Forme Life Review: Are the Studio and Studio Lift real contenders for best home gym?

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Ryan Ernsbarger, CPT, SNS

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New to the home gym game and looking to upgrade your workout-from-home setup? 

If you’ve visited pretty much any mall around the US lately, there’s a good chance you’ve stumbled across a Forme Life Studio showroom. The new kid on the home gym block, Forme Life closely resembles the cult favorite Mirror, but is packed with the tech that companies like Tempo have brought to the market. And Forme Life’s more premium Studio Lift gym comes packed with digital weight-based cable arms that resemble the Tonal

Exciting to see, for sure, but do Forme Life’s gyms actually deliver on our expectations? And are they a legit competitor to the market leaders? 

Let’s find out. 

Forme Life Studio and Studio Lift side by side

Who is Forme Life?

The home gym market is flooded with exciting companies right now, and Forme Life is the latest challenger to throw its hat into the ring. The company is aiming to create “the most immersive and engaging experience in home fitness to date.” While that may seem like a pretty bold claim, they are putting their money where their mouth is with the release of their Studio and Studio Lift at-home gym products. 

Like Mirror, Forme Life is aiming not only to tackle the home gym market, but also deliver a product that looks stunning in your home. The Studio and Studio Lift both offer a variety of classes and fitness tracking when in use and function as sleek, contemporary 70” x 26” mirrors when not in use. The Studio Lift is loaded with resistance-based cables placed on either side of the screen that fold up to become as discreet as possible. As Forme Life puts it, the Studio and Studio Lift are things “you’d actually want in your home.” We agree.

Basically, Forme Life = Cutting edge at-home gym technology + beautiful home décor that your guests will gawk over. It combines some of the best aspects of the Mirror, Tonal, and Tempo – then adds its own personality to the mix. 

What is the Forme Life Studio?

You know that beautiful, decorative mirror you have hanging in your house? The one that is about 70 inches tall and 26 inches wide? Now just imagine it has a built-in 43-inch 4k display that can connect you with personal trainers and workout classes in real-time. 

Forme Life’s Studio comes with 2, 12-megapixel cameras fixed on either side to allow for crystal clear motion capture and live 1:1 sessions with personal trainers. It also includes a premium, non-slip mat for floor exercises and a heart rate monitor to wear for workouts (if you don’t already have a fitness tracker like Whoop). “Like the Mirror?” Yeah, like the Mirror – but in some ways better. 

Unlike Lululemon’s Mirror, the entire 43” surface of Forme Life’s Studio is a touch screen that comes packed with voice control, 3D sensors, and AI that help you perfect your workouts. If 1:1 live training sessions aren’t your thing (they do come at an additional cost, btw) and you prefer to work out at your own pace, the Forme Life Studio offers a variety of classes to choose from and will even help keep track of your progress. (As a new product to market, they don’t have as large a library as competitors, but CEO Trent Ward tells us it’s one of their biggest priorities). 

On that note, Trent was recently featured on the 20 Minute Fitness podcast – you can listen to that here. Definitely recommend it. 


forme life mirror side photo
Kinda looks like a giant iPhone, doesn't it?

Abs? You got it. Recovery classes? Check. Dance classes? Yep. Barre? Affirmative. How about Kung Fu high intensity training classes? Absolutely (minus the Kung Fu). I think you get it, but it really is amazing how Forme Life has managed to curate a truly impressive amount of classes into the Studio – especially when you consider how new they are to the market. 

How much does the Forme Life Studio cost?

Now I know what you’re thinking: all this sounds pretty darn expensive. And, well, you’re right. Technology like this isn’t cheap. The Forme Life Studio starts at $2,495 (OR $69/mo for 36 months) plus $39/month for a multi-user membership that gives you access to their library of classes. 

Don’t let the price deter you too much, though, because it’s actually quite comparable to similar products on the market (Mirror is closest, btw). That combined with the number and variety of classes that the Forme Life Studio offers will be enough to justify the premium for a lot of you. Not to mention you get a pretty sweet looking piece of home décor as well, and big mirrors aren’t cheap. A 2-for-1 is always nice. 🙂

In terms of appearance, we haven’t seen a home gym look this sexy since the Mirror was first introduced. Most people simply don’t have the ability to dedicate an entire room of their house/apartment to building a home gym and if we’re honest, most home fitness equipment isn’t so easy on the eyes. If you want the benefits of bringing professional workouts into your home while also sprucing up the décor, the Forme Life Studio could be a great fit for you. 

Stuck between the Mirror and the Forme Life Studio? For the $1,000 premium you’re paying on the hardware, you’re getting a larger screen, full touch screen capability, voice control, and the computer vision that’ll help you perfect your form. Even if their workout library isn’t as extensive as Mirror’s just yet, it might still be worth the upgrade.

Pricing/Feature Comparison: Mirror vs Forme Life Studio

MirrorForme Life logo
Starting price$1,845$2,495
Membership cost$39 per month$39 per month
All-in monthly price$81 per month$108 per month
Coupon code FINMIRROR for $700 off
Shipping and Installation$250Free
Shipping time2-4 weeks12-14 weeks
Touch screen
Live classes
Form check
Strength training
Yoga and mobility
Workout tracking
# of classes20,000+100+ (so far)
1:1 Personal training$40 per 30 min classYes, soon.

Is the Forme Life Studio worth it?

Like any tech-centric, smart home gym, the Forme Life Studio comes priced at a base cost plus a monthly membership that grants access to a library of classes and 1:1 training sessions. While the base cost may seem high at $2,495, the variety of classes that Forme Life offers and the availability of live personal training sessions certainly helps justify the price tag. 

While there are other smart home gym products out there that offer a large variety of classes at a cheaper price, the Forme Life Studio separates itself with the inclusion of its live motion-tracking cameras and sleek appearance. If you value variety in your workouts and don’t want to clog up a room of your house with gym equipment, we think you’ll be happy that you spent the extra money on the Forme Life Studio. From a time scheduling perspective, it’s also compelling to be able to fit a workout in any point in the day – whether it’s for ten minutes or an hour.

One thing to consider here: on a price-per-usage basis, even a product as expensive as a Forme Life Studio can be magnitudes better of a deal than individual gym memberships. You can buy the Forme Life upfront, or finance for $69/mo for 36 months (plus that $39 per month for content). So for $108/mo, your entire house has a gym and a TON of content. Considering the average gym membership is around $60 per person, this alone is a no-brainer for a lot of families. Granted, you’ll want some weights or bands, too, but you may already have some at home. If not, consider buying some or take a look at the Studio Lift. 

What is the Forme Life Studio Lift?

Okay so we’ve covered how the Studio is already packed with some awesome features: basically an upgraded version of the Mirror with some of the tech and intelligence of the Tempo. 

Stepping things up even further, though, is Forme Life’s Studio Lift. How about tacking on a couple motorized arms that perfectly sync resistance for weight training? Like the Tonal, but with a screen twice as large? Yeah, that’ll do it. 

Each arm offers up to 75lbs of resistance (or 50lbs if you’re using it freestanding), which is more than enough for beginner and advanced users alike. To ensure that you are training in the most effective and efficient manner possible, both the Forme Life Studio and Studio Lift use machine learning and AI to suggest the correct weight for your exercises. This enables you to strength train in a safe way and improve at a pace that is just right for you. Taking the guesswork out of strength training is a huge plus and is something that a lot of people will enjoy. 

Now really think about that last bit for a second: you never have to set your own weights or reps. Based on your workout history, the Forme Life learns about you and assigns you a scheme accordingly. When we pick our own weights, there’s an inherent bias. One day, we could feel lazy and underperform, or we could have a few too many cold brew coffees and get overconfident with our abilities. Forme Life sees this as a huge opportunity for data and tech to come in and help find the sweet spot for your body, reducing the risk of injury and maximizing your results.

The Studio Lift comes with all of the accessories of the Studio as well as two handles, two ankle straps, one short bar, and a premium rope grip. May not sound like much, but among all of these pieces of equipment, you’re looking at hundreds of potential exercises that’ll allow you to work out every body part. And in order to help keep things clean and tidy around your workout area, the Studio Lift also has a convenient storage cabinet (like the Tempo) . The resistance arms fold neatly to each side of the mirror so the device still maintains that home décor aspect that Forme Life has tried to hard to achieve. 

How much does the Forme Life Studio Lift cost?

Brace yourself, because the Studio Lift starts at $4,495, or $125/mo for 36 months. You’ll also need that $39/month multi-user membership to access all their classes. While it seems high, this is actually a fairly comparable base price to other smart home gym products that offer strength training built-in. Some other companies charge for the accessories that Forme Life includes with the Studio Lift, so that should be taken into account when deciding which smart gym is right for you. 

Are you stuck between the Tonal and the Forme Life Studio Lift? Again, you’re looking at spending around $1,000 more (assuming you roll with Tonal’s arguably-necessary Accessory pack). Same digital weights and cable arms, but a way bigger screen. Fun fact: originally, Forme Life was developed with Tonal’s 24″ screen, but when they realized it wasn’t big enough to complete the experience, they bumped it up. And don’t forget that the ability to actually see yourself in the Forme mirrors when you’re working out is huge.

Pricing/Feature Comparison: Tonal vs Forme Life Studio Lift

TonalForme Life
Starting price$3,495$4,495
Membership cost$49 per month$39 per month
All-in monthly price$149 per month$164 per month
Shipping and Installation$250 moreFree
Weights includedYes - cable machine, 200 lbYes - cable machine, 150 lb
Touch screen
Screen size24"43"
Optional add-ons$495 Accessory pack (recommended)Not as necessary. Sculpt and Barre bundles
Form check
Live classes
Rep counting
Strength training
Yoga and mobility
Workout tracking
# of classesHundreds100+ (but growing SO fast)
1:1 Personal trainingYes, soon.

Is the Forme Life Studio Lift worth it?

So how’s the Studio Lift different, if it does all the same stuff as Mirror, Tonal, and Tempo. Well that’s exactly it – it checks off ALL the best boxes of their competition. 

On paper, the Studio Lift’s $4,500 price tag is scary, but consider how much other equipment and devices it replaces. Arguably, the Studio Lift makes the decision between a Tonal and Tempo much easier. Heck, one customer called it  “the Goldilocks” product. When he and his wife were trying to decide which smart home gym to roll with, he was leaning toward the Tonal (for its digital weight and cable system) and his wife was leaning toward the Mirror (for its sleek looks). Then, the Studio Lift was launched and (just like in the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears) it instantly made everyone happy. Love that. 

You can either buy the Studio Lift upfront, or finance it for $125/mo for 36 months, plus that $39 membership for classes. So for $164/mo, is SET. This puppy really is miles cooler than the old treadmill that’s been hibernating in the garage for the past decade.

Like the Tonal, Forme Life’s Studio Lift is built with versatility in mind, meaning it’s inherently able to offer a VERY wide variety of workout classes, strength training, and mobility classes to boot. If you’re ready to give up that traditional gym membership for good, but still want most of the benefits from the comfort of your own home, the Studio Lift should be at the top of your list. It really does combine the best elements of market leaders like the Mirror, Tonal, and Tempo. 

As we mentioned earlier, not everyone wants to forfeit an entire room of their house to gym equipment. And if you live in an apartment, you probably don’t even have that option. For those who fall into those categories, the Forme Life Studio Lift has to be in consideration. The Studio Lift really takes the design elements of a smart home gym to the next level. Heck, one of their cofounders is the renowned Swiss designer, Yves Behar, who obsessed over making one of the best looking smart home gyms on the market. Rather than trying to create something as small and unnoticeable as possible, Yves instead geared his efforts toward designing a gym that adds to the ambiance of the home. We think he knocked it out of the park. 

Even with price tag in mind, the beauty, functionality, and variety of classes the Studio Lift offers has our team drooling. Are there similar competitors out there that offer some of its features? Sure. But if you are looking for (arguably) the best smart home gym that takes the best elements of its competitors to create a sleek, powerful, and technologically innovative device that’ll step up your fitness game without dirtying your home decor, look no further than the Forme Life Studio Lift. 

The Verdict: Do the Forme Life Studio and Studio Lift compare to the other guys?

We know as well as anybody: the smart home gym market is getting crowded. It seems like you’ve finally narrowed down your choices to the top two or three, and then new companies start retargeting you with ads on Instagram. Tonal, Tempo, and Mirror have all set high bars in the smart gym market, but Forme Life is seriously shaking things up. While they’re only just now beginning to ship products and we haven’t yet had a chance to experience their classes, we have high hopes.

The unbiased truth here is that the Forme Life Studio and Studio Lift are right at the top of the totem pole. They’ve been extremely thoughtful in how to bring a stellar product to market from the get-go, and it shows. With their stunning design forms, carefully considered variety of hardware and classes, availability of live 1:1 training sessions, sensor technology, versatile accessories, and reasonable price points, it’s clear that Forme Life cut no corners with either their Studio or Studio Lift. 

Yes the price may seem high to some, but if you look at similar products out there, Forme Life isn’t too far out of reach. Considering that the Studio and Studio Lift include accessories that most other companies charge a good amount extra for, we think Forme Life makes a very strong case for why their gyms should be top-of-mind.

Another exciting thing to note is that Forme Life is basically in its infancy as a company and has lots of room to grow with new features and accessories. COVID may have kickstarted the mass adoption of smart home gyms, but they’re not going away anytime soon. And Forme Life has firmly planted itself as an up and coming star in the market. 

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