Nue Life Ketamine Therapy Review: Pricing, Experience, and more


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Nue Life offers at-home ketamine treatment that aims to support individuals experiencing depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and more.

Their program incorporates personalized oral ketamine treatments, medical consultations, health coaching sessions, support group sessions, and various tools via their app. 

Ketamine is an FDA-approved dissociative anesthetic that is used mainly in hospital settings as a short-term sedative, causing mild hallucinations and temporary memory loss, inducing a relaxed state, and minimizing pain while the drug is in your system. In 2019, a prescription nasal spray variation of ketamine, called esketamine, was also FDA-approved to treat treatment-resistant depression (TRD), a potentially life-threatening condition. 

Ketamine that is injected, administered through a vein, or taken via nasal spray has been proven to have rapid and significant antidepressant effects for some individuals, however, more research is still needed on its use in oral form. 

In this review, we explore Nue Life’s at-home ketamine treatment, including its pros and cons, benefits, cost, and potential side effects. In addition, we compare Nue Life to Mindbloom and Joyous, so you can make an informed decision when it comes to selecting the best at-home ketamine treatment for your needs.

If you or someone you know is experiencing suicidal thoughts, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988. For immediate help, call 911.

Nue Life Pros + Cons


  • Personalized ketamine dosages based on each individual’s specific needs
  • Individuals can use the app for free, even if undergoing ketamine-assisted therapy outside of Nue Life
  • May be an alternative option for individuals who have already tried other treatments for certain mental health conditions
  • Individual health coaching and integration groups that help provide support throughout treatment
  • Fast-acting drug that may lead to profound change after only a few treatments, for some individuals
  • More affordable than I.V. ketamine therapy, with the convenience of at-home treatment and virtual support via the app


  • Not everyone may be eligible for ketamine treatment based on medical history and screening assessment
  • Limited research on ketamine’s effectiveness and safety as an oral medication

Nue Life Ketamine Therapy Benefits

Ketamine may work in a couple different ways. It binds to the NMDA receptors in the brain, which increases the amount of glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter. This leads to a cascade of other events in the brain that triggers synaptogenesis, or the formation of synapses, which helps neurons communicate with each other, and may play a role in learning, mood, and memory.

Ketamine may also help reduce inflammation, which is linked to mood conditions, such as bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder, and is associated with suicidal thoughts.

Keep in mind that there is not a lot of research on oral ketamine for the treatment of mental health conditions and studies that have been conducted have used very small sample sizes. In general, research tends to focus on ketamine that is injected, administered through a vein, or used in prescription nasal spray form.

May Help Treat Several Mental Health Conditions

According to research on ketamine administered intravenously, via injection, or used in prescription nasal spray form, the drug has significant antidepressant and anti-inflammatory effects that make it a potentially effective treatment for major depressive disorder and treatment-resistant depression. In some individuals, this notably includes a reduction in suicidal thoughts.

Studies note that intravenous ketamine also shows effectiveness in reducing symptoms associated with PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, as well as certain anxiety disorders, like social anxiety disorder. It also shows potential in helping treat substance use disorder and alcohol use disorder.

Fast-Acting With Short-Term Effects

Research notes that ketamine that is injected has rapid action on depressive and anxiety-related symptoms after just one treatment with:

  • Its effect lasting up to a week, in some cases
  • Antidepressant efficacy in individuals with major depressive disorder and bipolar disorder beginning the same day as treatment
  • Significant antidepressant effects in those with TRD beginning 2-4 hours post-treatment
  • Anti-anxiety effects beginning within an hour of treatment and lasting up to a week, in those who did not also have depressive symptoms

May Be More Effective and Better Tolerated Than Other Treatments

Research has found that, in some individuals,  ketamine that has been injected reduces depressive symptoms in as little as 2-24 hours post-treatment, which is significantly faster than the 4-12 weeks it tends to take antidepressant drugs to begin working. In general, individuals who were given low-dose injections or oral ketamine tablets showed no significant side effects or reactions, which is not uncommon with antidepressant medications

Nue Life Cost

Nue Life offers a program called Nue Reset that costs $1,399. 

This includes:

  • 6 oral ketamine treatments
  • 1 medical consultation
  • 2 follow-up medical consultations
  • 2 months of Nue Care (2 individual health coaching and 4 integration sessions, unlimited preparation and integration group sessions, membership pricing on programs)
  • Unlimited support through their app, which offers playlists, educational content, health goal tracking, and access to your care team 

In addition, Nue Life offers two after-care programs, which are monthly subscriptions that they recommend if you are undergoing ketamine treatment elsewhere or have finished the Nue Reset program. 

Why We Recommend Nue Life Ketamine Treatment

Nue Life offers a more affordable at-home ketamine treatment compared to I.V. ketamine therapy and esketamine, the prescription nasal spray. 

In addition, the treatment offers many other benefits:

Personalized dosages

After completing a medical screening, you’ll have a medical consultation with a Nue Life provider. If appropriate, they’ll prescribe you a personalized ketamine dosage based on your mental health symptoms, previous treatment experiences, and medical history. 

The treatment uses sublingual, or under the tongue, lozenges, which you can take comfortably at home one or two times per week, depending on your unique treatment plan.

Individual support

Coaches provide support and offer guidance to individuals throughout the treatment process, which may help promote longer-lasting results.

They also offer virtual sitters, at an additional cost, if you don’t have anyone available to monitor you during your at-home ketamine treatment session.

Integration groups 

Appropriately timed integration therapy that occurs around 24-48 hours after ketamine treatment has been shown to improve its effects. Therapy that occurs within this window of time may help individuals better reflect upon their psychedelic experience, drawing important insights that may allow for significant shifts in their life.

Useful app support and features

The Nue Life app allows you to conveniently connect with the clinical team throughout your treatment process, which may be helpful if you have a question, need support, or want to update your subscription. 

The app also provides you with a curated library of playlists, educational resources, and the ability to track health goals. 

Safety and Side Effects of Nue Life Ketamine Treatment

Generally speaking, ketamine may be safe when taken according to a medical professional’s instructions. It’s important to always let your healthcare provider know about any prescription or non-prescription medications, vitamins, or supplements you are taking before beginning ketamine treatment. Your sitter is also there to provide support and offer any assistance you may need during a treatment session. 

It is important to note that ketamine isn’t for everyone, and shouldn’t be taken if you:

  • Have been diagnosed with schizophrenia or have a history of psychosis
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have uncontrolled high blood pressure
  • Have been diagnosed with substance use disorder or alcohol use disorder
  • Have a heart condition or brain injury

Side Effects of Ketamine

Side effects of ketamine tend to fade within 4 hours of the drug treatment session and may include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Increase in blood pressure
  • Nausea
  • Pupil dilation and rapid eye movement
  • Dizziness or drunk feeling

When to Seek Emergency Medical Care

Seek urgent medical care if you or a loved one experiences breathing difficulties, a slower than normal heart rate, chest pain, seizure, or loss of consciousness.

Compare the Best At-Home Ketamine Treatments: Nue Life vs. Mindbloom vs. Joyous

We’ve compared Nue Life to two alternative companies that provide at-home ketamine treatment so you can make an informed decision.

New Life logo Mindbloom logo Joyous logo 240x60

Nue Life vs. Mindbloom vs. Joyous

Nue Life



Package price4 payments of about $350 over 6 weeks (total: $1,399) 3 monthly payments of $386 (total: $1,158) $129/month
Number of ketamine treatments 6 treatments 1-2 times a week for 4 weeks 6 treatments 1 time a
week for 4-6 weeks
30-day daily supply of low-dose medication
Medication formLozengesTabletsLozenges
Personalized dosage?
Number of medical consultations36Once every 21-35 days
Number of 1:1 health coaching sessions221
Number of integration sessions4 individual sessions and unlimited group sessionsUnlimited group
integration sessions
Support via app?
At-home treatment?
Provides virtual sitters?
AvailabilityAZ, CA, CO, CT, FL,
AZ, CA, CO, DE,D.C., FL,

Nue Life Customer Reviews

In general, individuals seem to like Nue Life’s ketamine treatment program, citing helpful resources via the app, meaningful individual and group sessions, as well as prompt responses from the Nue Life team.

Jason PTrustpilot
Read More
“I am writing a review as a loved one/sitter for my girlfriend who is going through Nue Life’s program. I have noticed many positive changes with her overall wellbeing including better quality sleep and less anxiety about the future and things out of her control. The biggest impact is with her nightmares, which she has had since being a child. Since starting her Ketamine journey she has not had a single nightmare! I would recommend anybody who qualifies to choose Nue Life.”
Read More
“I have done a number of different psychedelic therapy modalities, but Nue Life is definitely the provider that I got the most support from. Their app makes the whole process feel seamless and delightful, and they get back to me super quick whenever I have a question.

I can join digital group sessions every day (which I can't stress enough how important they have been for me) without any issues, and I have done a few one-on-one coaching sessions, which has really helped me to make much needed lifestyle changes.”
Makporcelain Reddit
Read More
“Hi! I ended up buying the 18 session package and have completed my first 6 sessions. I’m overall very happy with my experience thus far. I feel like I’m much happier and just feel “lighter” overall. I have more energy. I’m waiting to meet with my doctor to start the next set sessions. I started at 100mg and went up to 300mg. I think 300mg is the max I’ll do as it is psychedelic enough for me. Their app is easy to use as well…”

The Verdict: Is Nue Life Legit?

Nue Life is a reputable at-home ketamine treatment provider that is available in 15 states across the United States. For some individuals, Nue Life’s ketamine treatment program may reduce symptoms associated with depression, anxiety, PTSD, or other mental health conditions.

For those that qualify for a prescription, ketamine treatment may be able to help those who haven’t responded well to other types of treatment, or who are looking for something else to try alongside their existing psychotherapy. 

Keep in mind that while research notes the effectiveness of ketamine for treating several mental health conditions, the majority of these studies have been done on the injectable, intravenous, or nasal spray form, and many studies use a small sample size. 

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