Sons Hair Loss Review: Best finasteride and minoxidil in the UK?

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See the guy in the photo up there? That’s my buddy, Jonny. He’s funny, charming, and pretty much everyone who meets him instantly loves him. But there’s one that’s holding him back in life: he’s balding.

And balding sucks. I mean, technically, I’m blessed with a pretty good head of hair, so I’m kind of just speculating here. But you wouldn’t believe the amount of sh*t the boys and I used to give my buddy Jonny for balding. 

Jokes aside, there’s nothing inherently wrong with balding. After all, we should all learn to be comfortable in our skin, right? But when it comes to something as objectively lame as male pattern baldness, if we know it’s something that can be treated, why wouldn’t we tackle it?

Knock knock. It’s Sons, one of the leading hair loss treatment platforms for men in the UK. Whether you’re looking to treat your existing baldness or take preventative measures, platforms like Sons can deliver the meds that you need, straight to your door. Affordable, effective, and no trip to the doctor. 

Our review will provide a breakdown of Sons and its ability to maintain – or recover – your natural hair and growth to its optimal condition.

TLDR: Sons offers high-quality hair loss meds that have been clinically proven to show legit results in most men. You might’ve seen some other competitors and want to know how Sons measures up, so continue reading to learn what Sons offers and how they compare to other brands. And use code ZEN40 for 40% off with Sons, if you decide to use ’em. 

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What is male pattern baldness?​

Male pattern baldness is the leading cause of hair loss in men and is quite common, given that it affects about 6.5 million men in the UK. Understandably, hair loss can be a source of stress, frustration, and maybe even embarrassment for many men. If you see a receding hairline, thinning hair, or a bald spot when you look in the mirror, don’t trip; there are solutions out there. 

Before we go in-depth reviewing Sons and the specific treatments they offer for male pattern baldness (aka androgenic alopecia, btw), let’s cover a few of the most common causes behind hair loss.  

Male pattern baldness is super common, with studies showing that around two-thirds of men will develop male pattern baldness at some point in their lifetimes. Most cases of male pattern baldness stem from the hormone DHT (dihydrotestosterone), an androgen (steroid hormone) that, in excess, can cause hair follicles to shrink and later lead to hair loss. 

Along with DHT, age and genetics are among the biggest factors for male pattern baldness. Preparation is never a bad idea – it might not hurt to take a look at that family tree – but even with a deep knowledge of your own genetics, it can be hard to anticipate male pattern baldness. Sons offers a great way to keep that gorgeous mane healthy and abundant in the years to come.

Source: Sons

So, what is Sons?

Sons is a digital health company founded by two men facing the risk of losing their hair. After being disappointed with the market they found for hair loss solutions, Will and Adrian created Sons to help guys take a proactive approach to their health. Lucky us! With Will’s proficiency in business and Adrian’s background in clinical research, Sons was born to provide a variety of direct-to-consumer men’s health treatments. 

In addition to hair loss treatment, it’s worth checking out Sons’ other products and treatments, including supplements for gut health, brain, and immune health. With all these products, Sons’ goal is to provide affordable and clinically proven treatments that rise above the stigma sometimes connected to men’s health and wellness issues.

men worried about balding
A random guy also worried about balding

🌍  Sons has since gone above and beyond to become a sustainability conscious brand in their carbon neutrality, meaning the amount of carbon dioxide that their operations emit is equal to the amount of carbon dioxide that they are removing from the atmosphere. By supporting Sons, not only would you be benefiting your own health and hair, but you’d also be actively participating in the effort to improve climate change. Win-win? Count us in.

🔎 Do Sons hair loss meds work?

sons products
Sons products

The number one priority before investing in a new product is making sure it checks all your boxes. Through clinical studies on each of the five different hair loss products that Sons offers, we’re here to answer this question.

How effective is finasteride for hair growth?

Finasteride isn’t new. It’s been a clinically proven, effective treatment for male pattern baldness since 1997. Not only is it one of (if not) the most effective treatments, finasteride has also shown impressive results for the long-term management of hair loss, offered by Sons as a prescription medication.

Among all these impressive results were two standout studies that looked at finasteride’s effectiveness on hair loss.

#1 – In a 5-year study, it was shown that about 65% of men treated with finasteride had increased hair count after 5 years, compared to 0% of men on the placebo treatment.

#2 – Similarly, a 10-year study in Japan resulted in 99% of the men using finasteride having slowed the progression of male pattern baldness.

These results, along with many more, give us numbers showing (without a doubt) finasteride’s effectiveness.

How effective is Sons’ saw palmetto for hair growth?

As the main active ingredient in Sons’ shampoo, we wanted to find clinical evidence showing the effectiveness of saw palmetto for hair loss. As a botanical extract and DHT blocker (that androgen we mentioned that results in shrinking and then eventual elimination of hair follicles), saw palmetto can reduce DHT levels in the scalp, resulting in healthier hair follicles.

It has been shown that both topical and oral saw palmetto supplements produced positive results with male pattern baldness and telogen effluvium (a common cause of temporary hair loss). Studies showed an increase of hair density by 83.3%, a 60% improvement in hair quality, a 27% improvement in total hair count and stabilised disease progression in 52% of participants.

How effective is Sons’ Minoxidil for hair loss?

Minoxidil is a vasodilator that widens blood vessels to increase the flow of blood and nutrients to your hair follicles (yes, the brand name is Regaine!). Sons offers minoxidil as a non-prescription topical medication. Multiple studies have shown the efficacy of minoxidil for hair loss, including a 4-month research study that resulted in 62.5% of the male participants considering the topical solution effective or very effective and 74.2% of the men mentioning that their hair density had improved.

Results can take a few months to appear, but do not get discouraged. A long-term study conducted over 12 months had male pattern baldness participants apply a minoxidil topical solution, and by the end of the study, 63.7% of the men found the solution effective or very effective. Users need to continuously apply minoxidil daily to continue to see improvements because stopping or pausing the treatment may cause the thinning to return shortly after.

How well do Sons’ biotin vitamins work for hair loss?

Sons offers biotin as supplements to promote healthier and stronger hair (FYI – biotin doesn’t just belong in your girlfriend’s medicine cabinet). Hair, nail and skin health has been repeatedly shown to improve in patients with biotin deficiency or related conditions (which is rather uncommon). There isn’t much evidence that a biotin supplementation is effective in healthy patients that don’t have biotin deficiencies, so it likely won’t be the ultimate treatment for people struggling with male pattern baldness. That being said, it’s still important to strengthen the existing hair.

What are Sons’ hair loss treatments?​

There are five different items on Sons’ product list to help with different facets of hair loss:

1. Finasteride for hair loss by Sons​

Finasteride  is a prescription medication that stops testosterone from converting into dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a hormone that’s been shown to cause shrinking hair follicles. It’s one of the most important treatments for hair loss and male pattern baldness (androgenetic alopecia). Finasteride is best used as a preventative measure to avoid male pattern baldness before it starts, but some have reported partial hair regrowth after use. If you are just starting to notice some hair loss – jump on this!

Sons offers finasteride in a 1-milligram-per-day dose (the standard) and recommends setting a reminder to take once per day, anytime. Sons claims that finasteride is effective in 8 out of 10 men for mild hair loss with results in 6 to 12 months. Alone, finasteride from Sons costs £23 per month delivered monthly, £18 per month delivered every 3 months, or £16 per month delivered every 6 months. 

2. Thickening shampoo for mild hair loss by Sons

Sons offers a specially formulated shampoo for men with mild hair loss containing saw palmetto, argan oil, iron, and vitamin B3. Saw palmetto is a type of palm tree that’s native to the southeastern U.S. As a DHT-blocker, it works similarly to finasteride as a treatment for male pattern baldness.

Sons’ shampoo for hair loss costs £10 per month delivered monthly, £8 per month delivered every 3 months, or £7 per month delivered every 6 months.  

3. Topical spray by Sons

Sons offers a prescription topical spray for hair loss that is ideal for men who want an alternative to a daily pill for hair loss (which can sometimes pose the risk of side effects from oral finasteride). The spray contains 5% minoxidil and 0.1% finasteride and should be applied twice a day in the morning and evening for best results in 6 to 12 months.

Sons’ topical spray is not available in any of their bundle treatment plans, so must be purchased separately. The cost is £35 per month for monthly delivery or £30.33 per month for delivery every 3 months.

4. Minoxidil for hair loss by Sons

Minoxidil  is a non-prescription topical medication for hair loss. Sons offers the generic version in a standard 5% formulation, which is as effective as the brand-name option (hint again: Rogaine). Minoxidil works by enlarging and reactivating shrunken hair follicles, moving them into the growth phase again. It can also lengthen the growth phase itself, creating thicker and fuller hair. 

Claimed to be effective in 6 out of 10 men for preventing hair loss results in 6 to 12 months, Sons’ minoxidil costs £20 per month delivered monthly, £17 per month delivered every 3 months, or £15 per month delivered every 6 months. 

5. Biotin for hair growth by Sons

Sons’ biotin  supplements can help combat hair loss by improving the production of keratin in the hair. Keratin is an important protein for the structure and strength of your hair, nails and skin and can help boost follicle development. Sons states that their supplement is effective for their health – especially as an addition to their other solutions – and can take 6 to 12 months to show results.

Sons offers their biotin supplements for £6 per month delivered monthly, £5 per month delivered every 3 months, or £4 per month delivered every 6 months.

How does Sons compare to other online hair loss treatment brands in the UK?

Sons logo Numan logo Plato logo

Comparison table: Sons vs Numan vs Hims

SonsNumanHims UK
Hair loss productsFinasteride (oral + topical) Minoxidil DHT blocking shampoo biotin vitaminsFinasteride (oral + topical) MinoxidilFinasteride (oral + topical) Minoxidil
Monthly cost of alopecia treatment£27 - £39£1.04 - £80£20 - £49
Promo codeZEN40 for 40% off
Monthly Subscription offered?
Other conditions treatedGut health
Beard growth
Brain health
Immune health
ED Blood testing Premature ejaculation Asthma Acid reflux Smoking cessationED Skincare
Free physician consultation?
Free shipping?
Returns or refunds?❌ Only for unopened non-Rx products❌ Only for unopened non-Rx products within 14 days of purchase✔ 60 day money back guarantee

How it works: What are the steps to getting hair loss treatment from Sons?

steps consultation process
3 simple steps to get the best treatment for you

💰How much do Sons’ hair loss prescriptions and packages cost?

Offering both individual and bundled treatments, Sons has multiple ways of providing comprehensive hair loss products and routines that can help you find success in your journey. Their cost-effective treatment packages allow you to target all factors that might lead to hair loss and male pattern baldness. Check out some of the different mix and match options best suited for you below.

Full Works includes finasteride, minoxidil, biotin, and shampoo. Sons has deemed this package their most popular and effective, showing success in 9.4 out of 10 men. 

  • £39 per month delivered monthly
  • £34 per month delivered every 3 months
  • £33 per month delivered every 6 months

Duo contains the essentials: finasteride and minoxidil.

  • £34 per month delivered monthly
  • £30 per month delivered every 3 months
  • £29 per month delivered every 6 months 

Simplicity contains finasteride, biotin and shampoo and is best for those who don’t want the extra step of minoxidil application.

  • £34 per month delivered monthly
  • £27 per month delivered every 3 months
  • £26 per month delivered every 6 months

Non-Prescription includes all of the Sons hair loss solutions that don’t require a prescription: minoxidil, biotin, and shampoo. 

  • £32 per month delivered monthly
  • £25 per month delivered every 3 months
  • £24 per month delivered every 6 months

⭐ Sons Reviews: Do users think the prescriptions are worth it?

I dug through (too many) customer reviews from Trustpilot and Son’s website. It’s obvious that most are extremely satisfied, which isn’t surprising considering the research behind their products and the thoughtfulness of their platform.

Other than the actual treatments, customers also praise Sons’ affordable prices, stellar customer service, and reliable delivery.

Here are some standout reviews that paint a pretty good picture:

🤔 tldr; Does Sons work for men’s hair loss?

Sons is legit. They offer pretty much any hair loss meds/products that a guy would need. With both prescription and non-prescription hair loss packages, any guy that’s serious about combating hair loss will find Sons to be an affordable, convenient resource.

And when we compare Sons to other online hair clinics and treatment platforms for men, it’s pretty clear that Sons offers a more comprehensive variety of treatments at a more competitive price.

Sons has a variety of monthly plans that combine minoxidil, finasteride, shampoo, and vitamins treatments for long-term use, which are particularly worth checking out if you want to save some extra cash in the long term.

And remember that Sons has a variety of other products and treatments outside of hair loss to check out, too, while you’re at it. 

Btw, if anyone reading this happens to know Jonny… let’s not tell him I plastered his face on the internet. Bit funnier that way.