Cheapest At-Home Ketamine Treatment: Where to Get the Most Affordable Online Care


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Our Picks for Cheapest At-Home Ketamine Treatment

  • Overall Cheapest At-Home Ketamine Treatment: Joyous costs $129 per month for 30 low-dose ketamine treatments, making it the cheapest option for low-dose, at-home ketamine therapy. 
  • Best Overall for Cheapest Single Session: Innerwell charges $88 or $125 per ketamine therapy session, making it the lowest-cost option for single sessions with psychiatric consults.
  • Most Affordable for Flexibility and Extended Care: Mindbloom provides a range of flexible treatment plans for both new and returning clients, including an 18-session package that costs $99 per ketamine therapy session.
  • Cheapest for Comprehensive Care and 1:1 Expert Support: Nue Life prioritizes comprehensive care and affordability, with a program that offers two months of support and one-on-one sessions for $1,399.
  • Best for Affordable Telemedicine Care: My Ketamine Home offers at-home ketamine therapy for $167 or $233 per session with ongoing telemedicine care and additional support, providing excellent value for the cost.

At-home oral ketamine therapy is a more affordable alternative to in-person ketamine infusions. While ketamine infusions at a clinic can cost up to $800 per session, telehealth ketamine programs offer treatment packages or programs for greater cost efficiency. This affordability is crucial for many, as ketamine therapy often isn’t covered by insurance for mental health conditions, like depression and anxiety. 

Various factors determine the pricing of an at-home ketamine therapy program, including medication dosage, integration sessions, and virtual consultations with a medical provider. As these features vary from program to program, it’s best to evaluate which factors matter the most to you and find a provider that aligns with your goals.

After extensively evaluating multiple telehealth ketamine treatment platforms, Joyous is our top pick for the best overall cheapest at-home ketamine treatment program. With a subscription model including 30 low-dose ketamine treatments at just $129 monthly, Joyous is an excellent low-cost option, especially for individuals who don’t want health coaching or integration sessions. 

In this article, we’ll evaluate the leading at-home ketamine therapy platforms to help you find the most affordable option to best suit your needs. 

Compare the Prices of Online Ketamine Treatments

We’ve compared some of the cheapest at-home ketamine therapy platforms, including Mindbloom, Joyous, Nue Life, Innerwell, and My Ketamine Home to help you better understand which provider may work best for your needs.

Innerwell vs. Mindbloom vs. Nue Life vs. Joyous vs. My Ketamine Home

InnerwellMindbloomNue LifeJoyousMy Ketamine Home
Total package price$1,098 for 8 doses
$2,100 for for 24 doses
$1158 for 6 doses
$1782 for 18 doses
$1399 for 6 doses$129/month for 30 low doses $1399 for 6 doses
$2999 for 18 doses
Price/treatment$125/treatment for 8 doses
$83/treatment for 24 doses
$193/treatment for 6 doses
$99/treatment for 18 doses
$167/treatment for 6 doses $4.30 for 30 low doses$233/treatment for 6 doses
$167/treatment for 18 doses
Number of clinician consults in plan32 or 3312
Number of 1:1 expert-led sessions1 psychotherapy session3 guided sessions 2 coaching sessions
4 integration specialist check-ins
1 or 4 health coaching sessions
Number of group integration sessionsUnlimited Unlimited4 or 16 group sessions
Multiple billing plans?Weekly, monthly, and paid in full up-front Monthly onlyWeekly, monthly, and paid in full up-front MonthlyWeekly, monthly, and paid in full up-front
Accepts insurance?🟡 Only in California🟡 Partial reimbursement possible🟡 Partial reimbursement possible
Accepts FSA/HSA?
Ongoing care?
Refunds✅ Full or partial refunds✅ Full or partial refunds✅ Full or partial refunds

Joyous Review - Overall Cheapest At-Home Ketamine Treatment


  • Price/session: $4.30 per dose
  • Dosage/form: 10mg to 120mg; lozenges 
  • What’s included: Consult, daily check-ins, digital protocol
  • Number of clinician consults: One
  • Number of 1:1 expert-guided sessions: None
  • Number of group integration sessions: None


joyous image

Joyous offers daily low-dose at-home ketamine therapy for depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress. At $129 per month for 30 personalized doses of ketamine, Joyous is a great option for individuals seeking more affordable, ongoing ketamine therapy and who want to avoid the psychedelic properties of higher ketamine doses. However, it’s not suitable for individuals who would like more extensive support, such as integration sessions or one-on-one coaching.

innerwell logo

Innerwell Review - Best Overall for Cheapest Single Session


  • Price/session: $88 to $125 per session
  • Dosage/form: 100mg to 800mg; tablet
  • What’s included: Psychiatric clinician consults, unlimited messaging, expert-led psychotherapy session, Innerwell Box
  • Number of clinician consults: 1 to 5
  • Number of 1:1 expert-guided sessions: 0 to 1
  • Number of group integration sessions: None
innerwell image

Innerwell provides online ketamine therapy from psychiatrists and therapists who specialize in ketamine-assisted psychotherapy. It offers a range of treatment plans for new and returning individuals, with single sessions costing as low as $88 for returning clients who choose the 8-session package. This is the most affordable per-session price for online ketamine therapy available, and all of Innerwell’s plans include at least one psychiatric clinician appointment with unlimited messaging. Innerwell is a good choice for individuals seeking flexible online ketamine therapy with ongoing expert support and competitive pricing, though it’s not available in every state.

Mindbloom Review - Most Affordable for Flexibility and Extended Care


  • Price/session: $99 to $193 per session
  • Dosage/form: 10mg to 800mg; tablet
  • What’s included: Psychiatric clinician consults, guide sessions, unlimited guide messaging, unlimited group integration sessions, in-app resources, Bloombox
  • Number of clinician consults: 2 to 3
  • Number of 1:1 expert-guided sessions: 3 to 4
  • Number of group integration sessions: Unlimited


mindbloom image

Mindbloom provides online ketamine therapy with 7 distinct treatment paths for anxiety, depression, grief, and even relationship concerns. With flexible treatment options for new and returning clients, Mindbloom offers superior flexibility and extended care than its competitors. Its 18-session package, in particular, costs just $99 per session with unlimited group integration sessions, making it one of the most cost-effective options available for returning clients. However, with a focus on high-dose ketamine therapy, Mindbloom may not be the best option for individuals who are concerned about side effects. logo

Nue Life Review - Cheapest for Comprehensive Care and 1:1 Expert Support


  • Price/session: $167 per session
  • Dosage/form: Not disclosed; tablet
  • What’s included: Clinician consults, health coaching, one-on-one and group integration sessions, in-app resources
  • Number of clinician consults: 3
  • Number of 1:1 expert guided sessions: 2 coaching sessions, 4 integration sessions
  • Number of group integration sessions: Unlimited
nuelife image

Nue Life offers at-home ketamine therapy with a holistic approach for depression, anxiety, and more. The platform’s Nue Reset program focuses on comprehensive care, including a range of expert-led features, resources, and two months of support for $1,399. While this isn’t the cheapest option overall, it’s a more affordable plan when you consider the breadth of included features. It’s a good option for individuals seeking one-on-one support and ongoing care, but may not be suitable for people who want a lower per-session price.

my home ketamine logo

My Ketamine Home Review - Best for Affordable Telemedicine Care


  • Price/session: $167 to $233 per session
  • Dosage/form: 2mg to 7mg/kg body weight; Oral
  • What’s included: Telemedicine care, integration group sessions, health coaching, consultations, Client Concierge Team, access to counselors
  • Number of clinician consults: 2
  • Number of 1:1 expert guided sessions: 1 or 4
  • Number of group integration sessions: 4 or 16
my ketamine home image

My Ketamine Home is powered by Nue Life and offers an oral ketamine therapy program. It’s our pick for the best affordable telemedicine care, as it provides a focus on accessible, personalized oral ketamine treatments at a competitive price point. The platform’s treatments are tailored to improve your mental health with support from health coaches, counselors, clinicians, and your peers in group integration sessions. It’s ideal for individuals seeking at-home ketamine therapy with extensive telemedicine support. 

What to Consider When Choosing Online Ketamine Treatment

When choosing the right at-home, affordable ketamine therapy, there are many factors to consider, including the administration method, dosage, number of treatment sessions, and level of monitoring and support. 

what-to-consider-when-choosing-the-most-affordable-way to-get-ketamine-treatment-online

Ketamine Administration Method

Ketamine can be administered through an IV, oral tablet, or nasal spray. Most virtual ketamine therapy platforms offer oral ketamine tablets. Make sure to consider which administration method you’re the most comfortable with before diving into a ketamine therapy program.


Dosage is a crucial factor in choosing a ketamine therapy provider. Different platforms provide different dosage ranges, with some focusing on low-dose ketamine therapy and others focusing on high-dose therapy.

Low-dose ketamine therapy is less likely to cause side effects, may be taken daily, and doesn’t provide psychedelic effects. High-dose ketamine therapy offers a psychedelic experience that can be more effective in improving neuroplasticity for some. Weighing the pros and cons of each can help you choose the right ketamine therapy provider for you.

Number of Treatment Sessions

Whether you want daily low-dose ketamine therapy or occasional ketamine sessions, it’s crucial to consider the frequency of your treatments. Many of the platforms covered offer multiple treatment plans with different numbers of sessions for both new and returning clients.

Level of Monitoring and Support

Do you want access to health coaches, psychotherapists, or other medical professionals as part of your at-home ketamine therapy program? Certain platforms offer these features, along with ongoing messaging with a medical care team, although they can raise the overall cost of your treatment. Evaluating these options and considering how much support you’d like will help you narrow down the available platforms. 

Ketamine Side Effects and Safety

Although ketamine in appropriate doses is generally considered safe, it can lead to side effects. The most common side effects of ketamine therapy for mental health conditions include: 

  • High blood pressure
  • Dizziness
  • Blurred vision
  • Headache
  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety 
  • Dissociation
  • Intoxication
  • Sedation 

Ketamine Safety

A brand of ketamine nasal spray called Spravato has been FDA-approved for treatment-resistant depression. While other forms of ketamine therapy haven’t been FDA-approved, they’re considered safe for certain qualifying individuals. 

Ketamine therapy typically isn’t appropriate for individuals who:

  • Have been diagnosed with psychosis or schizophrenia
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Are teenagers
  • Have symptoms of dementia

Additionally, ongoing low-dose ketamine IV infusions may pose a risk of addiction, although further research is necessary to confirm this. Individuals with a personal or family history of substance use disorder should talk to a physician about this risk before starting ketamine therapy. 

When to Seek Emergency Medical Care

Seek emergency medical care while using ketamine therapy if any of the side effects listed above become severe, or if you experience:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Seizures
  • Amnesia
  • Reduced level of consciousness
  • Periods of stopped breathing (known as apnea)
  • Cardiac arrest

  • Summary

    Overall, Joyous, Innerwell, Mindbloom, Nue Life, and My Ketamine Home provide the most cost-effective at-home ketamine services with varying levels of ongoing support. 

    • Joyous is the overall cheapest option at $129 per month for 30 low-dose treatments. It’s ideal for people who are interested in affordable low-dose ketamine therapy, which may boost your mental health without psychedelic effects. 
    • Innerwell offers low per-session costs for both new and returning clients. This cost includes clinician consults and one-on-one psychotherapy sessions, making Innerwell a good option for those seeking expert support. 
    • Mindbloom provides both affordability and flexibility, with 7 unique ketamine treatment paths. Returning clients can opt for an 18-session package at $99 per session, making Mindbloom an affordable choice for repeat clients. 
    • Nue Life offers the best blend of comprehensive, one-on-one care for an affordable cost. With two months of support and a range of additional resources included in the plan, Nue Life provides a good balance of ketamine sessions and complementary care.   
    • My Ketamine Home is the best option for affordable telemedicine care, offering a range of resources for remote support with low-cost ketamine therapy sessions. 

    These platforms are the cheapest at-home ketamine therapy options available, without compromising on quality of care. To further cut costs, keep an eye out for seasonal discounts and explore financing options. If you have insurance, seek out a ketamine therapy platform that accepts your plan for the lowest possible prices.


    Are oral ketamine lozenges more affordable than infusion?

    Oral ketamine lozenges are generally more affordable than infusions, as they can be taken from home and don’t require a physician to administer them. 

    Do online ketamine therapy providers accept insurance?

    Some, but not all, online ketamine therapy providers accept insurance. Check with the platform before signing up to ensure that your plan is accepted. Additionally, you may be able to receive partial reimbursement from your insurance company for ketamine therapy services from some providers.

    Is financing available for at-home ketamine treatments?

    Financing is available for some at-home ketamine treatments, such as Nue Life.

    Who is eligible for online ketamine therapy?

    Adults who are in good general health, aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding, and don’t have a history of psychosis are often eligible for online ketamine therapy. Your eligibility will be determined during the online intake process.   


    We conducted extensive research to evaluate the pricing, effectiveness, accessibility, overall quality, customer support, and useability of multiple at-home ketamine therapy providers. To determine overall value, we evaluated cost, features, flexibility, accessibility, and included sessions. 

    Other factors we investigated prior to choosing the best affordable ketamine providers included convenience, discounts, customer service, access to healthcare providers, health insurance, package deals, and any free resources offered.