Ro Sperm Kit Review: Everything You Need to Know

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There have been lots of studies that suggest that male sperm count has dropped massively in recent years. No one really knows for sure why that is, but it’s alarming. What we do know is that not enough guys acknowledge the importance of male fertility testing – let alone take action on it. Ro Sperm Kit is aiming to change that. 

Some men find it embarrassing to see their doctor about infertility. It’s understandable, sure, but this negligence often results in them putting off their appointments indefinitely. Not so good.

Over the last several years, in particular, there has been a lot of D2c (direct-to-consumer) brands sprouting up and offering ways for people to take control of their health without interacting with doctors or insurance. And for the most part, it’s pretty awesome.

For people with ovaries in their bodies, we see brands like Modern Fertility offering hormone testing, egg freezing, and more. And for men, brands like Ro Sperm Kit (formerly known as Dadi) have become a one-stop-shop for sperm freezing and male fertility tests. 

Today, we’re going to take a close look at how Ro Sperm Kits enable men to do a super simple, at-home male fertility test to see how healthy their sperm health is. We’ll also explore Ro Sperm’s other services that can store your sperm for use at a later date.

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Who should consider using male fertility kits?

Explainer video showing how to take an at home male fertility test with the Ro Sperm Kit
Ro Sperm Kit created this video to show how easy it is to get tested at home.

Male fertility test kits are a terrific option for anyone who wants to know about the health of their sperm. Infertility affects millions of American couples — 1 in 8 have trouble conceiving. So, if you’re going to try for a baby, it’s a good idea to take a test to see where you stand.

Male fertility test results can help demystify struggles with conception. Additionally, they can spur people to make positive changes in their diet and lifestyle.

Finally, it’s becoming increasingly popular for men to freeze and store their sperm cryogenically. Having something in the bank protects against future problems or disasters. 

Freezing sperm can be an excellent option for people with health conditions. Additionally, it’s a good option for people who work in high-risk jobs, members of the military, or people undergoing gender confirmation surgery.

Are at-home sperm test kits accurate?

Yale Medical suggests that at-home kits offer about 95-97% accuracy rates compared with the standard laboratory semen analysis testing. But an important thing to note (And Ro Sperm Kit even states this on their site) is that a semen analysis can’t predict fertility on its own. Why? Well, remember that it takes two to tango. 💃🕺 There are lots of factors to consider, including your partner’s fertility. While some at-home tests are only designed to count sperm , Ro Sperm Kit assesses your: 
  1. Sperm count
  2. Sperm concentration
  3. Sperm motility
Their male fertility testing still stops short of the full experience you’d get in person at a fertility clinic. But at-home testing services are coming on in leaps and bounds.

Ro Sperm Kit pricing plans

Ro acquired the male fertility test startup Dadi this year. Shortly after, they relaunched it as the Ro Sperm Kit. So while the branding is new, the product itself has some history.

The Ro Sperm kit is an at-home male fertility test. In keeping with Ro’s other telehealth service offerings, the product offers a way for users to access information about reproductive health from the comfort of their homes.

Another critical aspect of the Ro Sperm offering is the sperm storage facilities. This service allows individuals to store their sperm safely for future use.

The Ro Sperm Kit comes at three different price points. The only real differences among them are the price and the number of vials of sperm that you’re testing/storing. 

Before we jump straight into pricing, keep in mind that you can take $25 off any plan by using our links and entering the promo code ZEN25 at checkout. Although if they’re offering a better promotion right now, don’t sweat it. 🙂

Screenshot of Ro Sperm Kit pricing plans, as of June 2022
An overview of Ro Sperm Kit pricing plans, as of June 2022

Not sure which deal to go with? Here are a couple things to take into account:

  1. Adding an extra year of cryostorage to any plan costs $149 a year
  2. Each plan includes a free year of storage for each kit. So if you order the $349 plan and get two kits tested at once, they’ll both be stored free for the same year. 

The $199 plan

1 Fertility Kit + 3 Vials of Semen + 1 Year of Storage

This option includes:

  • Semen analysis
  • One testing kit
  • Three vials of sperm stored
  • 1-year free storage
  • Free Shipping

The $349 plan

2 Fertility Kits + 6 Vials of Semen + 2 Years of Storage

Only need one test for yourself, but gotta friend or family member who might want to jump on the Ro Sperm Kit train? You could save yourselves $50 by bundling together.

This option includes:

  • Semen analysis
  • Two testing kits
  • Six vials of sperm stored
  • 1-year free storage for each kit
  • Free shipping

The $499 plan

3 Fertility Kits + 9 Vials of Semen + 3 Years of Storage

Got TWO friends who are thinking of their future? How’s a savings of $100 sound?

This option includes:

  • Semen analysis
  • Three testing kits
  • Nine vials of sperm stored
  • 1-year free storage for each kit
  • Free shipping

How does the Ro Sperm Kit work?

What's included in the Ro Sperm Kit
A look at the Ro Sperm Kit

Users need to follow a few instructions to get the best results from the Ro Sperm Kit. These are:

  • Abstain from ejaculating three days prior to giving a sample
  • Refrain from alcohol or tobacco for three days prior
  • Avoid using a lubricant while providing your sample, as some of these products can damage sperm

The process is straightforward and involves following a few simple steps.

  1. Order your Ro Sperm Kit from the website and have it delivered to your door. 
  2. Once the kit arrives, you can tie it to your account by registering the unique ID that comes on the cup.
  3. You should always keep the kit and cup at room temperature.
  4. Collect your sample by ejaculating into the provided cup. 
  5. Seal the cup and press the button on top to release the preservative.
  6. Place the cup back in the kit and lock it with the security band
  7. Add the shipping label and send it back via UPS
  8. Wait for your results, which should be returned in 48 hours.

It’s simple, secure, and fast.

A first look at the Ro Sperm Kit
Here's what the kit contents look like

What do Ro Sperm Kit's fertility reports include?

Once the lab receives your sample, they’ll examine and analyze your semen. They’ll be looking at the core biomarkers of your semen’s health: sperm count, concentration, and motility.

48 hours after receiving it, Ro’s lab techs will email your personal semen analysis report. If anything seems a little “off” or there’s room for improvement, Ro Sperm Kit’s team will offer you some recommendations on how to improve.

How secure are my sperm samples with Ro?

If we want to talk about how secure your samples are, we need to look at two different areas: transport of samples and lab storage.


Once you’ve deposited your samples, they need to get to the lab. Thankfully, the Ro Sperm Kit is a solid option because it’s 

  • tamperproof
  • shockproof
  • drop-proof

The kits don’t require refrigeration, so your sample can travel without degrading. Additionally, the equipment has an insulated interior and a hard-wearing exterior shell.

Overall, it’s a very solid product that will ensure the integrity of your samples, even if they’re being bounced around at the back of a truck on a hot day.

Whatsmore, Ro Sperm uses 2-factor authentication to ensure your kit via the nine-digit registration that you input when you get your kit. So there’s no chance of your samples getting mixed up with someone else’s.


The sperm is tested and stored at the New England Cryogenic Center in Boston. It’s one of the largest full-service labs globally and has been running for more than 50 years.

Once your sample arrives, it’s processed and analyzed. The lab separates each sample into three separate vials, which they freeze immediately. Later, when you need access to the sperm, you have up to three chances to fertilize an egg from just one sample.

Is Ro Sperm Kit worth it?

The Ro Sperm Kit has a lot of advantages. Going through a doctor or reproduction clinic isn’t an experience everyone will cherish. It costs money if you don’t have insurance, and it can take a lot of time.

The Ro Sperm Kit offers a secure, hassle-free, at-home male fertility test. For anyone who has decided to try for a child, it can be a good idea to get a report on your reproductive health. Identifying an issue is the first step to addressing your problems, and the tests are pretty reliable.

Ro Sperm Kit truly does have a lot going for it. But nothing’s perfect. Let’s take a look at some pros/cons.

👍 Pros

  • First-year of sperm storage is free
  • Safe and secure kit (tamperproof, 2FA authentication)
  • Storage is held at a trusted, long-standing clinic
  • It offers users a way to freeze sperm for a later date
  • Semen analysis can help people understand where their reproductive health is and address any problems
  • Results include a video of the sperm
  • Access to a nurse practitioner to discuss test results
  • It can be used to verify a vasectomy
  • FDA registered
  • CLIA certified lab
  • Free shipping
  • 48 hr turnaround on the test.

👎 Cons

  • After the first year of free storage, it costs $99 per year
  • Sperm withdrawal costs $299
  • Sperm analysis is not available separate from the storage
  • More expensive than some other male fertility tests

Of course, the male fertility test is just the first part of the service. For other situations where you want to store sperm for a later date, have health issues, or want to protect against the randomness that life can throw at you, having some sperm in the bank could be an excellent insurance policy.

Having children is an integral part of life for many people. As such, it’s hard to put a monetary value on it. A service that can help safeguard your ability to have a child in the future could become invaluable in specific circumstances.

Ro Sperm Kit reviews: What are people online saying?

Because the Ro takeover of Dadi was only a few months ago, there hasn’t been enough time to generate a significant amount of customer reviews. 

We’ve pulled a few from TrustPilot and Reddit that reflect Dadi’s previous service that now operates under the Ro name.

The general theme of the reviews is positive. However, there are a few citing slow deliveries and disappointing customer service. However, these should hopefully improve under the new management.

ro sperm kit review reddit 1
Remember that Ro Sperm Kit acquired Dadi... and then improved it!

tl;dr – Is the Ro Sperm Kit worth considering?

The Ro Sperm Kit bundles two services into one product. The first is a male fertility test, while the other is a sperm freezing solution. While there is a fair degree of crossover between each service, one or the other might appeal to certain people.

If your test results highlight any problems, Ro Sperm Kit offers access to a nurse practitioner who can advise next steps, including lifestyle or dietary changes.

The samples themselves are super intuitive/user-friendly. Ro Sperm Kit is also safe and secure, so you can be assured your little swimmers will survive their journey undamaged.

Cryostorage of your semen samples is the second piece of the pie As a lot of folks are deciding to have children later in life, one big worry is that sperm becomes less fertile as we age For anyone who wants to have children later, or someone who is planning on a vasectomy but is worried that they might change their mind, sperm freezing is an excellent option.

Additionally, for individuals who work in dangerous jobs, such as service personnel, preserving sperm offers an option should anything go wrong. Finally, for people undergoing gender reassignment surgery, freezing sperm provides opportunities for the future.

Overall, the Ro Sperm Kit service can help people in a lot of ways. If you want to keep your options open for children in the future, storing sperm at a high-end facility means that you fertilize an egg if the need arises.

At an in-person fertility clinic, sperm storage services can cost as much as $500 per year . So if you think you’d find that service useful, Ro Sperm could be excellent value. There are other storage services out there that are a little more competitive, but when you factor in the male fertility test and access to a medical professional, the pricing seems fair.