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Many people don’t understand ADHD.

They think people who have this condition are constantly energized, talk a mile a minute, and can never finish a thought before jumping to another one. That may be somewhat accurate for some people, but living with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder as an adult is a lot more complex.

Studies have found that ADHD diagnoses among adults increased by 43% between 2007 to 2016. In recent years, more people are realizing that their struggles with attention, concentration, motivation, and emotional regulation could be tied to ADHD. And as telehealth treatment continues to become more accessible, more and more people are turning there, too.

Let’s face it, in-person diagnoses and psychiatric treatments can be expensive. They’re time-consuming and, for many people, completely inconvenient. That’s why expert-run online platforms like Klarity are springing up. They help people with ADHD get access to medication to manage their symptoms faster and for less money.

In this review, we’ll dive into Klarity’s ADHD treatment program to help you decide whether it’s the right platform for your mental health care.

Key Takeways

  1. Klarity’s connects patients with licensed psychiatric professionals who effectively screen and diagnose patients for ADHD – virtually.
  2. Your provider may write prescriptions based on their professional evaluation. And while Klarity can prescribe controlled medications, like Adderall, there’s no guarantee that they’ll be the best match for you.
  3. Stimulants are not the only type of medication to manage ADHD; non-stimulants can also be effective – and come with a lower risk of dependency.
  4. Klarity offers pay-as-you-need services, transparent pricing, and refill-only appointments for a cheaper and faster way to renew your prescriptions each month.
  5. Klarity does not currently offer talk therapy or behavioral therapy for ADHD treatment.

Is telepsychiatry effective for ADHD treatment?

Let’s be real; most of us try to avoid in-person appointments whenever possible. We’re not antisocial, we swear. We just don’t want to waste hours of our day traveling to and from an office and filling out lengthy paperwork to meet with someone for less than 20 minutes. 

That being said, we also know that mental health is worth the effort it takes to look after. That’s why we think combining modern healthcare models’ convenience with real-world solutions has continued to be an incredible innovation. 

Telepsychiatry – in Klarity’s case – means seeing a psychiatrist (or similar mental health expert who can write prescriptions) to manage your mental health medication needs. 

ADHD medication works by stabilizing your brain chemistry, making you less likely to struggle with impulsivity, distractibility, and constant brain chatter. It primarily targets dopamine and norepinephrine, the two chemicals that most significantly affect concentration. 

Online video consultation

 Here’s how they work:

  • Dopamine is the “feel good” chemical that controls your brain’s reward center and makes you want to do things. Most ADHD medications increase dopamine production so you can stay focused and stimulated longer without getting bored or distracted.
  • Norepinephrine is a hormone responsible for your fight-or-flight response, working as a neurotransmitter to help cells communicate with one another. Physiologically, it regulates your heart rate and blood pressure, and also influences your mood and ability to concentrate.

Now that we’ve got the science lesson out of the way, it’s important to note that telepsychiatry isn’t necessarily a cure-all for ADHD. It’s not always as simple as taking some pills and going on your merry way. Many people combine their medication with talk therapy, like cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

The real benefit of Klarity ADHD treatment is that it makes managing your medications more affordable and convenient. You can either use it solo or in conjunction with therapy from another provider. Currently, Klarity itself does not offer talk therapy for its patients.

There are a number of reasons why telepsychiatry through a platform like Klarity could benefit you, especially in treating ADHD.

  • A better provider-patient relationship:
    A key differentiator between Klarity and other behavioral health providers is their belief in giving patients the right to choose who they work with and how they work together without bundling them on a contract or subscription. Customized care through Klarity means more than just “custom meds.” Patients can always check an available provider’s bio, specialties, and reviews before booking an appointment. The platform also offers 24/7 support through their care team plus messaging with your prescribing provider for any questions or appointment needs you might have.
  • Increased convenience and accessibility:
    Telepsychiatry is available wherever you are, so long as the provider has licensure in your state. Klarity is available in over 30 states so far, and you can review the full list on their website or when you take the initial evaluation. If your location hasn’t yet made the cut, no worries. Other providers offer similar services and have total U.S. coverage. Check out our reviews for Brightside and Cerebral.
  • Medication management:
    For a lot of people, medication is the golden ticket to keeping their ADHD under control. Through Klarity ADHD, Adderall or other stimulant treatments are often prescribed on an as-needed basis after a provider evaluates your symptoms and provides a diagnosis to confirm eligibility.

In other words, they don’t just hand out stimulants to anyone who says they have difficulty concentrating. They’ll assess your unique conditions and determine whether medication would benefit you and which would be most effective. Doses and prescriptions will continue to be modified through follow-up visits until you work together to find your perfect treatment plan.

Klarity ADHD review: How does online ADHD treatment work?

Every person’s experience with ADHD is different, so their experiences with Klarity will vary, too. If your symptoms aren’t severe enough to merit medication, or you’d like to try talk therapy first, then the app’s medical approach won’t benefit you.

However, for people who have already been recommended ADHD medication by a professional, or those who believe it would be a huge help in their lives, Klarity can be a great option.

How does online ADHD treatment work?

Getting Started With Klarity

Here’s a quick rundown of what to expect if you try Klarity ADHD treatment.

  1. Take a free self-evaluation (which can help you decide if Klarity is right for you and if they are offered in your state of residence). 
  2. Select a provider by reviewing bios, specialties, and reviews before booking your appointment – you can change providers until you find one that fits you best.
  3. Attend an initial visit ($149) for evaluation and diagnosis.
  4. Establish a custom treatment plan ($59 per appointment) with your provider if eligible and diagnosed. Expect three to four visits to get the right prescription, medication, and dosage for YOU.
  5. Attend follow-ups as needed ($59 each), and eventually transition to refill-only appointments ($25 per refill) once your treatment with your provider has been established.

What is Klarity’s approach to treating ADHD?

Klarity is a medication-focused mental health platform, so your provider’s primary goal is to diagnose conditions they specialize in (ADHD) and offer the right medications to treat them. Your prescription will vary based on factors like your symptoms, their impact on your life, and your medical history. 

Sometimes, people don’t qualify for a prescription but still need help. In that case, Klarity will likely suggest other resources for you to try. For eligible patients, however, a low dose of a particular ADHD medication is given. You can work with your provider to modify it over a series of follow-up visits to get your balance right.

Klarity prescribes stimulants and non-stimulants for ADHD, as well as supplements that may help improve focus and counter any side effects of your meds. 

Klarity aims to improve people’s lives by increasing the accessibility and affordability of mental health medications. They don’t default to stimulants, and they don’t prescribe medication just because it’s a popular treatment. Instead, they prioritize individual care to make suggestions that respect your preferences and needs.

How does Klarity optimize your treatment plan?

After your initial appointment to assess your symptoms and diagnose you appropriately, your Klarity provider will schedule follow-up appointments to adjust your medication as needed. It often takes several visits online to find the right prescription dosage for a person’s mental health.

It’s all about balance; you don’t want to increase medication to improve its benefits only to experience negative side effects. Likewise, you don’t want a low dose that’s ineffective or only doing half its job.

The collaborative follow-up appointments include monitoring your progress, reassessing your symptoms, and changing elements of your treatment plan as needed. You may, for example, try a different combination of medications or switch to another one entirely if your current one isn’t the best fit.

How does Klarity optimize your treatment plan?

After establishing a good baseline, you and your provider may decide to switch to refill-only appointments. This basically streamlines your entire treatment, allowing you to refill your meds without paying a premium for more follow-up visits.

Of course, if you ever did need to talk to your provider, you can still reach out to them through Klarity’s portal. However, patients are only placed on the refill-only program once they’ve found the right dosage for their needs, and they generally don’t require ongoing counsel from their prescriber. 

If therapy is important to you, you’ll need to work with an outside mental health counselor. Klarity is there to make it easier for you to get the medication you need and support other treatments you’re currently participating in.

Klarity ADHD cost breakdown

It’s the biggest question we’ve all got when it comes to treatment: “How much is this going to cost me?” Fortunately, Klarity is very transparent with its pricing, and plans are HSA- and FSA-eligible with easy out-of-network claims or reimbursement eligibility with your insurance.

There are three payments you’ll need to know about with Klarity:

Initial Visit — $149

Your first visit will be the most expensive with Klarity. This covers your official assessment, diagnosis, and possible prescription from a licensed mental healthcare provider of your choice, whether that be a psychiatrist or a PMHNP-BC (Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner – Board-Certified).

Btw, if you ever want to change providers on the platform, Klarity sets the price of your new initial visit with them to be the cost of a follow-up visit ($59). You won’t be charged any additional fees for switching to a new Klarity provider.

Follow-ups — $59

If diagnosed and prescribed medication, reoccurring appointments with your provider after your initial visit will cost $59. These appointments are where you’ll establish your treatment plan and receive prescriptions (sent to a local pharmacy of your choice). Medication cost is not included but can be covered by insurance.

In some (rare) cases, patients can be directly placed on the refill-only program. This will only likely occur if you’re already on medication and switching to Klarity from another provider. 

Refills — $25 each

Once your prescription and treatment are steady (i.e., the dose is right, and you don’t have any major side effects), you can switch to a refill-only plan by communicating with your provider. You’ll pay $25 every time your provider sends your prescription to your pharmacy, and they’ll send you a message each time. 

You can still (always!) reach out to them through your patient portal if you have questions or need their advice.

Depending on your provider’s availability, appointments can be booked on the same day, but you’ll never have to wait more than two days. Plus, you can reschedule visits up to 24 hours before your appointment without incurring fees. Sweet. Compared to the wait times for many in-person psychiatrists, this is one of the strongest perks of Klarity over traditional healthcare models.

Klarity ADHD vs competitors

Klarity 240x60 Calibrate logo 240x60 Cerebral ADHD logo 240x60
Price$149 for initial online visit

$59 for each follow-up

$25 for refills
$199 for initial appointment

$79/mo thereafter
$99 for medication and care management plan

$365 for medication and therapy plan

$295 for therapy-only plan
Medication refill-only program?❌ (Refills are included in ongoing monthly payments)❌ (Refills are included in ongoing monthly payments)
Therapy add-on?
Can prescribe stimulants and non-stimulants?❌ Non-stimulants only
Same-day appointments available?Generally yes, depends on state and providerGenerally yes, depends on providerGenerally yes, depends on provider
Offers a diagnosis report?Upon requestUpon requestUpon request
Delivery or pick-up of medications?Pick-up at your pharmacyPick-up at your pharmacyDelivery or pick-up at your pharmacy
24/7 access to providers?

Klarity ADHD pros and cons


  • Ability to choose and change your provider until you find the right fit
  • Same-day appointment booking in most cases (no longer than 48-hour wait in any case)
  • 24/7 access to your provider/Klarity’s care team
  • Straightforward pricing with no membership or subscription required
  • Prescribes stimulants, which is becoming increasingly less common among other online providers


  • No therapy or counseling included. Providers only diagnose and provide medication management for ADHD 
  • No at-home delivery; you must pick up your prescription at your local pharmacy 
  • Only prescribes ADHD medication for adults aged 18+

Table of Contents

Klarity ADHD reviews: What are other customers across social media and Reddit saying?

Most of the feedback for Klarity is highly positive. There are some negative reviews, however, that specifically call out the price – be sure to read the fine print. Klarity is much more transparent with its pricing than other online ADHD treatment options, and with the Adderall shortage, sometimes prescriptions can be hard to come by. Have all conversations with your provider to avoid any confusion.

Reddit Reviews: What does Reddit think of Klarity ADHD?

Improved every aspect of my lifeReviews.io
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“Words cannot describe the appreciation I have towards [my provider] and her downright professionalism. Without her I don't know where I would be today. She was such a huge help and made such a huge impact on my day-to-day life and my personal life, my relationships, my job - everything has gotten so much better since seeing her. She is incredibly professional, polite, understanding, and empathetic… I hope she will be my prescribing doctor forever, she is just great, thank you so much again”
I finally feel validated with my diagnosisReddit r/adhdwomen
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“After struggling for a while with worsening ADHD symptoms… I decided to take one more chance and scheduled an appointment with Klarity… My provider was AMAZING! …I was tired of people telling me, “this is normal, for a single mom to feel this way and to be burnt out.” I finally feel my struggles have been validated, that my symptoms are far outside of what is normal, and that there is help through diagnosis, therapy, and medication. I just really wanted to let anyone else know who may be struggling with a diagnosis or being taken seriously as a woman with ADHD. I wish I had known about this sooner :)”
Appointments are always worth my timeReviews.io
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“I’ve been clinically treated for my ADHD since young childhood, and one thing I can say about Klarity is that it removes so much stress and shame that was always present with my past physicians. [My provider] always makes me feel so comfortable, and I never become anxious before my appointments like I used to. The short and frequent appointments put my mind at ease knowing someone is regularly checking in on me.”
Finally have the resources to manage my ADHDReviews.io
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“Klarity is super easy to use, convenient, and trustworthy. I love how support and medication are accessible to me now that I use Klarity. Prior to using it, I was not able to find any resources to help manage my ADHD that were within my budget. [My provider] is such a great doctor, he listens to me, and we work together to find the best solutions.”

If you’ve never been diagnosed or talked to a professional about your symptoms, keep in mind that Klarity is not a therapeutic network. Their providers are focused on prescribing and managing ADHD medications and don’t offer in-depth therapy or personal analyses, which can lack the depth and nuance of a therapeutic alliance.

tl;dr – Is Klarity ADHD legit?

Klarity is a thorough, professional mental health platform that uses licensed mental health providers to prescribe medication for ADHD, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. If you’ve been searching for a solution or diagnosis to your ADHD symptoms, you may be able to find the validation and treatment you need with Klarity.

You have the ability to choose your provider (which is rare online!), and they’ll work with you to find the right prescription (if eligible and diagnosed). Pricing is completely transparent and doesn’t require a subscription or payment outside of what you need, and it’s a much more cost-effective and convenient option than paying out of pocket for a psychiatrist.

While they’re only (currently) available in 30 states, Klarity continues to expand. Find out if they offer treatment in your state by taking their free online initial evaluation. Klarity does not replace talk therapy, which many people find integral to long-term success. That being said, if you’re looking for medication management, treatment through Klarity is a fantastic route, especially if you’ve found therapy options to combine with elsewhere.

Klarity ADHD FAQs

Does Klarity prescribe Adderall?

Yes, Klarity can prescribe stimulants prescriptions like Adderall, as well as non-stimulants. Any prescription is based on thorough evaluation and 1:1 meetings with your prescriber, and will only be prescribed if deemed appropriate through diagnosis.

Which prescriptions does Klarity offer?

Your provider will choose your medication based on your unique symptoms and medical history. Common ADHD medications include Adderall, Concerta, and Vyvanse. You can check out Klarity’s website for a full ADHD medication guide.

Klarity ADHD states: Where is Klarity available?

Klarity is available in over 30 states. They’ll tell you if there are providers available in your area after you take the initial free 2-minute evaluation.

How long is the Klarity ADHD waiting list?

There is none. Appointments can be on the same or the next day, and the wait list is never longer than 48 hours for a provider.

Does Klarity accept insurance?

Klarity does not take insurance, but they do accept HSA/FSA. You may, however, be eligible for reimbursement for some of the services through the platform – they’ll assist you with preparing an out-of-network claim to submit to your insurance.

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