Best Gifts for Men Focusing on their Wellness in 2023

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Health is a gift, but it also makes a great gift for the guys in your life – you just have to know where to look. Trust me, I know how hard it is to shop for dudes sometimes… when you grow up with a dad that just buys all his own gifts, the holidays could be hard.

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Luckily, our team is literally in the business of researching and testing these sorts of products firsthand, and today, we’re giving you our favorites for 2022 and beyond. So don’t worry, we’ve got your back if you’re struggling to find ideas for the best wellness products for men.

Whether you’re shopping for the athlete or self-care enthusiast in your life, we have a perfect gift for everyone on your list!

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Our top picks

Let’s get straight to the point – here are our favorite holistic gifts for nutritionists, gym bros, and other fitness-focused men.

Best gifts for men: Our top picks




Best for?

Stasis logo 240x60 Men's Skincare Gift SetOne month supply: $55

Bi-annual subscription: $49.50 ($8.25/mo)
Face wash

Day Cream

.05% Night Cream

Eye Cream
Men with skin care issues like acne, oiliness, dryness, redness, or anti-aging
Stasis logo 240x60 Lumen Metabolism TrackerMetabolism Booster (6 months): $249 ($42.50/mo)

Advanced Fat Burn (12 months): $399 ($33.25/mo)

Lumen VIP (12 months): $699 ($58.25/mo)
Lumen Device (w/ iOS & Andriod app compatability)

Travel Case

Nutrition Coaching

6+ month membership
Guys interested in weight loss and nutrition
WHOOP 4.0 Fitness Tracker12-month membership: $275 ($23/mo)

24-month membership: $460 ($20/mo)

ZMW 1-month discount applied at checkout!
12+ month membership Customized

Unlimited access to WHOOP app
Gym bros and health fanatics
Stasis logo 240x60 Custom Night GuardsRemi Single: $110 ($55/night guard)

Remi Club: $91($45.50/night guard)
2 night guards Impressions + instructions Case

Remi Club includes a new night guard replacement bi-annually for $49
Those with smile insecurities, constant headaches or jaw pain, teeth sensitivity, or night time teeth grinders
Extra Strength CBN GummiesOne time: $59.95 ($2/night)

Subscription: $47.96/mo ($1.60/night)
30-day supply of 15 mg CBN per gummyMen who struggle with insomnia
Stasis logo 240x60 Nootropic Starter KitOne time: $119 ($5/pack)

Subscription: $79/mo ($3.30/pack)
One month supply of four formulas with 6 packs each: Energy, Clarity, Motivation, CreativityGuys who are into cognitive health
Stasis logo 240x60 Thickening Pomade3-month supply: $253oz thickening pomadeGuys who want to give their hair a thicker, fuller look

What did we look for in these gifts?

IMO, the best gifts are the things you want and can benefit from but wouldn’t usually splurge on for yourself. They can also be things you’re curious to try but aren’t totally sold on the value of yet. 

When deciding what to buy for the fitness fanatic or health guru in your life, remember…

Personalization is the key!

Many of the products in the following list are tailored to each user, so you don’t have to do any heavy lifting to give an incredible gift. 

Not only are most of these customizable, but these businesses go above and beyond with special touches like engraving someone’s name or adding a few heartwarming lines to the package.

From providing personalized skincare product recommendations based on your skin condition or literally getting a custom-fitted night guard, this holiday season presents the perfect opportunity to show that you care – about your interests and them.

7 best health and wellness gifts for men

From stocking-stuffers for nutrition nuts to ideas for insomniacs, we’ve included something in our guide for everyone. Here are our top seven based on months of research (and first-hand experience 😏):

Best overall: Geologie’s Skincare Set

At the risk of overgeneralizing, most men aren’t known for having the most impressive skincare routines… I don’t want to know how old the face wash was in my bathroom before I found Geologie…

But in my experience, I’ll be honest, most of that came from not knowing what products to use. And a whole routine? Forget about it.

Geologie has addressed this exact issue for a LOT of guys out there. They have a completely personalized arsenal of skincare products tailored to specific skin types: acne-prone, oily, dry, sensitive, aging – you name it – with everything from face washes and creams to under-eye balms and sunscreen.

Worried that you won’t know which products to get? Many of them come in pre-organized bundles according to skin type and concern, so you know you’ll be checking all the boxes. You can even take a diagnostic quiz with their skin in mind for more personalized suggestions – just trust Geologie’s experts and their dermatologically-tested and scientifically-proven ingredients.


➔ Pre-made bundles and gift sets based on skin type and concern
➔ Personalized and scientifically proven ingredients
➔ Easy-to-follow routines
➔ Variety of scented and unscented products
➔ Affordable options
➔ 1 to 3 months supply (1 month is the trial set and perfect for someone to test it out)


➔ The person receiving the gift might need to continue buying or subscribing to products because the ingredients can take time to start showing results

I’ve loved it enough that I gifted a set to my brother and a buddy of mine – both of whom have seen great results.

One pretty cool (and unexpected) benefit for all three of us has been that following Geologie’s skincare routine, day and night, has actually improved our own abilities to stick to daily routines in general. Not saying that’s what’ll happen for every guy, but if there’s even a chance that a man in your life could benefit from that, it could be one of their favorite gifts this year.

Best for guys who are into diet and exercise: Lumen metabolism tracker

The Lumen metabolism tracker is the perfect gift for nutrition fanatics and those attempting to learn more about how their diet affects their composition or everyday life. 

This kind of technology used to only be available to top-tier athletes and hospitals or clinics, so you’d be giving a really sick gift to someone who makes their diet a priority in life.

Lumen delivers an incredible amount of knowledge directly to a smartphone or Apple watch that you’d otherwise not have access to.

It allows you to learn more about your metabolism and use these insights to improve how your body processes food and burns fat.

This tiny breathalyzer has revolutionized the way people think about dieting and nutrition. Simply blow into the device, and you’ll know if you’re burning fat or carbohydrates for energy. 

Understanding your body’s metabolism and how efficiently it burns calories can help you make more informed choices to fuel your workouts correctly, customize your diet, and start seeing weight loss results sooner.


➔ Risk-free 30-day trial
➔ Helps optimize workout performance
➔ Provides in-depth insight into your unique physiology
➔ Easier weight loss
➔ Personalized dietary recommendations


➔ Monthly app subscription fees
➔ People might think you are vaping when you blow into the breathalyzer (but the design is pretty sick!)

Make sure you’re checking for deals! I know that, especially around the holidays, they run tons of deals, even up to 50% off for a full year of access.

Read our full review of the Lumen Device if you think this is right gift for your guy.

For Guys who are REALLY into health and fitness: The WHOOP 4.0 fitness tracker

This gift is perfect for gym bros and health fanatics. They even go so far as to offer a “buy as gift” option, aka you gift them the device + their first year or two of membership, and they can choose to continue pay after that (win-win, eh?).

WHOOP is one of the top wearable fitness trackers in the industry — we’ve compared it to the FitBit, the Oura Ring, and Garmin devices, and it consistently wins. It documents various lifestyle elements to improve your health and fitness results.

The WHOOP 4.0 can measure respiratory rate, heart rate, blood oxygen, and skin temperature, helping you understand when to rest and when to push. This tracker also monitors your sleep cycles, debt, performance, and quality to help you know how much sleep you need every night.


➔ Personalized engraving & custom colors for great gift-giving ✨
➔ Option to buy as a gift (pay full price of membership w/o recurring monthly fee after)
➔ Helps optimize workout performance
➔ Provides valuable health and wellness data
➔ Sleek, minimalist design


➔ Monthly app membership cost for user after first or second year
➔ No screen

If you’re reading our review, you can get a full month free at checkout with our ZMW discount.

For guys who are self-conscious about their smile: Remi

The Remi night guard is an excellent gift for those with jaw pain or crooked smiles, especially if that comes from overnight teeth grinding or anxiety.

I have a surprising number of friends who admit to grinding their teeth at night, and they’ve almost all mentioned being interested in trying out a night guard but not wanting to deal with the cost of custom ones from the dentist.

What most don’t know, however, is how easily they can get a customized, affordable set online. 

We’ve tested and reviewed most of the top brands in the custom night guard space, and Remi has consistently earned the top spot on our list year after year.


➔ More affordable than going to the dentist
➔ Custom-fitted to your whole mouth
➔ Durable and long-lasting
➔ “Remi Club” option sends you a replacement every six months for $49 
➔ 30-day money-back guarantee


➔ Need to provide a mold/impression of your mouth before receiving the final custom night guard, which will likely ruin the surprise.
➔ Night guards arrive two weeks after Remi receives the impression kit, so it takes a while to actually start using them

We compare Remi to Cheeky and ClearClub on our site if you’re interested in learning more about the process or benefits.

For Guys who have trouble sleeping: Slumber CBN

Slumber CBN was designed with insomniacs in mind.

Everyone’s heard of CBD before, but far fewer know about its sibling, CBN (cannabinol), which is proven to improve sleep performance for nearly 80 percent of users. It’s shown to have sedative properties that could relieve conditions like insomnia.

I’ve been using this product myself for over a year now (side note – I love the vanilla-blueberry flavor as my nightcap), and it’s my go-to gift for both men and women. Weird gift, right?

Again, the gifts I like to receive are thoughtful things that improve my happiness, boost my well-being, and introduce me to something I may not have been familiar with.

Bonus points to Slumber CBN for a cost-to-effectiveness value that’s kind of out of this world (less than $2/night for incredible sleep)! But don’t just take it from me – I’ve read thousands of reviews from people who’ve used Ambien or prescription medication to sleep for years that turned to Slumber’s CBN to experience the best sleep of their life.


➔ Tastes amazing
➔ One-time purchase as a gift
➔ Non-habit forming
➔ Highly researched
➔ Legal in all US states
➔ Non-psychoactive


➔ Is effective in roughly 20% of people

➔ If you plan on flying with it, be sure to check local regulations around the possession of CBD. Typically it’s fine, but just take that into account.

For Guys who want to operate at peak mental performance: Thesis Nootropics

Nootropics are brain-boosting supplements that help you stay focused and maximize your productivity.

For years, our team has heavily researched and tested nootropics (brain health supplements). Time and time again, Thesis Nootropics have come out on top. It consistently provides some of the highest quality blends that are completely customized to each person’s goals.

To determine which nootropics are best for the man you’re shopping for, visit the company’s website and fill out their simple questionnaire (don’t worry, you don’t need to “borrow” any medical documents!). 

After completing the survey, the advanced Thesis algorithm will review millions of data points and predict the four blends that are most likely to improve mental performance.

If you’re looking for a personalized gift for someone with a high-pressure job — or someone who wants to improve their memory and focus — Thesis Nootropics may be exactly what they need.


➔ Customized formulas
➔ Access to coaching and dietitians for maximum results
➔ No side effects or dependancy like stimulants or prescription meds
➔ Way cheaper than making the natural blends yourself


➔ Recurring purchases and subscription costs

We’re really invested in nootropics and the benefits that they can provide – if you’re interested in learning more, check out our article on how effective nootropics are.

For guys with thinning hair: Keeps Pomade

Do you have a man in your life who’s starting to go bald? Or… doesn’t think they are, and you don’t have the heart to tell them (we won’t tell)? If so, give them the gift of Keeps Thickening Pomade.

Keeps Thickening Pomade is a water-based formula with a strong, pliable hold and a natural, matte finish. However, what makes Keeps especially popular is that it also gives thinning hair a thicker appearance.

All of the Keeps’ products — including pomade, shampoo, and conditioner — also contain FDA-approved hair loss treatments like Finasteride.

In addition to making thinning hair look thicker and fuller, these products can also increase the user’s chances of keeping the hair they already have. It’s a win-win!


➔ Doesn’t actually scream “you’re balding!” – just a great hair styling product 🙃
➔ Makes hair appear thicker
➔ Suitable for all hair types
➔ Keeps provides access to doctor’s consultations
➔ Natural ingredients that are safe for every day use


➔ Recurring purchases and subscription cost

tl;dr – Final thoughts

Whether you’re shopping for someone who’s intensely invested in their wellness, or someone who’s frustrated by hair loss, losing sleep, or losing weight, we’ve found solutions for just about everyone – and personal, thoughtful ones at that.

With so many health products out there, it’s hard to sift through them and find the most valuable picks for the special men in your life.

All of the picks listed in this article have consistently been some of our top-reviewed products, so we feel confident recommending them to you and your favorite health and fitness-focused men. The gift of health is often the gift of wealth (and they’ll be thanking you for a long time, too 😉).