Review: Rex MD for Online ED and Hair Loss Treatment

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About 50% of men suffer from some degree of erectile dysfunction (ED) by age 40, and it only gets more common with age (LiveWell). And according to the American Hair Loss Association, around 85% of men will be affected by male pattern baldness by age 50

Say thank you to science, though, because there are steps that can be taken to mitigate both ED and hair loss. FDA-approved drugs exist to treat ED and slow / prevent hair loss altogether.  And with the help of rapidly growing telemedicine companies like Rex MD, you can get FDA-approved prescriptions for pennies on the dollar.

New digital pharmacies are sprouting up and delivering cheaper offerings to consumers through telehealth. So not only are men saving big bucks by embracing the new way of treating their ED and male pattern baldness, but also they can avoid the embarrassing visit to the doctor’s office altogether. And the pharmacy. Heck, you don’t even have to leave the house.

But is Rex MD one of the heroes, with the likes of Roman, Keeps, and Hims? Or is it just another shady website offering up sketchy pills in exchange for your credit card info? 

I took a deep dive to find out. 

Who is Rex MD?

Rex MD promises to provide men with high-quality (generic) prescription drugs at unmatched prices.  Prescription medication is shipped discreetly to your door in just two days, and because they embrace generic medication and telemedicine, you’re getting the same drug for way less. 

In fact, it’s supposedly even cheaper than heavily advertised brands like Roman and Hims. You may not have seen them on TV commercials yet and their website may not be as flashy, but here’s the deal: Rex MD is legit. 

Rex knows that men are 50% less likely to visit the doctor than women, and only 60% of men even go to their annual physical. Through telemedicine, they’re able to help these men in a way that’s convenient and free of embarrassment. Their trick is to offer generic versions of proven medications to their patients and do so cheaper than the Romans and the Keeps of the industry. 

Easy signup. Looks convenient on your phone, but why not just do it on your laptop?

Here are some highlights:

  • Rex MD supports 46 states in the US. If you live in Louisiana, Minnesota, North Dakota, or South Carolina, you’re out of luck.
  • Free, discreet, 2-day shipping to your door. You can choose to use a local pharmacy if you’d like, but they’ve partnered with online pharmacies to guarantee the lowest possible price.
  • Monthly refills, if you’d like. And I’m sure you do, king. 😉 
  • Free online assessment / diagnosis, after which your doctor will prescribe you a medication and discuss dosage (if applicable). 
  • Ongoing, 24/7 support from your doctor

How to get online ED medication from Rex MD

Overall, Rex MD’s process of getting in touch with a doctor and receiving the medication you need is pretty darn simple. Realistically it’s about as simple as it is with other telemedicine companies, but is is cheaper.

  1. Begin by going to and filling out an online medical assessment. Email, name, height, weight, information about your sex life, etc. 
  2. The whole thing is 38 questions, which sounds like a lot, but most questions are quick, multiple-choice ones.* The whole thing took me maybe five minutes, tops. 
  3. For most patients, this online questionnaire is comprehensive enough to diagnose patients without ever having to see a doctor for a virtual visit (but it’s always an option, if you’d prefer). 
  4. Within 24 hours, Rex MD will send you the results of your diagnosis and confirm the treatment plan with you. 

*One note before you finish: You’ll need a blood pressure test completed within the last six months of completing the online visit. (Remember that whole 120/80 thing?) We recommend hopping over to a nearby Walmart, Safeway, Rite Aid, or CVS – many of them have machines where you can measure this for free. 

rex md onboarding

Does Rex MD accept insurance or HSA / FSA?


But when you see the prices that Rex MD offers, you’ll see why that’s hardly a concern, assuming you’re cool with going the generic drug route. Sometimes, options like this can end up being cheaper than an insurance copay would have been, anyway. 

rex md customer

His face says it all.

What conditions does Rex MD treat?

Erectile dysfunction (ED)

Hopefully by this point, I don’t need to explain what ED is to anyone, nor do I need to explain how big of a deal it is to men around the world (just ask their partners). For anyone still out of the loop, read this WebMD article about erectile dysfunction and come back here in a few minutes. We’re all adults here and we should all be willing to admit when something just doesn’t quite work right. That’s why we’re here, isn’t it? 

What prescriptions does Rex MD offer for ED?

For ED, Rex MD offers the exact same medications you’d get from a traditional doctor:

  • Viagra (generic name sildenafil ). Sildenafil is the active ingredient in Viagra and is designed to last 4-6 hours.
  • Cialis (generic name tadalafil ). Tadalafil is the active ingredient in Cialis and is designed to last 24-36 hours.
  • Levitra (generic name vardenafil ). Worth giving it a shot if Viagra / sildenafil don’t work for you and your member.

Each of these drugs has been heavily researched for decades and has success rates over 80 percent in men. Don’t be too concerned with choosing one over the other; they have a lot in common and your Rex MD doctor will help you decide which route to go.

The side effects most commonly associated with ED medication are headaches, dizziness, muscle aches, nasal congestion, red eyes, facial flush, visual blurring, and digestive issues. Please do not discount these side effects for a second – these are important things to take into account when you speak to your doctor and when you start taking these drugs. Everything will be fine if you understand the potential side effects and interactions with other drugs (including alcohol!).

Hair loss / Male pattern baldness

What prescriptions does Rex MD offer for hair loss?

One of the most popular treatment options is a medicine called Propecia (generic name finasteride – one of the only prescription DHT-blocking medications that’s FDA approved to treat male pattern baldness. While it doesn’t stop male pattern baldness altogether, it does help prevent your hair from thinning. Some other companies offer fancy shampoos or droppers to “spot treat” baldness on your head, but it’s just as easy to take a once-daily pill.

Finasteride helps regrow hair in around 85 percent of men in the first three to four months. Not too shabby.

The side effects most commonly associated with finasteride are: inability to have or maintain an erection, decreased sexual desire, problems with ejaculation (including decreased volume of ejaculate), pain in the testicles, and depression. Fortunately, these are are rare and shouldn’t spook you off trying finasteride out. The unwanted side effects,  specifically, only occur in less than two percent of men. And for most guys, they went away after a while of continued finasteride use. Phew. Oh and also, don’t mix finasteride with NSAIDS, since this can cause an increased risk of sexual problems. But again, talk to your doctor about all this stuff.

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How much does Rex MD cost, versus the traditional way of doing things?

Well for starters, don’t buy Brand name medications. It’s something we tend to hammer home at Zenmaster Wellness, and for good reason. Generic drugs deliver the same results as brand names at a significantly cheaper cost. 

Taking it one step further, companies like Rex MD are able to cut costs down even further by embracing telemedicine, cutting out the copays you’d normally pay and all the fixed costs that doctors’ offices pay (among a ton of other expenses). Do not take the value of telemedicine for granted, people. 

For starters, let’s compare the prices of ED treatments that Rex MD offers versus what market leaders Roman and Hims offer:

ED Meds Pricing: Rex MD vs Roman vs Hims

Generic Viagra / Sildenafil25mg$10$34$30 (only 20mg)
Generic Viagra / Sildenafil50mg$10$34$30
Generic Viagra / Sildenafil100mg$10$34$30
Viagra ® 25mg$90$70$425
Viagra ® 50mg$90$70$425
Viagra ® 100mg$90$70$425
Generic Cialis Daily / Tadalafil2.5mg$3$8
Generic Cialis Daily / Tadalafil5mg$3$8
Generic Cialis / Tadalafil10mg$10$44$240
Generic Cialis / Tadalafil20mg$10$44$240
Cialis ® 2.5mg$29$17$520
Cialis ® 5mg$29$17$520
Levitra ® 20mg$60

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And moving on to hair loss treatment options. Rex MD’s offering is fairly limited compared to companies like Hims, who offer specially formulated shampoos, but robust in that they offer the tried-and-tested Finasteride that’s FDA-approved for male pattern baldness. And price-wise, Rex wins. 

Hair Loss Meds Pricing: Rex MD vs Roman vs Hims

Propecia (generic) / Finasteride1 month$20$28.50
Propecia (generic) / Finasteride3 month$58$60$85.50

Rex MD Reviews: What do others think?

Generally I turn to Reddit to skim through unbiased, confidential reviews of new products. But it looks as though I found Rex MD early on in their internet career because there are no mentions of them on Reddit. 

They do, however, showcase a boatload of reviews on their website. Take a look at a few and let’s judge them by the facts:

Owen M
From Rex MD website - April 26, 2020
Read More
The ordering experience was excellent. It is hard to believe that after years of ED frustration, along comes Rex MD to facilitate the process of getting ED medication without having to go to a doctor. Ordering was simple; the medication was mailed in a discreet gift package, and I am satisfied with the results of the medication already!
Michael G.
From Rex MD website - July 2, 2020
Read More
I've attempted to use two other sites and they made it exceptionally difficult and drawn out. Your system was quick and efficient.
Barry P.
From Rex MD website - July 2, 2020
Read More
It was very easy, Dr. was easy to talk to and answered my questions
Scott S.
From Rex MD website - June 18, 2020
Read More
Everything was perfect. My prescription showed up on time the doctor was easy to talk to - I couldn't be happier with the product.
Mike M.
From Rex MD website - April 21, 2020
Read More
I went to the dr before and it's uncomfortable trying to talk about issues,being able to have everything done so conveniently online is wonderful!!!

Of course it’s always wise to take these with a grain of salt because companies can pick and choose which reviews they want to showcase, but it’s fairly safe to say they’re not scamming anybody. Here’s why: 

Rex MD is among a handful of competitors who deliver the same generic ED and hair loss medications to men (Hims and Roman, to name a couple). These drugs don’t cost a lot to manufacture (looking at you, Viagra and Cialis!) but as with any over-the-counter medication, obtaining them isn’t as easy as putting a dollar into a vending machine. These are OTC drugs that require diagnosis by a board-certified physician who believes there’s a need to prescribe medication. 

Rex MD is owned by a company called Conversion Labs: a rapidly growing D2C telemedicine company who is aiming to change the healthcare game. They’ve grown three-fold in the past year and for all the reasons discussed i in this review, there’s no surprise why. Believe it or not, Conversion Labs is aiming to join the NASDAQ under $CVLB. Even moreso than other advertising giants like Roman and Hims, Rex MD is keeping costs as low as possible for consumers. They’ve built out their technology platforms, partnered with leading online pharmacy GoGoMeds, and work with board-certified physicians all over the country to prescribe and deliver effective, FDA-approved medication to patients.

🍆 The long and short of it: Is Rex MD legit for getting ED meds online?

Here’s the scoop: if you’re looking for sketchy ED pills, try the gas station down the road. Rex MD is a telemedicine company that connects patients with U.S. licensed, board-certified doctors to treat ED and hair loss. 

Rex MD offers the most effective prescription medications out there for less than the other guys. They don’t have the widest variety of hair loss medication / shampoos (at this time) but when it comes to ED treatment, you can’t beat ’em. And chances are, they’ve got the medication you need to treat male pattern baldness, too. 

If you’d prefer to go the name-brand route (for some reason) and buy Viagra or Cialis, you’re probably not much better off using Rex MD than you would using a traditional doctor / pharmacy combo. In fact, you may even be better off using the latter, when you take insurance into account. But judging by the lack of guys I see rocking Viagra merch in public, I imagine this is perfectly fine with 99.9% of men. 

Going with Rex MD is incredibly convenient and our team loves the fact that their signup process is detailed enough that most guys never even have to speak to a doctor at all (virtually or in-person). This is a rarity, even in telemedicine. 

Rex MD also offers discounts when you sign up for three or more months, which is a nice plus, considering how inexpensive they already are. We’d recommend giving them a shot first and ensuring your medication works for you (sildenafil vs tadalafil, that is) and then going with a longer term commitment once you have that peace of mind. But again, these drugs work for 80%+ of men out there, so  it’s worth trying. 

At the time of writing, Rex MD is our staff’s #1 pick for getting online ED medication: safely, legitimately, and with the help of real doctors.

Interested in Rex MD?

Legit ED and hair loss medication, for cheaper than the other guys.

Interested in Rex MD?

Legit ED and hair loss medication, for cheaper than the other guys.