Meet the Expert Review Board

Meet the review board

Learn about the experts who review Zenmaster Wellness content for accuracy, authenticity, and trustworthiness.

The Zenmaster Wellness Review Board is a growing team of Board-certified Physicians (MDs), registered dietitians, NCSF-certified personal trainers, nutrition specialists, and health and wellness leaders who ensure that our content is accurate and up-to-date. They align with our mission to provide high-quality, science-backed information with our readers.

Review Board Members

Dr Steve Kim MD headshot

Dr. Steve Kim, MD

Board-Certified Family Physician
Telemedicine Consultant

Dr. Kim received his BA in Human Biology at Stanford University, before receiving his M.D. degree (Primary Care Track) from UC Davis School of Medicine in 1989. Dr. Kim completed his Internship & Residency in Family Practice from Glendale Adventist Hospital and is Board-Certified in Family Medicine via the American Board of Family Medicine. He has re-certified multiple times; and is currently Board-Certified through December 2030. He has served as Sr Medical Editor for Healthline, and has held faculty appointments at Stanford & UCSF medical schools. He is also a decorated, retired Flight Surgeon from the US Air Force Reserves.

melissa mitri headshot 500x500

Melissa Mitri, MS, RD

Registered Dietitian – Nutritionist
Weight Loss Specialist
Expert Health Writer

After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics at the University of Connecticut, Melissa went on to receive a Master’s Degree in Foods, Nutrition, and Wellness Studied at Saint Joseph College.
She then went on to spend over a decade working for various hospitals, including as a Clinical Dietitian at the Griffin Hospital for over 6 years.

Melissa has written for Reisdorf Writing Services, Wellness Verge, Else Nutrition, BRL Sports, CHOMPS, Unico Nutrition, Invigor8, Zebra CBD, and She has also been featured in the Huffington Post, Women’s Health, MyFitnessPal, Livestrong, Eat This, Not That!, SHEFinds, Real Simple, CelebWell, Good Rx, Verywell Family, and Insider.

A headshot of Kelsey Lorencz RD

Kelsey Kunik (Lorencz), RD

Registered Dietitian – Nutritionist
Nutrition Advisor
Expert Health and Wellness Writer

After earning her Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Biology, General at Life University, Kelsey went on to earn another Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in Dietetics, Dietetics/Dietitian from the University of Eastern Michigan.

Kelsey has been a Registered Dietitian since 2016. Since then, she’s worked at Memorial Healthcare and Great Lakes PACE, promoting quality nutrition care to the acute care population.

She also has years of experience growing an online health practice, having founded the popular health and wellness blog,

Ryan Ernsbarger CPT headshot

Ryan Ernsbarger, CPT, SNS

Certified NCSF Personal Trainer
Certified NCSF Sports Nutrition Specialist

Ryan Ernsbarger, CPT, SNS is a certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist who is passionate about bringing a data-driven approach to fitness. With a background in both Accounting and Finance, he obsesses over how data translates over to optimizes his training and recovery. He applies this mindset both to his powerlifting and marathon training regimen.

How does the Review Process work?

Every piece of content, either written or video, that contains medical information goes through our Review Board for verification and accuracy. The Review Board then carefully combs over this information and checks content to ensure everything is accurate, up-to-date, and unbiased. He or she also cross-checks facts against scientific, peer-reviewed studies and papers – often even information that is widely accepted as true. 

If a member of the Review Board spots something that requires updating, he or she shares this feedback with the Zenmaster Wellness editorial team. Changes are made same-day to ensure that information is up-to-date and accurate.