Numan ED Review: Are they Legit for Online ED Treatment?


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Dr. Steve Kim, MD

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No one likes going to the doctor’s office. But tack on the fact that you’re only going so you can talk about how your d*ck is misbehaving, and now we REALLY have a problem. 

Don’t get me wrong; I’m eternally grateful for medical professionals. But there are certain things –  sexual health, hair loss, STD testing, to name a few – that you’d think you wouldn’t need an in-person visit for. And you’d be right.

Numan is a digital men’s healthcare company that’s visited us from the heavens above to solve these exact issues for us. Now, instead of filling out a stack of papers and fidgeting our way through an awkward convo, everything can be done from the couch. Pay by card, communicate with a clinician virtually, and get everything delivered in discreet packaging. Love it.

Buckle up as we walk through a review of Numan, one of the leading telemedicine platforms for men in the UK. We’ll look at the different treatments and medications they provide, the conditions they treat, how their pricing stacks up to alternatives, pros and cons, and more. 

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What is Numan?

Essentially, Numan (get it, new man?) is a digital health care system that provides telemedicine and treatment to men in the UK. Many of the men’s health issues we face are frequently connected to mental wellness and influence our lives beyond just physical; romantic relationships, daily stresses, anxiety, and alcohol consumption can all be affected. Fortunately, if the physical part can be successfully addressed, the others can be too. We’ve already seen companies like Rex MD see wild success doing this in the US.

Every treatment that Numan offers is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and is approved by the MHRA. Any shipments are discreet, free, and delivered the next day. 

Let’s go over treatment options and pricing real quick, and then we’ll go into a bit more detail for each. 

Overview of Numan's products + pricing

It’s rather difficult to compare Numan’s prices to pharmaceutical prices because of the huge variety based on many different factors including treatment plans, dosages, form factors, brand names, etc. Because Numan offers subscription-based, long-term healthcare plans with repeat dispenses, their pricing is very reasonable and competitive compared to other services.




Erectile dysfunction 🍆
Erection spray from £42/mo
Sildenafilfrom £34/mo
Tadalafil daily from £40/mo
Tadalafilfrom £40/mo
Viagra connectfrom £105/mo
Premature ejaculation 💦
Priligy from £49/mo
Delay sprayfrom £28/mo
Delay wipesfrom £24/mo
Hair loss 💇🏽‍♂️
Finasteride from £34/mo
Topical sprayfrom £32/mo
Regainefrom £80/mo
Complete hair kitfrom £44/mo
Beard growth 🧔
Beard growth kitfrom £34/mo
Accessories kitfrom £28/mo
Personalised Supplements 💨
Personalised supplement sprayfrom £30/mo
Supplements 💊
Testosterone supportfrom £28/mo
Vitamin D test kitfrom £60/mo
Vitamin D boostfrom £28/mo
Sleep deepfrom £28/mo
Fertility supportfrom £35/mo
Prostate supportfrom £18/mo
Health Diagnostics 💉
Fear nothing blood testfrom £98 per 6 months
At-home health MOTfrom £90 per 3 months
At-home health MOT (one-off)from £120/mo
Erectile dysfunction test kitfrom £70/mo
General Health 👨🏽‍⚕️
One-off doctor consultationfrom £30/mo

Now let’s talk about each treatment option that Numan offers. If you’d rather skip to see how Numan compares to Sons and Hims UK, though, you can click here

🍆 Numan for Erectile Dysfunction

God, is there a more offputting phrase in the English language than “erectile dysfunction”?

We all know what it is – the lack of ability to get or keep an erection – but no one wants to admit they struggle with it. And even fewer want to struggle from it. Impotence can result from physical OR psychological factors, leading to a reduction in blood flow to the penis. And when you’re member doesn’t work, no one’s happy. But Numan’s got a pretty wide variety of solutions for ya.

numan for erectile dysfunction

Source: Numan

Numan offers 5 different treatments to address ED: 

Numan for Premature Ejaculation

Also falling in the sexual health department but kind of on the opposite end of the spectrum, premature ejactulation (PE) can be another thing we steer clear of openly discussing. This happens when a male climaxes faster than he or his partner expect (or prefer…). While it’s typically brought on from the mental side, it can also be triggered by physical issues, like prostate problems.

Numan has 3 treatments to address PE:

  • Delay Spray: What a great name. This is basically a mild anesthetic that reduces sensitivity in your penis. Don’t worry, it won’t effect the pleasure aspect, but will help you last longer during sex.
  • Delay Wipes: Similar to the Delay Spray but without as fun of a name, you just wipe before sex and they can immediatly reduce overstimulation and improve sex endurance (again, no pleasure compromised here!).
  • Priligy: This is a pill that’s helped men last 3x longer during sex on average. Also taken before sex, it helps you last longer and gives you more control over your climax. 

What else does Numan treat?

Numan goes above and beyond just your sexual health needs, pretty much anything you’re questioning can be addressed with Numan’s treatments and services.

Numan Hair Loss

Male pattern baldness is just one of the most common types of loss of hair in guys. If you’ve noticed your hair thinning, a recieding hairline, or any balding on the crown, definitley check out some of what Numan has to offer for hair loss.

  • Finasteride: Also known as Propecia, finasteride is a pill that treats thinning hair, encourages hair growth and counters pattern baldness.
  • Regaine: A pretty self-explanatory name, Regaine stimulates hair regrowth & slows pattern baldness with minoxidil.
  • Topical Spray: This is a topical solution that works best when applied to thinning patches of hair. It’ll encourage hair regrowth in those areas for a full head of hair look.
  • Complete Hair Kit: This combines the Topical Spray and finasteride for the full effect of reducing hair loss while also stimulating hair regrowth. 

Numan Beard Growth

Many of us take a lot of pride in our beard status, so it’s important to keep that in tip-top shape, too! Numan has two different packages to give you the optimal facial hair.

  • Beard Growth Kit: This includes some lux facial products like a beard roller, acrivator gel, beard comb, sanitiser and topical spray (to encourage hair growth & fill in patches). After the first kit, the topical spray will be delivered monthly.
  • Beard Growth Accessories Kit: Basically the same as the Beard Growth Kit but without the topical spray – the first steps to bettering that beard.

Image by Freepik

Numan for Nutritional Health

Numan offers many different ways to supplement anything you might not be getting enough of to give your body the support it needs and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Numan Personalised Supplements

Numan goes above and beyond when it comes to supplements. Their personalised supplement spray is a 1-a-day multivitamin oral spray with your own personal combination of 17 different nutrients. Each spray is quickly absorbed in your mouth, allowing the nutrients to be delivered through the bloodstream.

Numan’s expert nutritionists review your online consultation to create the right blend of ingredients to treat:

  • Immunity 🌱
  • Hair, skin & nail quality 💇🏽‍♂️
  • Stress & anxiety 🌥
  • Energy ⚡️
  • Bone health 🦴

As if this wasn’t cool enough, the spray is available in different flavours. You can choose from lemon, cherry, and strawberry, which is SO much cooler than swallowing a pill IMO…

numan supplements

Source Numan

Numan Supplements

Numan wants to help you understand and treat any deficiencies your body might have. Offering everything from fertility supplements to sleep remedies, Numan’s vitamins and supplements are a convenient way to optimise your health and maintain prime nutrition for the long-term.

Combining supplements with a healthy, balanced diet supports total health and provides the body with the correct amount of essential nutrients to enhance general well-being and specific areas of health and wellness.

Numan offers six different supplements:

  • Testosterone support: Linked to testosterone levels, sex drive, and fertility, this daily supplement has nutrients to optimise male health.
  • Fertility support: If you’re trying to conceive, Numan’s fertility support daily supplement has 12 key nutrients to support your side of the fertility equation, including healthy sperm and normal reproduction.
  • Prostate support: Want to maintain a normal bladder function & healthy urinary flow? Numan’s prostate supplement has the essential nutrients for your prostate to function at its best.
  • Vitamin D test kit: 1 in 5 people in the UK have very low vitamin D levels, becoming even more common in the winter. This quick and efficient blood test measures vitamin D levels to monitor bone and muscle health. Depending on your results, a UK clinician will offer personalised health advice.
  • Vitamin D boost: A peppermint flavoured oral spray, this is used to preserve balanced vitamin D levels to support your immune system, bone health, and muscle function.
  • Sleep deep: 1 in 3 people in the UK suffer from poor sleep. Containing 8 key ingredients, this night-time supplement encourages a deeper and better night’s sleep which allows the body to repair itself, supports the immune system, and protects mental health.

Numan for Health Diagnostics

All of Numan’s home blood tests are easy to use, even if you’ve never used one before. They come with full instructions and are sent to Numan’s partner lab, Country Pathology, which is a fully accredited, UKAS approved UK laboratory.

Numan’s Fear Nothing Blood Test

At-home blood tests are valuable for offering a full picture and deeper understanding of your health by examining certain nutrients and hormones in your blood. Armed with this info, men will be able to make any lifestyle adjustments and choices to find their optimal balanced, healthy self.

Numan’s blood test offers a personalised review by a UK clinician of the screening for up to 21 biomarkers. You’ll first collect a sample using the equipment provided and then send the sample to Numan’s partner lab, which is fully accredited and approved by UKAS to ensure the most reliable results. 

You’ll get your results in 3-5 days in a format that’s easy to understand, along with your clinician’s explanations and guidance to improve your health. The entire process is secured, encrypted, and accurate, and if Numan’s clinicians don’t find anything, your test is free! 

Source: Numan

Numan’s Erectile Dysfunction Test Kit

Another home blood test, this tests for cholesterol and testosterone, which can be linked to erectile dysfunction. By measuring key biomarkers, this’ll also give you better insights into your overall health, and will be reviewed by a UK clinician. Once they’re done reviewing your results, they’ll be able to offer personalised health advice based on the outcome.

Numan’s At-home Health MOT

This is a repeat home blood test to monitor your health over time by measuring key health indicators that’s delivered every three months. And again, a UK clinician will provide a free review and corresponding health advice based on your results.

If you’re concerned about tiredness, fertility, long-term health, muscle and bone health, or vitamin and mineral levels, this is a great way to track over time and get the best idea of how your body is functioning. Some of these indicators can include testosterone levels, cholesterol tracking, liver and kidney function, various nutrient levels, and more.

Numan’s At-home health MOT (one-off)

This is the same test as the At-Home Health MOT, but is only taken once. This doesn’t allow you to track your results over time, but still gives you good insight on all of the key health indicators listed above, and more.

Numan for Doctor Consultations

This consultation offers you the ability to speak directly to a UK-based doctor over the phone about any of the conditions that Numan treats. This is a great way to get more expert opinions on the medications you’re taking or should be taking to best address any concerning conditions. In addition to medication, they can help answer any lifestyle questions and provide advice. 

If the doctor is for some reason unable to answer any of your questions over the phone or you require further medical attention that requires in-person care, they will signpost you to a relevant specialist (that may be outside of Numan) that can give you the support you need.

How to Get Prescription Meds from Numan

How does Numan’s process work? Follow the below steps to start your health journey with Numan.

  1. Click ‘Get Started’ on the homepage
  2. Pick the treatment(s) that’s affecting you
  3. Complete your online consultation by answering a series of health & lifestyle questions to allow clinicians to assess your suitability and safety for the treatment
  4. If approved, work together to select the dosage or tablets best for you
  5. Enter credit card details to finish checkout process

After signing up, you’ll be automatically registered with a repeat prescription on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, depending on your prescription. Each repeat is personally approved by Numan’s clinical experts, and you’re able to pause or cancel your subscription at any time at no cost.

Numan lists the safety information for each and every one of their treatments on their website, including any negative side effects. Be sure to review these and consult with your primary care physician before including any new medications in your regimen.

Numan alternatives: Sons vs Hims UK vs Manual

Now, by no means is Numan the only digital health company to offer online ED treatment.

Sons, Hims, and Manual are all fan favorites when it comes to getting treatment for things that you might not want to go to a doctor in person for. 

We’re definitely not going to run through pricing for EVERYTHING they offer, but let’s at least take a quick glance at what they offer. Because remember that if you’re looking for getting ED treatment online, you may want to save on shipping/time by finding treatment for other conditions at the same time. 

Related reading: Hims ED Mints Review 2023

Sons logo Hims logo Manual co logo

Treatments Offered: Sons vs Hims vs Manual


Hims UK


Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
Hair Loss
Beard Growth
Men's Skincare
Weight Loss
Sleep Support
Gut Health
Brain Health
Immune Health
General/Daily Health

We also did an in-depth review on Sons hair loss treatment if you’re interested in learning more about that route.

Numan reviews: What are customers online saying?

So clearly, Numan has a bunch of different treatment options. But this also meant that it was hard to find reviews that captured everything they offer at the same time.

The general narrative around Numan reviews from lads online is positive. They’re optimistic about the results they’re seeing and there’s lots of praise for the customer service and the overall website interface/experience. 

From what I can tell, most of the negative reviews came from misunderstandings around the fact that Numan operates on a subscription-based model. On the same vein, a lot of guys seem to have clicked on adverts and placed an order without actually doing much reading at all. (I really don’t understand that, but ok…) 

Matthew Jones
I've been using numan for 3 months
Read More
I've been using numan for 3 months, my parcel arrives promptly and securely without any problems. The dedicated team member emails periodically to make sure everything is ok. I am over the moon with the outcome and I'm planning on using the blood testing service soon. I have suggested using numan to my colleagues they have also had great succes.
Quick turnaround and great customer service
Read More
I conducted a blood test and got the results within a few days (I also sent it on a Friday) Unfortunately some of the results were void. Emailed Numan and the dispatched another test straight away.
Syldafil and testosterone booster
Read More
The advice and technical support was very good and specific to my needs. The prescription arrived very quickly and I received a follow up to ensure no side effects and if everything worked. My partner and I are more than ecstatic with the result and delivered more than expected. Highly recommend for those with issues or struggling to find the right support.
John parry
Repeat order
Read More
I put my repeat order on hold but was sent another repeat order, I thought it was my fault for not stopping it on time, but then got another delivery, I called them and got an apologie and a refund for the 2 orders I received that I didn't ask for.

The Long and Short of it: Is Numan legit for treating ED?

If you’re looking to personally address any of the treatments that Numan offers, it’s definitely worth exploring. And if you’re someone who tends to avoid the doctor’s office (like me), that’s double true.

Numan offers convenient, effective, discreet, and affordable ways of getting the right care for a whole bunch of men’s health-related conditions. 

If price is much of a consideration, Numan offers comparably affordable treatment (regardless of condition) with their monthly delivery and frequent-buy discounts. They’re also transparent about all of their products, the ingredients they include, and any side effects/expectations. Based on reading through so many customer reviews, it’s clear that their customer service and support staff are pretty top-notch.

Give ’em a shot. 🙂 your 🍆 will thank you.

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