Ro Sperm vs Legacy: Which At-home Male Fertility Kit is Right for YOU?

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You want to have children someday – great. But, can you? 

This is a question that a lot of men (of all ages) aren’t asking themselves, but they should be. Considering the fact that about 15% of couples in the US will experience infertility issues (while infertility rates run as high as 25% in some other countries), it’s incredibly important to understand if you and your partner are healthy enough to conceive. 

Another issue is that traditional fertility clinics can reach over $1,000, and just the process, alone, is a turn-off for some. Driving to a lab, masturbating in a bathroom, and then waiting for your results is not the ideal way to test your fertility as a guy (or spend a Saturday afternoon, for that matter). Luckily, companies like Ro Sperm Kit and Legacy are aiming to change that. With simple, at-home male fertility kits, Ro Sperm and Legacy are making it easier than ever to test if your semen is healthy enough to start the family you’ve always dreamed of. On top of that, they’re more affordable than traditional, in-person clinics. This means that you and your partner can save up for all the other expenses that come with being a parent. 

Fortunately for consumers, new DTC (direct to consumer) male fertility kits have started coming to market over the past few years. Today, we’ll be taking a closer look at two of the industry leaders: Ro Sperm (formerly Dadi) vs Legacy. We’ll break down their price points, examine the pros and cons of both, and help you understand which male fertility kit might be best for you and your partner. Because while they’re both very much in the same space, Ro Sperm and Legacy do have some key differences.

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What is a male fertility kit and how do I use it?

Simply put, male fertility kits offered by Ro Sperm and Legacy are at-home methods of testing your semen. Both offer a very simple, 5-step process, and even offer long-term cryopreservation for your semen. By offering men an extremely rigorous and analytical look into the health of their sperm, as well as ongoing support and coaching, Ro Sperm and Legacy are maximizing the chances that you’ll be able to have a child some day. 

STEP 1: Order your kit

STEP 2: Deposit your semen sample

Once you’ve completed a quick registration process online, Ro Sperm and Legacy will discreetly ship a fertility kit to your doorstep. 

AKA, the best part. 😉 Generally, it’s advised to remain abstinent for 2-5 days beforehand. While this step may seem simple, there are some instructions involved as there are a variety of ways that a sperm sample can be contaminated. Along with that, sending your sample back as quickly as possible is imperative for accurate results.

Sperm also doesn’t have a long life span, and as soon as it is outside of your body it begins to die. Ro Sperm has tackled this issue by packing their kit full of tech that keeps your deposit sample safe and secure, and Legacy takes a number of steps to complete the process quickly and ensure your deposit is safely stored with their unique multi-geography storage.

Once you’ve carefully read through the instructions and mapped out your sperm’s voyage back to the labs of Ro Sperm or Legacy, you can begin the process of depositing your little swimmers into the kit. You may feel like you’ve finished, but now it’s time to actually finish shipping your sample so it can be tested and/or cryopreserved. 

STEP 3: Test your sample

Get ready for the most interesting trip to the post office you’ve ever had. Or just arrange for Fedex to come pick it up, if you’d rather avoid that adventure. 

Ro Sperm and Legacy allow you to securely ship your sample back to their CLIA-certified labs for analysis. Ro Sperm operates out of the New England Cryogenic Center, while Legacy runs their own CLIA-certified lab that analyzes the samples, and then contracts with external labs for cryostorage.

Ro Sperm has a turnaround time of just 24 hours for getting your results, from the time you ship your kit. 

Legacy’s turnaround time is also 24 hours and you can even arrange for them to pick up your sample at no extra charge via their one-click pickup. Very easy!

STEP 4: Review your fertility report

Once your sperm has been analyzed in their labs, you’ll receive a full fertility report.

Both Ro Sperm and Legacy’s reports provide you a deep look at the data. They’re both arguably as rigorous as any fertility clinic as you’ve visited (giving you insights into your sperm count, volume, sperm motility, etc.), although Legacy’s 6-page report is extremely detailed and comprehensive, with recommendations for how to improve your sperm quality.

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Ro Sperm - sample fertility report