Done ADHD Review: Online ADHD treatment and diagnosis for adults

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If you’re like me, you may have stumbled across a young startup, Done, while researching ADHD treatment options online. And if you browse Instagram, you have most definitely seen some of their ads following you around. I couldn’t help but ask, “who are these guys, and is Done legit?” Can a tech company with fancy branding really deliver value to folks who need genuine ADHD treatment? 

Well, fast forward a couple of years, and Done remains one of the leading providers in online ADHD diagnosis and treatment. And unlike others, Done is one of a select few who still prescribes stimulant-based medications like Adderall

In this article, we’ll look at how Done compares with the traditional ways of treating ADHD, as well as its largest competitors: Cerebral and Hello Ahead. 

Done ADHD, a tech company at heart, specializes in personalized medication management. Through embracing telemedicine, they set you up with their team of psychiatrists who will diagnose your symptoms and craft a long-term treatment plan to help you tackle your ADHD head-on. They’ll walk you through what, exactly, it is that you’re feeling, what actions you can take to feel well again, prescribe medications as necessary, and adjust dosages over the long-term. 

And if stimulant-based, ADHD medications aren’t right for you, they’ll teach you about how you can tackle ADHD with forms of therapy and natural supplements for focus.

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How does Done ADHD work?

If you’re not already aware, the rise in telehealth has made it super easy to get medical care online. Surprisingly, this even applies to getting diagnosed and treated for ADHD. (We covered it in more detail in our article, How to get an Adderall prescription online, but since you’re already here, that’s purely an optional read). Companies like Done and Cerebral simply put you through a quick assessment, set you up with a licensed doctor or nurse practitioner, and (if applicable) send medication straight to your doorstep. 

1 - Fill out a quick, one minute assessment.

If ADHD seems likely, you’ll book an assessment with your doctor, as early as the same-week. At this time you’ll put $20 down, and the remaining $179 will be charged two days before your appointment. 

Normally, you decide whether you’d like to do your appointment online or in-person. But due to COVID-19, all appointments are virtual

2 - Fill out a quick medical history questionnaire.

3 - Meet with your doctor, who will make a diagnosis.

During this visit, you’ll go over your symptoms, dig into any areas of concern and any risks involving in taking medication, safety measures, and next steps. Together, you’ll review your treatment plan and medication options. Finally, your doctor will help you set goals and the game plan for follow-ups. 

4 - All Done (hehe).

Get your treatment, including any medication that may be helpful, delivered straight to your door (if applicable). 

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What treatments does Done offer?

Since ADHD medications are not a one-size-fits-all solution, Done will work with you to find the one that is right for you. Prescription medication is the most effective treatment for ADHD, but it’s not for everyone. 

While they don’t publicize the specific prescriptions on their website, it’s fair to guess that they prescribe some of the more commonly-prescribed medications, like Adderall and Vyvanse, when it makes sense to. An example of when it wouldn’t make sense to pursue prescription options is if you’re susceptible to heart problems or addiction. 

While I haven’t personally been prescribed Adderall by Done, I have read multiple reports from others’ who claim they have. 

In a recent blog post, Done states, “Stimulants are the most commonly used treatment for ADHD and have proved to be incredibly helpful for some people, there are other options.”

They go on to write about non-stimulants, like Wellbutrin and Strattera, as being effective treatments for ADHD.

And for folks who would rather steer clear of medications altogether, Done can help you confront your ADHD through diet, vitamin supplementation, and mindfulness exercises. They also offer patients more holistic treatment approaches when medications don’t make sense, which is a great, unique offering. 

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Can you use insurance to pay for Done?

Yes and no.

If you have insurance, you can use that to pay for any medication you might be prescribed by your doctor. Without insurance, prescriptions will usually run you $40-70, but with it, you’re looking at just the copay of around $20. Your copay will be the same as it would at any other pharmacy. 

You can’t use insurance to pay for Done ADHD itself — so no doctor visits or membership costs. 

By default, your pharmacy will be set to Pharmblue, who Done partners with to send your prescriptions straight to your door. 

If you’re in a state where having your prescription delivered to your door isn’t possible, be aware that CVS has recently announced that they will not be filling any ADHD prescriptions from Done. As of now, it looks like they’re the only major pharmacy taking this action, so you should be able to fill you prescription at other pharmacies near you. 

How much does Done ADHD cost?

With Done, you’re looking at an initial $199 to start, and $79/mo membership thereafter.

This includes a video consultation and diagnosis, personalized treatment plan, free delivery of treatment, and continuous care via chat.

This does not include the copay for your prescriptions.

As an example, a typical prescription of one month’s worth of generic Adderall would run you about $25 from most major pharmacies, based off GoodRx data. So, about $100/mo for a life-changing treatment. Not cheap, but as anyone who’s been through it knows, it’s worth it. 

It’s worth mentioning that Done isn’t the only company embracing telemedicine as a means for treating ADHD. Ahead (no longer in business) used to be the frontrunner, but nowadays it really does seem like Cerebral is the force to be reckoned with, when it comes to online ADHD treatment. However, with Cerebral unable to prescribe stimulant ADHD medication, some may turn to Done for their treatments in the future.

Take a look at why that is in this comparison table: 

Pricing: Cerebral vs Done ADHD

Cerebral logoDone ADHD
Price of 1st Month$30$199
Monthly Price thereafter$85$79
Video/phone appointments with your prescriber✔ included
Medication management✔ included✔ included
Addon: Weekly Therapy sessionsadd $240/mo ❌ unavailable.
Number of states2534 + D.C.
FSA / HSA Eligible
Medication Delivery
Automatic prescription refills
done adhd membership

What does the Done ADHD membership include?

For $79/mo, a Done membership will get you:

– Continuous care by your doctor for any questions or concerns with your treatment. This means unlimited messaging with your care team, regular checkups on how you’re doing and how your treatment plan is progressing, how you’re feeling about any medication, etc. 

– Ability to request a refill for your treatment each month. Note that even if you are prescribed a medication by Done, you will only be able to request refills if you have an active membership. 

– Free delivery for medication.

– Referrals. If you ever feel like you need additional help that’s outside Done’s scope of support (like therapy or more involved psychiatry), Done will help coordinate that for you. Everything is fully HIPAA compliant so they can share up-to-date health history with therapists.

– A health dashboard, where you can constantly track symptoms, how you’re feeling and how treatment is progressing. This is also where you can chat with your care team.

Does Done ADHD operate in my state?

Done ADHD’s operations are limited to the states in which they have licensed doctors, and where they’re legally able to ship controlled medications to patients’ homes. Currently, they support patients in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Connecticut
  • Washington D.C.
  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Hawaii
  • Iowa
  • Illinois
  • Indiana
  • Kansas
  • Kentucky
  • Maine
  • Maryland
  • Massachusetts
  • Michigan
  • North Carolina
  • Nebraska
  • New Jersey
  • New Mexico
  • Nevada
  • New York
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • South Carolina
  • South Dakota
  • Tennessee
  • Texas
  • Utah
  • Vermont
  • Virginia
  • Washington
  • Wisconsin

*In California and New York, Done is able to ship medications to your door. In other states, you’ll provide them with a nearby pharmacy from which you’ll pick your prescriptions up in-person.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

❓ Is Done ADHD legit? 

At the risk of over-simplifying things, Done is a tech company that connects you with leading psychiatrists. You connect with them virtually, over video and email, to walk through the same processes as you would in-person. They’re able to walk through all the same diagnostic and treatment procedures as you normally would, as well as receive the exact same prescription medication. 

 Do I need a previous ADHD diagnosis to seek help from Done? 

Nope! New patients will have no issues transitioning into Done. But patients who have previously been diagnosed with ADHD and//or been prescribed medication may also get a bit of a “fast track.”

❓ How old do I have to be to use Done ADHD? 


 If I use Done, am I guaranteed to receive a prescription medication, like Adderall? 

No. Think about it: legally, no doctor or service out there could ever guarantee a controlled substance to a patient, even if he or she is diagnosed with ADHD. Some people are hypersensitive to stimulants, some have addiction problems, and as unfortunate as it is, some folks out there could be trying to use Done’s services specifically in an attempt to gain access to drugs like Adderall, a Schedule I controlled drug. So no, you’re not guaranteed to be prescribed Adderall.

With that being said, drugs like Adderall are widely touted as the most effective for treating ADHD (Pubmed), which is something at the forefront of doctors’ minds when they’re crafting your treatment plan.

 Does Done ADHD treat any other conditions? 

Yep! Done also treats depression, anxiety, and PTSD. And as is the case with Cerebral, You may be referred to a different psychiatrist if you deal with conditions like bipolar, schizophrenia, and addiction.

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Is Done ADHD legit / worth trying?

Advantages of Done

  • Free prescription refills and delivery. 
  • Text reminders let you know when it’s time to refill your prescription. In some cases, refills are automatic. But when your doctor needs to check in with you on dosage, you may need a quick email checkup before your prescription is automatically refilled. But still, it’s way easier doing that virtually than in-person.
  • Availability of appointment booking. Done can fit you in as soon as same-week. If you’re going to a traditional physician or psychiatrist, it’s not uncommon for the soonest available appointment to be weeks or months out. Not to mention how convenient telehealth appointments are!
  • Efficient online appointment booking and the ability to request a prescription refill with the click of a button.
  • Flexible, continuous care over email or video. How many times have you had to opportunity to chat with a doctor outside your scheduled appointment?

Disadvantages of Done

  • Reviews have generally skewed toward the negative. The number of DMs I’ve received on IG citing poor experiences has surprised me.
  • Team is pretty non-communicative and chaotic, which was (reportedly) even resulted in one patient not receiving her prescription for over 2 months

Done ADHD Reviews: What’s the internet saying?

Done boasts a lot of reviews online (both positive and negative). But where do they land? It’s always hard to tell. So I took to third party sites like Reddit, Trustpilot, Facebook, and even scrolled through some Instagram posts to get a real pulse. 

Bear with me here, because this is one of the most important parts of this article. 

When I first conducted my research, the vast majority of negative reviews I saw were not from patients; they were from people in Done’s IG comments who were salty about their business practices. These people decided that any company willing to diagnose and treat ADHD with proven medications online is a bad company. Personally, I brushed these aside because I believe that patients suffering from ADHD should be able to get treatment for the mental illness that causes them pain everyday. 

But here’s the thing: as of late (August 2021), I’ve been seeing some negative reviews from actual patients. Including one just the other day. But this one, in particular, really struck me:

I received a DM on Instagram one night from a woman who, after reading my previous research, had decided to give Done a shot. Her experience has been so negative that I feel obligated to share some (anonymized) details with you all. You can click it to enlarge. 

Breaking down this negative review

Kinda heartbreaking, right? For someone who’s struggling with ADHD and real-world problems to experience all this is, to say the least, not good. Let’s boil it down into some key points: 

  1. Done’s team created more distress for this patient than even before. Battling with life’s difficulties, they not only didn’t help, but hurt.  
  2. Done was not transparent, non-responsive, and has made false promises.
  3. Done was unable to provide resolve for issues in a timeline fashion, if at all. 
  4. The nature of how Done contracted providers out means that any turnover combined with generally poor internal communications had a rippling effect. This resulted in the patient not receiving the medication she was (supposedly) prescribed for MONTHS. 

Looking at some positive Done reviews on Reddit

Alright well, regardless of how scathingly negative the above review is, it’s important to remember that it’s only just one. I’ve searched through a LOT of threads on Reddit in hopes of finding out whether or not the majority of folks have had good experiences with Done. 

As always, it’s tough to determine. There is a lot of good feedback here. 

You may notice the last two reviews there are both by Reddit user u/njbbb. Months later, I dug into her profile to try and determine if she is REAL, or just some fake user planted by Done. To my relief, she does seem to be real and posting as recently as April 2021. Some of her posts mention ADHD medication casually without ever mentioning Done ADHD. 

I also read this quick conversation that mentions a prescription mixup, but it was from back in June 2020.  

My takeaway? I think it is entirely possible that Done seemed like a very promising company throughout 2020. But it’s also possible that when faced with rapid demand among patients, their teams have become overwhelmed and their service has started to suffer. And in at least one case, it resulted in a horrible patient experience. 

Is Done ADHD worth it?

Oof, that’s a tough one. 

For some people, yes, Done seems to have delivered an excellent experience to patients in need of ADHD diagnosis and prescription care. 

But for others, the experience has been disastrous. 

In a sense, Done IS legit. They offer online ADHD treatment to their patients. And they are able to prescribe controlled medications (or whichever their providers deem most appropriate). 

But on the other hand, they’re very “chaotic”. CVS refuses to even fill prescriptions from Done. (Although it seems they’ve sorted things out through an internal prescribing process)

Confronting ADHD is no easy road, and it kinda sucks that Done isn’t the perfect company. But at the end of the day, if you’re looking for online ADHD treatment and you (for whatever reason) know that stimulant-based medications like Adderall work best for you, go with Done