Numan ED Review: Are they Legit for Online ED Treatment?

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No one likes going to the doctor’s office. But tack on the fact that you’re only going so you can talk about how your d*ck is misbehaving, and now we REALLY have a problem. 

Don’t get me wrong; I’m eternally grateful for medical professionals. But there are certain things –  sexual health, hair loss, STD testing, to name a few – that you’d think you wouldn’t need an in-person visit for. And you’d be right.

Numan is a digital men’s healthcare company that’s visited us from the heavens above to solve these exact issues for us. Now, instead of filling out a stack of papers and fidgeting our way through an awkward convo, everything can be done from the couch. Pay by card, communicate with a clinician virtually, and get everything delivered in discreet packaging. Love it.

Buckle up as we walk through a review of Numan, one of the leading telemedicine platforms for men in the UK. We’ll look at the different treatments and medications they provide, the conditions they treat, how their pricing stacks up to alternatives, pros and cons, and more. 

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What is Numan?

Essentially, Numan (get it, new man?) is a digital health care system that provides telemedicine and treatment to men in the UK. Many of the men’s health issues we face are frequently connected to mental wellness and influence our lives beyond just physical; romantic relationships, daily stresses, anxiety, and alcohol consumption can all be affected. Fortunately, if the physical part can be successfully addressed, the others can be too.

Every treatment that Numan offers is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and is approved by the MHRA. Any shipments are discreet, free, and delivered the next day. 

Let’s go over treatment options and pricing real quick, and then we’ll go into a bit more detail for each. 

Overview of Numan's products + pricing

It’s rather difficult to compare Numan’s prices to pharmaceutical prices because of the huge variety based on many different factors including treatment plans, dosages, form factors, brand names, etc. Because Numan offers subscription-based, long-term healthcare plans with repeat dispenses, their pricing is very reasonable and competitive compared to other services.




Erectile dysfunction 🍆
Erection sprayfrom £42/mo
Sildenafilfrom £25/mo
Tadalafil daily from £40/mo
Tadalafilfrom £34/mo
Viagra connectfrom £88/mo
Premature ejaculation 💦
Priligyfrom £45/mo
Delay sprayfrom £18/mo
Delay wipesfrom £15/mo
Hair loss 💇🏽‍♂️
Finasteridefrom £29/mo
Topical sprayfrom £32/mo
Regainefrom £80/mo
Complete hair kitfrom £38/mo
Beard growth 🧔
Beard growth kitfrom £30/mo
Accessories kitfrom £24/mo
Personalised Supplements 💨
Personalised supplement sprayfrom £30/mo
Supplements 💊
Testosterone supportfrom £18/mo
Vitamin D test kitfrom £60/mo
Vitamin D boostfrom £18/mo
Sleep deepfrom £18/mo
Fertility supportfrom £35/mo
Prostate supportfrom £18/mo
Health Diagnostics 💉
Fear nothing blood testfrom £98 per 6 months
At-home health MOTfrom £90 per 3 months
At-home health MOT (one-off)from £120/mo
Erectile dysfunction test kitfrom £70/mo
General Health 👨🏽‍⚕️
One-off doctor consultationfrom £30/mo

Now let’s talk about each treatment option that Numan offers. If you’d rather skip to see how Numan compares to Sons and Hims UK, though, you can click here

🍆 Numan for Erectile Dysfunction

God, is there a more offputting phrase in the English language than “erectile dysfunction”?

We all know what it is – the lack of ability to get or keep an erection – but no one wants to admit they struggle with it. And even fewer want to struggle from it. Impotence can result from physical OR psychological factors, leading to a reduction in blood flow to the penis. And when you’re member doesn’t work, no one’s happy. But Numan’s got a pretty wide variety of solutions for ya.

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