Review: Why Geologie is in a league of its own for Men’s Skincare

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Not gonna lie: sometimes all these mens skincare brands with aggressive marketing start to piss me off. Charcoal this, Eucalyptus Oil that… just rub the bark from this Amazonian Xate tree under your eyes and it’ll take care of those dark circles. Bullshit. Just show me a brand that’s actually in this to help me; not bleed my wallet. 

Fortunately, the masculinity of today is not as exclusively MANLY as it once was. Sure, you’ll still find that a lot of dudes are unwilling to deviate from the cheapest stuff on Amazon, but more and more guys are ready to tackle skin issues. But that also means that some brands will stop at nothing to earn our business. And if you’re like me, you just want to end this information search once and for all: show me a brand that simplifies this whole ordeal and delivers me effective products at a reasonable price. Please. 

Well that takes us to the very purpose of this article. We’re gonna look at one of (if not) the best men’s skincare platforms out there: Geologie.

We’ll take a look at how they make it easy to find the products that are right for your skin, dig into how the quality of their products differs from their competitors’, and most importantly, give me a chance to vent some of my frustrations about the industry.

Let’s get into it. 

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I'm in this picture and I don't like it... credit: @dewydudes

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What’s the deal with men not giving skincare the attention it deserves?

For starters, guys don’t exactly put the care in skincare. While we’re still talking about a multi-billion dollar industry, the majority of men haven’t moved past a good shave and some shampoo. Luckily, this mentality is changing, and more guys are putting some thought into the state of their skin. Because all guys get early wrinkles, dark circles around their eyes, and dry or sensitive skin. At the end of the day, we all just wanna look good.

But then we face even more hurdles that get in the way of us and healthier skin:

  1. We don’t know WTF we’re doing. Am I supposed to use lotion? Wouldn’t putting lotion on my face be counterintuitive for taking care of acne? Idfk.
  2. We don’t always even know what’s wrong with our skin. Sooo how are we expected to get to the root of the problem? 
  3. We’re not accustomed to having to budget more money on skincare products. More money spent on moisturizing lotion is less money that I could chuck into ETH.
  4. We don’t know who TF to trust. This one relates to both #2 and #3 but: if we fall for some marketing gimmick and find out that the product doesn’t work, this starts to wear away at any trust we even had in the industry. 
  5. We don’t wanna start fiddling with six new products throughout the day. I’m not necessarily opposed to changing my routine up a bit, but let’s be realistic here – I want something that strikes a balance between simple and effective. 
  6. We want quality products, not bullshit marketing gimmicks

Sound like a reasonable set of criteria? Alright well let’s see how Geologie scores on each of these.

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I included this shot literally only because I think it's dope.

Geologie vs others: The market landscape of mens skincare brands

I’ve been struggling with the best way to put this, so I’m just gonna be upfront and do my best to paint a picture of the overall men’s skincare game. 

Top-tier companies, like Geologie, do a few things differently. They are product-first, marketers-second. They:

  • make it easier for guys to get to the root of their skincare problems, and customize a routine around them. 
  • use ingredients that are clinically-proven and properly dosed to work, like Retinol for skin, Kojic Acid for eye cream, etc.
  • price their products fairly.
  • offer legitimate risk-free trials and returns.

Middle-tier companies, like Lumin and Caldera + Lab, are marketers-first, product-second. They may:

  • offer decent products that have potential to work, albeit at relatively higher prices. 
  • offer a one-size-fits-all product line (less than ideal, in real world application)
  • try and “wow” buyers with trendy ingredients, like charcoal and special serums. These may or may not work, but they are NOT as good as clinically-proven ingredients. 
  • often overemphasize the role of marketing “skincare for men,” and underdeliver on actually deliver quality products.
  • tempt you with cool packaging and branding.

Low-tier companies, who aren’t even worth mentioning, are those who: 

  • offer bullshit products, devoid of any actual science.
  • charge WAY too much (for nothing of value)
  • allocate all their brain power toward thinking up manly names for scents – almost always containing some type of wood or exotic botanical herbs.

One could argue that each of these tiers can coexist in a healthy market environment. For example, maybe it’s not so bad for someone to get burned by a low or middle tier brand, if it means opening the door up for them to enter the mens skincare game and better themselves over the long-term. But there’s one thing that’s pretty non-negotiable, imo, and that’s that Geologie is offering better quality products at better values than their competitors. 

What makes Geologie unique?

The way I see it, Geologie is reinventing the mens skincare game in three main ways:

  1. They’re making it stupidly easy to find out where your skin needs help, and then offer up fairly priced products that deliver.
  2. While other skincare brands try and entice you with herbs and botanicals, Geologie only packs their products full of stuff that’s clinically-proven to work
  3. Their Customer Support is legit. I’m not normally someone who cares much about this, but on the off-chance that you fuck up the diagnostic quiz and order a set that’s not the best for your skin, it’s nice knowing you can hit them up and right the wrong.

The team behind Geologie not only realized all the issues with traditional dermatology and skincare product lines, but they seem to have also addressed the problems that all these new, D2C skincare brands have. 

Geologie's diagnostic quiz dumbs things down with customized skincare routines.

We’re men: we don’t know WTF we need in a skincare routine, we don’t know what qualifies as legit versus bullshit marketing claims, and a lot of times we don’t even know where to begin looking for improvement.

A lot of brands out there – even the newer ones that advertise to you on IG – try and get you with flashy products, mention of your dark circles, or even a Deandre Hopkins sponsorship. Not Geologie. Hell, before Geologie even thinks about showing you a product, they really encourage you to go through their quick diagnostic quiz to learn more about what you actually need

1 – The first thing you’ll see is a screen asking for some really basic information: your name, age, and gender. After that, they’ll ask you if you already have a skincare routine — and what you expect from your new one at Geologie.