Shimmer Care Review 2024: Our Experience With ADHD Coaching


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Shimmer ADHD App Overview

  • Cost: $140 to $345 per month
    Coaching style/approach: Wellness coaching, positive psychology, acceptance commitment training
  • Session frequency: Once weekly
  • Support: Access to the community and ongoing app-based messaging with your coach
  • Who it works best for: Individuals seeking an alternative or adjunct to talk therapy/medications for ADHD
  • Apple store rating: 4.8/5
  • Google Play store rating: 4.3/5
  • Our rating: 4.5/5

After extensively testing Shimmer and comparing it to other online ADHD coaching platforms, we found it to be one of the most effective and customizable programs, thanks to its virtual coaching sessions and app-based resources that support goal-setting, time management, emotional regulation, and more.

Shimmer is a virtual coaching platform designed for adults experiencing symptoms of ADHD, such as difficulty concentrating and impatience, as well as related difficulties, including overstimulation and overwhelm. With a mobile app and web platform, Shimmer provides ongoing support, accountability, and growth-oriented resources. 

Primary features of Shimmer Care include one-on-one coaching sessions, learning modules, and habit-building tools. The program is rooted in wellness coaching, positive psychology, and acceptance commitment training (ACT), implemented by experts in psychology, neuroscience, and public health. With its coaching-focused approach, Shimmer’s program may work best for individuals with ADHD symptoms who are seeking an alternative or adjunct to talk therapy and/or medications.

In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive overview of Shimmer, including key features, our experience with the program, and how it compares to other ADHD support apps. 

Our Quick Take

Shimmer is a convenient, science-backed platform for virtual ADHD coaching, goal setting, and ongoing community support. It combines wellness coaching, positive psychology, and ACT for well-rounded ADHD support. Individuals with symptoms of ADHD who require more support than virtual messaging but aren’t interested in or are unable to attend in-person talk therapy may find Shimmer to be the perfect fit.

Shimmer Care ADHD App Pros & Cons


  • Includes weekly coaching sessions lasting 15, 30, or 45 minutes, depending on your needs
  • Rooted in researched-backed modalities, including wellness coaching, positive psychology, and acceptance commitment training
  • Comprehensive community support, including body doubling sessions and educational webinars
  • FSA/HSA eligible


  • More expensive than other ADHD apps
  • Not suitable for individuals with complex cases or who require in-person support

Our Experience With the Shimmer ADHD Coaching App

Overall, I found Shimmer Care to be simple to navigate (despite its long list of features and tools) with ongoing in-app access to my ADHD coach. I love that the Shimmer app displays my personalized weekly plan with action prompts to build and maintain habits, while encouraging reflection for ongoing growth. 

Shimmer’s user experience includes video coaching sessions, making it more interactive than other ADHD apps, which typically only offer in-app messaging. To me, this type of connection with a live person felt much better compared to in-app messaging and really helped in terms of managing my goals, processing emotions that came up, and accountability. For individuals who aren’t wanting to go down the talk therapy or in-person coaching route, Shimmer’s video coaching program may be an excellent alternative, as it provides convenient, ongoing support with a high degree of personalization. 

In coaching sessions, Shimmer’s ADHD coaches discuss your personal goals, while presenting actionable strategies to use throughout the week. These strategies are implemented into your weekly plan, as displayed in the Shimmer app, and help with organization, prioritization, decision-making, and consistency. With regular use, the plan was able to help me manage feelings of overstimulation and overwhelm, as well as lack of focus, burnout, emotional regulation, and more. 

ADHD coaching differs from traditional talk therapy because it’s growth and action-oriented. While talk therapy tends to center around healing from past events, coaching looks to the future. Also, at $140 to $345 per month, ADHD coaching with the Shimmer app is more affordable than conventional in-person therapy, which typically costs $100 to $300 per session. However, some individuals may choose to combine Shimmer’s online ADHD coaching with in-person therapy (like me), and/or medication, based on their unique needs and goals.

For individuals experiencing serious or life-threatening mental health concerns, online coaching is not appropriate. If you or someone you know is in immediate danger, call 911. You can also dial 988 for the suicide and crisis lifeline.

How Does the Shimmer Care App Work?

To reap the benefits of Shimmer Care for ADHD, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the onboarding quiz: Shimmer’s 3-minute online intake quiz is designed to match you with a coach that best suits your needs. It also offers an overview of the science behind Shimmer, making it a great introduction to the program. After the quiz, Shimmer will email you with coach matches and plan recommendations.
  2. Meet your coach: You’ll start with an onboarding call to meet your coach and lay the groundwork for your Shimmer plan. This is also the time to schedule weekly sessions. 
  3. Set your goalsWithin the Shimmer app or web platform, use the goal-setting wizard to create actionable goals, link actions to those goals, and easily print the goal to display on your desk.
  4. Contact your coach between sessions as needed: Shimmer notifies your coach of your progress throughout the week so they can provide ongoing encouragement. For questions or advanced learning resources, you can message your coach directly.
  5. Supplement your plan with learning modulesShimmer describes its modules as “bite-sized,” making it easy to learn about relevant topics. Your coach can also assign you specific resources to supplement your weekly plan. 

How Much Does Shimmer ADHD Coaching Cost?

Shimmer offers 3 plans with different pricing:

  • The Essentials Plan (with 15-minute weekly coaching sessions) costs $140 per month
  • The Standard Plan (with 30-minute weekly coaching sessions) costs $230 per month
  • The Immersive Plan (with 45-minute weekly coaching sessions) costs $345 per month

Shimmer doesn’t accept insurance, but you can use your FSA or HSA account to cover your coaching plan. Additionally, while Shimmer doesn’t offer a free trial, you’ll get 25% off the first month. 

Benefits of Shimmer Care for ADHD Coaching

Shimmer Care balances convenience with interactivity, offering weekly video coaching sessions with a personalized goal planner. You can use Shimmer from the comfort of home, but your coach will reach out regularly to keep you on track. This makes it a great option for people who want greater flexibility than talk therapy or would like additional support outside of their therapy sessions.

benefits of shimmer care of adhd coaching

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Shimmer 1:1 ADHD Coaching Sessions

ADHD coaching targets common difficulties among individuals with ADHD-related symptoms, including goal-setting, organization, time management, and problem-solving. A review of ADHD coaching research found that across all 19 reviewed studies, coaching improved certain ADHD symptoms and executive functioning, which describes skills related to planning ahead, showing self-control, setting goals, and more. 

While coaching approaches can differ, Shimmer draws from multiple branches of psychology, including positive psychology and acceptance commitment training (ACT), in addition to health and wellness coaching. In sessions, coaches work on skill-building, increasing awareness of thoughts and behaviors, and implementing routines that align with your goals. 

  • Positive psychology hones in on strengths and behaviors that foster a sense of purpose. It aims to promote a sense of deep satisfaction and meaning. Positive psychology for ADHD can help with self-confidence and emotional regulation.
  • ACT focuses on acceptance, mindfulness exercises, commitment, and behavior-change methods. A 2023 study found that in individuals with ADHD-related symptoms, ACT positively affected participants’ outlook and relationship with their thoughts and behaviors. 
  • Health and wellness coaching and positive psychology are closely related. Wellness coaching is a clinically proven method that focuses on the individual’s strengths and motivations to promote personal development.

ADHD coaching alone can be enough to manage symptoms for some individuals. However, people experiencing more complex symptoms and/or who also have symptoms of another mental health condition may need more support than coaching alone. In some cases, individuals may combine online ADHD coaching with therapy, and/or medications. Others may alternate between seeing a coach and a therapist to help manage their symptoms. 

what is the difference between a therapist and coach

Shimmer weekly coaching sessions last 15, 30, or 45 minutes, depending on the plan, and cost $140 to $345 per month.

What do ADHD coaches do?

ADHD coaches, whether in-person or virtually, help individuals function more effectively in daily life by setting goals, building habits, and learning practical skills. With Shimmer, ADHD coaches also align the intentions set in weekly sessions with the Shimmer app, making it easier to reflect on and remember coaching insights.

Shimmer Tools

Shimmer offers a variety of tools to complement their ADHD coaching sessions, including:

  • Actionable goal setting: In the Shimmer app or web platform, you can set goals and tag actions to them. This helps break your goals into manageable steps and see your progress along the way. Your coach will also be able to see your progress and provide encouragement between sessions. 
  • Reflection: The Shimmer app allows you to capture insights and reflect on your experiences in a centralized platform. This makes it easier to review past insights. 
  • Body doubling community sessions: Body doubling is an ADHD strategy that involves completing tasks with another person beside you. The other person, or “body double,” can help keep you on task and reduce distractions. Shimmer holds regular online body doubling community sessions for greater focus and productivity.

Shimmer Learning Hub

Shimmer’s Learning Hub contains science-backed learning modules in a bite-sized format, helping to broaden your ADHD-related knowledge and introduce you to new strategies. Your coach can even assign you specific resources that are relevant to your goals.

Additionally, Shimmer holds webinar events for those interested in learning more while engaging with the community. 

Why We Recommend Shimmer Care

We recommend Shimmer because it’s backed by experts in psychology and uses clinically proven methods to support individuals experiencing symptoms of ADHD.

Other key reasons why we recommend Shimmer ADHD include:

1. Multiple plans

Shimmer offers 3 distinct plans to suit different needs. With coaching options ranging from ultra-focused 15-minute blocks to 45-minute in-depth sessions, Shimmer meets you where you’re at. 

2. Accredited and certified coaches

Shimmer’s team of ADHD coaches have all earned qualifications or certifications related to ADHD coaching, counseling, or psychology. You can browse your coach’s qualifications and specialties before getting started, along with details about their coaching style.

3. FSA/HSA eligible 

Shimmer is FSA and HSA eligible, which can make it highly affordable for individuals with qualifying plans. This is a significant benefit, as ADHD coaching is rarely covered by insurance. 

4. Flexible scheduling options

With fully online ADHD coaching sessions that last 15, 30, or 45 minutes, Shimmer provides flexible scheduling to fit ADHD management into your daily routine. Even with a packed schedule, Shimmer makes it possible to prioritize your goals and personal growth. 

5. Additional supportive tools and resources

Shimmer offers science-backed learning modules, goal-setting tools, and community-oriented resources. These features complement the benefits of ADHD coaching and serve a broad range of needs. 

Shimmer Care ADHD vs. Alternatives

We’ve compared Shimmer Care to Inflow, another app that supports individuals with ADHD, to help you better understand which platform may work best for your needs.

Shimmer vs. Inflow

Shimmer CareInflow ADHD
Subscription price$140 to $345/monthStarting at $0.55 per day (about $16.50/month)
Video coaching?✅ IncludedSeparately for $90/month or $30/session
Video sessions duration15 to 45 minutes weekly25 minutes each
Community support?
Body doubling?
Self-paced lessons?
Daily tasks/challenges?
Mindfulness exercises and habit-building strategies?
FSA/HSA eligible?

Shimmer Care vs. Inflow

While Shimmer centers around weekly coaching sessions, Inflow offers them as an optional add-on, instead focusing on in-app journaling and mindfulness exercises. Inflow is also less expensive than Shimmer at $16.50 per month with video sessions billed separately at $90 per month or $30 per session.

But, unlike Shimmer, Inflow isn’t FSA/HSA eligible and centers exclusively around cognitive behavioral therapy. Shimmer draws from a variety of methodologies, including third-wave CBT techniques (mindfulness, acceptance-based procedures, and psychological flexibility) which may provide a more well-rounded approach for certain individuals. 

The Verdict: Is Shimmer Care ADHD Coaching Legit?

Shimmer Care provides science-backed, interactive ADHD management with a convenient app and web platform. With 15, 30, or 45-minute weekly coaching sessions and ongoing support throughout the week, Shimmer’s program is highly customized to each individual. 

ADHD coaching with Shimmer is ideal for individuals who want to manage symptoms of ADHD without talk therapy or medications, or those who want additional support outside of therapy sessions. Its unique combination of coaching, community support, body doubling, and goal-setting tools makes Shimmer a comprehensive approach to flexible ADHD care. 

While Shimmer is more expensive than other ADHD apps, it offers multiple pricing options and is FSA/HSA eligible.


Is ADHD coaching covered by insurance?

ADHD coaching usually isn’t covered by insurance, but may be FSA/HSA eligible, like Shimmer.

How much does ADHD coaching generally cost?

ADHD coaching generally costs $75 to $200 per hour.

What is ADHD coaching?

ADHD coaching involves helping individuals with symptoms of ADHD handle day-to-day responsibilities, build positive habits, and achieve goals. This type of coach is specifically trained in understanding ADHD and may use various techniques, such as CBT.

How is ADHD coaching different from therapy?

ADHD coaching is different from therapy because a coach focuses primarily on the future through goal-setting, building self-confidence, and developing positive habits. A therapist often focuses on understanding past experiences and how they may influence current thoughts and behaviors.

What should I look for in an ADHD coach?

Look for an ADHD coach with ADHD-specific qualifications or certifications (i.e. ICF-certified ADHD Life Coach) and a style that aligns with your preferences. 


We conducted extensive research to evaluate the pricing, effectiveness, accessibility, overall quality, customer support, useability, flexibility, and customization of Shimmer Care, which also included examining multiple ADHD apps. To determine overall value, we evaluated cost, features, plan options, and subscription services.

Other factors we investigated prior to choosing the best ADHD app included convenience, discounts, customer service, access to healthcare providers, health insurance, package deals, community support, and any resources offered. For the best, most effective app, Shimmer Care stood out for its wide range of treatment options, tools, and resources for adults with symptoms of ADHD.

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