Pique Matcha Review – Is Drinkable Skincare Real? We Found Out.


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Pique Life Matcha Overview

  • Price: $58 per carton (about $2 per serving)
  • Servings: 28 servings per carton
  • Calories: Zero
  • Possible benefits: Firmer, brighter skin; focused energy; boosted metabolism
  • Served: Hot or cold
  • Caffeine: 30mg-50mg
  • Where to buy: PiqueLife.com
  • Quality: Organic, ceremonial-grade, quadruple-screened for toxins
pique matcha

Whether you’re a lifelong tea fan or just a superfood enthusiast looking to try something new, you’ve probably heard about matcha by now. If not, all you need to know is that this type of green tea is especially good for your body, inside and out.

How good? Well, the best matcha helps your cells fend off free radicals and other toxins, supports your metabolism, brightens and smooths your skin, and tastes great to boot. In fact, premium matcha, like the one created by Pique, is known to have high amounts of anti-inflammatory substances and antioxidants, which contribute to its ability to support both physical and mental health. 

In this Pique Matcha review, we’ll discuss its pros and cons, potential benefits, as well as how to prepare the perfect cup of it hot or cold. In addition, we’ll cover potential side effects, how it compares to other companies who provide various teas, and other ways you can further support your skin health, with tips from Dr. Jonathan Rick, a board-certified dermatologist.

Our Quick Take

Pique Matcha is ideal for individuals looking to reap the benefits of this supercharged green tea who prefer a fresh, creamy taste, over a bitter one that may be found in other matcha brands. While it’s not the most affordable matcha on the market, it’s certainly near the top in terms of quality, with the brand guaranteeing that it is made without sugar, gluten, preservatives, heavy metals, and mycotoxins. When tested by our team, all reported a delicious, smooth flavor, a nice energy boost, and noticeably brighter, more hydrated skin.

Pique Matcha Tea Pros & Cons


  • Subscription option can keep you stocked up and help you save money 
  • Premium quality matcha made by 9th degree tea masters and quadruple-screened for toxins
  • Formulated without sugar, preservatives, or gluten, making it a suitable option for many individuals


  • More affordable options available from other sellers
  • Single-serving sachets might not work well for those who prefer to customize their serving size

Our Experience With Pique Matcha Tea

I found that Pique Sun Goddess Matcha offers a premium experience from start to finish. The ordering process is simple and fast, with a subscription option for added convenience. The matcha itself is vibrant in color and flavor. It’s quick and easy to make, with no dregs to worry about at the bottom of the cup. Plus, since it’s not stored as loose powder in one large container, it won’t get moldy if I leave it on the shelf for a bit.

Our team members who tested this product also noted that:

  • It tasted fresh and earthy
  • It had a creamy consistency when served hot and cold
  • It was delicious cold, but most team members preferred it as a hot beverage
  • When used consistently over several weeks, some team members noticed improved skin health
Matcha packe pique
matcha glass pique

Pique Coupon Code

For free shipping, use code SHIPITFREE.

Pique Sun Goddess Matcha Benefits for Healthier Skin

While typical green tea is made by steeping tea leaves in hot water and drinking what remains, matcha is made by grinding entire tea leaves into a powder that gets mixed into a drink. That means you get a much stronger nutritional content, which is further enhanced by particular farming techniques. For example, Pique’s cold brew crystallization process helps their matcha preserve up to 12 times the nutrients of other teas.

The best matcha is called “ceremonial grade” due to the drink’s historic place at the center of Japanese tea ceremonies. In the sixteenth century, warriors, leaders, and merchants drank matcha before important events for its energizing and focus-boosting properties. Today, people in Japan and beyond still appreciate matcha thanks to its many benefits, including supporting a calmer mind, faster metabolism, and healthier skin.

Is Pique Matcha good quality?

Yes, Pique Matcha is very high quality. Pique Sun Goddess Matcha is 100% ceremonial grade, made by 9th degree Japanese tea masters, and quadruple-screened for toxins like pesticides and heavy metals.

Pique Sun Goddess Matcha Ingredients

Pique Sun Goddess Matcha only contains organic, ceremonial-grade matcha from Japan. 


Like all matcha, Sun Goddess Matcha contains caffeine. Although researchers have determined that some matcha has two or three times as much caffeine as your average coffee beans, it won’t give you the jitters or crash that can sometimes come along with your favorite caffeinated beverages. That’s because l-theanine, an amino acid, helps counteract the negative effects of caffeine, helping you enjoy the positive aspects of it. 

In addition, caffeine is an antioxidant that is associated with skin benefits due to its ability to decrease ultraviolet radiation damage and the production of free radicals, which contribute to wrinkles, dull skin tone, dark spots, decreased skin elasticity, and more.

How much caffeine is in Pique Matcha?

Sun Goddess Matcha contains about 30mg-50mg of caffeine.


L-theanine is an amino acid found in all tea leaves. By itself, l-theanine can promote calmness and relieve stress, which may help some individuals with improved skin health. Because matcha plants are typically grown in the shade, they contain even more l-theanine than most teas.


Catechins are antioxidants found in matcha, most commonly epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). As antioxidants, catechins, like EGCG, are associated with having a positive impact on wrinkle formation, skin hydration, the reduction of hyperpigmentation, and more. They also may help support the immune system and metabolism.


Matcha gets its trademark bright green color from its high concentration of chlorophyll, another effect of the common practice of growing matcha plants in the shade. Like EGCG, chlorophyll has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, which are associated with skin health, as well as anti-obesity properties.

Dr Jonathan Rick MD Headshot

A Word From Our Expert

— Dr. Jonathan Rick

“The most important component of any skincare routine is an effective sunscreen. I recommend zinc or titanium as an active ingredient. After that, a skincare routine should be tailored to your specific needs. In general, less is more.”

How to Prepare Pique Matcha Tea

If there’s one thing that can top matcha’s impressive health benefits, it’s the convenience of prepping it. For a cold drink, all you need to do is add one serving of powder–or one sachet of Sun Goddess Matcha–to a glass of water and stir. If you prefer your tea hot, simply pour warm (not boiling) water over your serving of matcha and stir. To make it a matcha latte, just add some steamed milk or milk alternative.

Why We Recommend Pique Matcha Tea

Thanks to its high-quality powder, thorough quality control, and convenient single-serving packaging, we happily recommend Pique Sun Goddess Matcha.

  • Quick and Easy to Make: Matcha isn’t too tough to make to begin with, but Pique makes it even simpler with single-serving sachets. 
  • Quadruple Toxin-Screened: While many matcha teas are tested for toxins, Pique goes above and beyond with four screenings for mycotoxins, pesticides, heavy metals, and radiation.
  • Full-Spectrum Bioavailability: “Bioavailability” is a scientific way of describing how easy it is for your cells to take advantage of something. Sun Goddess Matcha is optimized for maximized bioavailability, making it that much more likely that your body will experience matcha’s many health benefits.
  • Convenient Subscription: Always forgetting to restock your kitchen with your favorite matcha? Pique can solve that problem for you with a convenient subscription that saves you money and takes all that ordering off of your to-do list.

Pique Matcha Tea Safety and Side Effects

According to the US Department of Health and Human Services, it’s safe to drink up to eight cups a day of green tea. But, like all drinks that contain caffeine, it’s best to cut back on matcha if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding. Other people who should exercise caution include anyone with liver disease and those who take beta blockers for blood pressure.

If you aren’t sure whether it’s safe for you to drink matcha tea, reach out to your healthcare provider.

When to Seek Emergency Medical Care

Stop drinking matcha and contact a medical professional immediately if you experience any of these warning signs of liver trouble, including dark urine, intense stomach pain, and jaundice (yellowing of the eyes or skin).

Pique Matcha vs. Alternatives

Wondering how Pique stacks up against other matcha makers like Ippodo and Naoki

Pique vs. Ippodo Tea

Altogether, Ippodo Tea offers more options than Pique. You can choose between rich, medium, light, and organic grades of matcha in quantities ranging from 20 to 100 grams. Per serving, Ippodo’s matcha is also more affordable than Pique’s, at the cost of a few perks. Unlike Pique, Ippodo doesn’t offer free shipping (with coupon code), nor do they guarantee that their matcha is made without sugar, preservatives, gluten, mycotoxins, and heavy metals.

Pique vs. Naoki Matcha

Like Ippodo, Naoki Matcha is a bit less costly than Pique. It’s also ceremonial grade and free of sugar, toxins, and heavy metals. That said, Naoki Matcha isn’t as thoroughly screened for toxins as Pique Sun Goddess, plus Naoki is sourced from a variety of regions in Japan, making it a bit tougher to maintain consistent quality.

What Are Other Customers Saying About Pique Matcha?

Overall, Pique customers love the high quality, great taste, and thorough testing of their tea. On the other hand, many wish that the price point was a bit lower.

The best tea in price
Thriller / Trustpilot
Read More
The best tea in price, product quality, and I really enjoy their customer service.
So incredibly delicious!
Stephanie / Amazon
Read More
I love matcha tea and have been searching for one that is the tastiest and this one is it. I also really love how they have triple tested for metals. Since it's pricey I keep myself to one cup a day, but I look forward to that cup every day.
Blondepistol / Amazon
Read More
I have ADHD and terrible acne and ever since taking this matcha I have seen a huge improvement in my skin and mental health! I am actually competent whenever I use this matcha. I’m not sure why that helps me be more functional as a human being but it does! Definitely worth the money.

The Verdict: Is Pique Matcha Tea Worth It for a Radiant Glow?

Pique is ideal for matcha connoisseurs and beginners alike looking to reap the benefits of this supercharged green tea without having to struggle through a bitter taste. It’s not the most affordable matcha on the market, but it’s certainly near the top in terms of quality. For those who choose to purchase it, Pique Sun Goddess Matcha is a game-changer for your skin, energy, and overall health.

Our team found it to be not only delicious and creamy, but also fairly effective in supporting overall skin health. Noticeable improvements noted by the team included boosted radiance, improved skin elasticity, and increased hydration after drinking it consistently for several weeks.


Should you drink matcha every day?

You can if you want to! Matcha makes a great replacement for coffee that won’t leave you feeling cranky and tired later in the day.

Does Pique tea have sugar?

Nope, Pique matcha is free of sugar (and gluten too).

How do you use Pique tea crystals?

You can use Pique tea crystals the same way you’d use any other powdered tea. Just let it dissolve into cold or hot water.

Why is matcha so expensive?

Because making matcha is a traditional and specialized practice requiring specific growing and harvesting techniques, it’s noticeably more expensive than other types of green tea.

Which grade of matcha is healthiest?

The brighter green your matcha is, the more beneficial antioxidants are in it. You’ll typically find the best and brightest matcha marked “rich grade” or “ceremonial grade,” but there’s no regulatory body holding the companies who use these labels to a single standard. That’s why it’s best to check for color, as well as grade.

Does matcha speed up weight loss?

According to clinical studies, matcha may speed up your metabolism and help your body benefit more from exercise. Those advantages may help some individuals lose weight, but researchers haven’t performed the kind of large studies they’d need to be absolutely certain.


We conducted extensive research to evaluate the pricing, effectiveness, accessibility, overall quality, and convenience of Pique Matcha, which also included examining their competitors. To determine overall value, we evaluated cost, usability, subscription options, taste, and effectiveness.

Other factors we investigated prior to choosing the best matcha tea included convenience, discounts, customer service, and any free services or resources offered. For highest quality overall, Pique Sun Goddess stood out for its comprehensive quality control and convenient subscription option for matcha drinkers.

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