap root per serving. 


Vitamin C

An antioxidant that protects your neurotransmitters , cleanses your body of toxins, and supports dopamine. Vitamin C can also reduce neuroinflammation and oxidative stress.

Stasis’ Nighttime Formula contains 100mg of Vitamin C per serving.


Magnolia bark

The chemicals in the magnolia plant’s bark are your natural line of defense against stress . They promote relaxation by modulating how your body reacts to cortisol. It also boosts GABA for distress and agitation relief which results in quality sleep.

Another study found that a key ingredient in magnolia bark – honokiol – was as effective as diazepam for treating anxiety

Stasis’ Nighttime Formula contains 10mg of DHH-B from magnolia bark per serving.



When you wake up, Venetron increases serotonin and GABA production to boost your mood and improve sleep quality. It also naturally increases melatonin for a more restful sleep at night. Stasis’ Nighttime Formula contains 50mg of Venetron per serving.  

What to Know Before Trying Stasis

While some do feel the effects of Stasis on Day One, that certainly shouldn’t be the expectation. Others (like me!) might need a few days to begin feeling certain benefits. 

Remember that Stasis is a supplement. As opposed to taking a stimulant that rapidly takes effect on the body, think of Stasis more as a means of feeding your brain the nutritious stuff it needs to perform well. And depending on how hungry your body is for a particular ingredient in Stasis, it’ll start to make use of that at different times for different people. There may also be some degree of a loading phase (like with creatine, nootropics, and CBD). The loading phase varies with your metabolism, any nutrient deficiency, or previous exposure to nootropics. The more deficient your body is in certain nutrients, the faster you will feel the effects; and vice versa.

Bioavailability and absorption are two areas that appear to be missing from Stasis’ ingredient blends, with perhaps the exception of cellulose. Bioavailability is how much of a drug or substance can enter your blood circulation while still having an active effect. This isn’t necessarily a negative (there’s no harm in including more of an ingredient than necessary), but it is worth mentioning.

How does the cost of Stasis compare to alternatives?

Stasis supplements won’t fit into everyone’s budget, but it’s clear that for a lot of folks out there, the benefits outweigh the cost. And even health benefits aside, it’s worth considering the DIY alternative: buying individual ingredients on Amazon, and re-building Stasis’ supplement stack on your own.

Look back to our comparison chart at the beginning of our review – if you were to buy all of the individual ingredients from Amazon or elsewhere, it would run you around $400 and a lot of time. 

Both the Day and Night formulas are made of around 17 different ingredients, some of which are very expensive individually. Saffron is a good example — it can be quite expensive to buy stand-alone, let alone find high-quality stuff like what Stasis uses. 

Instead of spending hours upon hours dosing out individual ingredients down to the milligram before combining them into pills, Stasis delivers 2 easy-to-swallow pills that contain everything you’d need (and likely more).

Not to mention the research and development that has gone into producing this perfect blend of Stasis supplements. They’ve ensured that each ingredient works synergistically and doesn’t counteract the effects of the other ingredients – all working for you in harmony. With Stasis, the necessary work has been done for you to ensure the perfect dosages – all clinically studied and third-party tested.

The Stasis Day & Night set starts at $119, but subscribing to a monthly delivery immediately knocks this down to $79. Pro-tip: there’s nothing stopping you from starting that monthly subscription, pocketing the $40 in savings, and then just canceling immediately after your first delivery 😉 

Each bottle contains 50 capsules (25 days’ and nights’ worth). Also, keep in mind that for $79, you’re getting both the Day and Night formulas. Sooo, kinda a two-for-one deal, if we’re thinking logically. 

Lastly, remember that if you’re not impressed with the products, you can get a full refund, no questions asked. That’s just good business.

stasis all day support

Stasis Reviews: What Are Other Stasis Customers Across the Internet and Social Media Saying?

In order to get an accurate pulse of how real customers feel about Stasis, we started by sifting through Reddit threads in search of firsthand Stasis reviews. 

Overall, reviewers were positive, citing many of the same mental health benefits that Stasis shares on its website. The only negative comments were made by people who’d never taken the product, calling it overpriced and suggesting buying individual ingredients instead.

As always, whenever we found a polarizing opinion (whether positive or negative), we dug into OP’s profile to confirm they’re not a bot or biased reviewer.

Read More
Hi there, I ordered it last week and started it on Sunday. It could be just the week that I am in of my cycle but so far, for the 3 days I have taken it, my mood has remained pretty stable throughout the day, which is not always the case. I plan to give it at least a couple months to give it a fair shot.
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been in stasis for about two weeks now (i take adderall xr in the morning). I had originally gone into this thiking it was going to be something like a placebo or just a bunch of bs but my mother convinced me. I have felt so much better on the stimulants with them. No jitters, no weirdness on the comedown/crash, no irritability in the afternoon when the meds may start to wear off. Also feeling happier, less stressed and less anxious.

Going a little bit further, our team was curious about seeing what Redditors think about certain ingredients within Stasis. Let’s take, for example, sage. Research shows that it can help people maintain focus and boost their capacity to learn and focus. The Reddit r/Nootropics community can be a helpful place to turn, in cases like this.

Read More
I take it daily, about one gram dried or a few leaves. I don't feel well without it, I add it to everything I eat and grow my own in summer. It removes brain fog, it makes me a bit manic and I love it. Normal sage raises blood pressure so you might want less popular Spanish sage which lowers it. You can take both to nullify all bp effects. I'm surprised no one told me about it since it's so easy to get.

And the same with Saffron. Research shows that Saffron can act as a mood booster, and an entire thread can attest to that:

Read More
I started using NOW brand saffron about 3 weeks ago and I have really noticed a difference. I forgot to take it yesterday and I noticed later in the afternoon how low I was feeling. It was then that I realized I forgot to take it that morning and how well it works. I work in a supplement store and that's the only brand we carry. I have noticed that it isn't a big seller and I'm not sure why. I don't know what the long term effects are, as I have been taking it for such a short time but I plan on continuing taking it as long as it's helping.

Finally, we turn to verified reviewers that Stasis showcases on their website. Our editorial team certainly doesn’t turn to reviews like these for an absolute source of truth, but it’s still a helpful exercise. In this case, we saw some trends among respondents who have been taking stimulants for many years.

camila g
No more mid day crash
Read More
Stasis helped me use my Adderall XR to its fullest potential without feeling like I needed to take a long break 8 hours after waking up. It reduced my hot flashes and helped me maintain focus longer
Mike R
Yay Stable mood!
Read More
Stasis has definitely helped even me out. I'm able to be more consistent throughout the day without worrying about being hyperproductive during my typical spike around 11:00 a.m. and trough around 3:00 p.m and weird jitters around happy hour.
Andrew R
What a Difference
Read More
I'm absolutely astonished at how much a difference Stasis makes in my mood and attitude throughout the day. Thank you

Throughout this customer research, the most critical piece of feedback we saw was directed toward the Stasis Nighttime formula – specifically, at the ingredient melatonin. Some folks just really don’t like the fact that Stasis includes melatonin because the body builds up a natural tolerance to it and it can sometimes lead to weird dreams . Melatonin is a polarizing ingredient, and therefore we don’t see this as a negative; rather, we think it’s just something to be aware of.

tl;dr - Is Stasis Worth It?

If you’re someone who regularly takes stimulants (whether that’s caffeine, or even nicotine), you’re likely pushing through some unnecessary downsides. You may rely on stimulants to help you stay productive, but you don’t have to keep fueling the associated jitters, stress, crankiness, and poor sleep with a supplement like Stasis on hand. 

Stasis replenishes the nutrients often depleted by stimulants, restores cells, and improves mental balance for superior long-term brain health.

Is Stasis a quick fix? No, absolutely not. Some won’t even start feeling benefits for a few days, which can be discouraging. But by taking Stasis’ Daytime and Nighttime formulas in tandem with stimulants, you’re building a strong chemical foundation for sustained mental well-being.

No supplement out there is perfect; I think even Stasis would agree with that. Although they won’t work for everyone, Stasis continues to work well for me. And for a pair of products that do seem to effectively address so many nasty downsides of daily stimulant use, Stasis deserves some serious recognition. Not only have they put a lot of R&D into their Daytime and Nighttime duo, but they’ve priced them fairly, don’t hide behind proprietary blends, and continue to offer a no-questions-asked money-back guarantee.