Review: Alpha Medical – Telemedicine and Mental Health Support for Women

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The rise of telemedicine is bringing virtual healthcare to the masses

2020 and the global COVID-19 pandemic have brought an unforeseen, yet unsurprising, benefit to the healthcare landscape: an explosive increase in the usage of and trust in telemedicine. For as long as we’ve been alive, we’ve been accustomed to going to the doctor when we feel sick, depressed, or require medical attention. But as countries across the world implemented lockdowns to prevent the spread of coronavirus, people suddenly lost the ability to drive to pharmacies, doctors’ offices, and hospitals.

That’s where an army of impressive, well-funded telemedicine companies have come to the rescue, enabling patients to get in touch with licensed physicians to treat their needs at home. We’ll dig into one of these today, Alpha Medical, that is reshaping the way women can get virtual care for more needs than you might think possible.

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It’s always made intuitive sense. Why go to the doctor if you can see one virtually? Well consider the fact 28% of young people in the United States don’t have a Primary Care Provider. If you’re one of those millions of people, a company like Alpha Medical could be perfect for you.

Who is Alpha Medical?

In their own words, Alpha Medical aims to “empower women to take control of their personal healthcare by providing patients with access to simple, everyday medical needs in a convenient, affordable, and discreet online process.”

Pretty straightforward, right? Alpha is a leading telemedicine provider that connects consumers with excellent physician care virtually. They’re able to diagnose and treat a wide array of conditions from the comfort of their own home, and get prescription medication delivered straight to their doors.