About Zenmaster Wellness

transparent, no-bs product reviews and recommendations.

Startups are sprouting up every single day to help people live healthier, happier lives. Out with the old, in with the new. Innovation is all around us, and new brands are born to help us maximize physical health and mental wellbeing.

But in a world where brands push bold claims and false promises in our face everyday, there’s too little accountability. Companies incentivize customers to give fake 5 star reviews, pay influencers to put on a mask and promote their product, all while not backing up their marketing with a legitimately GOOD product. It’s bull. 


Zenmaster Wellness was born to bring transparency to the buyer journey – specifically around products that help you maximize your physical and mental health. Weed through the BS, and highlight the ones worth the attention.


We tackle this in three ways:

1 – Research and review the brands that are marketing like crazy. Let’s see if they can back up those claims and deliver a truly solid product and experience.

2 – Pit brands against each other. The buyer journey for a price-sensitive consumer can be downright confusing. Deciding between multiple brands makes this even worse. We tackle that so you don’t have to.  

3 – Shine a shameful light on brands who are misleading their customers (Work in progress). Ridiculous pricing, poor quality products, overzealous (and downright illegal) marketing claims, nonexistent support teams; the list goes on. These are the companies that hurt consumers and don’t deserve success. They should be called out.


We envision a world where the best brands succeed, products are priced fairly, marketing is held to ethical standards, innovation is encouraged, and consumers can find unbiased opinions of products before making a purchase. This is what we are creating.

Meet the Team

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Matt Oney, Founder

Health nut, gym rat, ADHD, mental health advocate.

I’m a Search Engine Optimizer by trade, and a marketer to my core. I’ve got high ethical standards and I HATE dirty marketing tactics. So I built Zenmaster Wellness as a means of using my skills to bring value to a broader community of consumers. 

I pour hundreds of hours (literally) into research, reading customer testimonials, and talking with  the founders of these companies – all in the pursuit of finding the best products and services that truly deliver on their promises. I’m also cheap. I don’t like getting ripped off. So I also find you the best deals out there, and work one-on-one with brands to offer exclusive discounts to my readers. 

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Brand Assets

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Media Kit

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Frequently Asked Questions

❓ What's the Advertiser Disclosure?

Some (definitely not all) reviews and comparisons we share with you contain affiliate links. Working with other companies helps us keep the lights on and motivates us to keep doing what we’re doing. Zenmaster is a side project of ours, albeit one that takes hundreds of hours of our free time. As our fanbase grows and we drive traffic to our partners’ sites, some people inevitably make purchases. Affiliate links allow us to gain a little side income from our hard work.

But at the end of the day, every piece of information we share is 100% objective and money will never come into play when we pit products or services against each other. In fact, if our team researches a particular product/service and wouldn’t personally recommend it, there’s no holds barred.

If you read an article on Zenmaster and notice that we’ve published something outdated or incorrect, please let us know so we can make a correction. We strive to compile the most accurate and objective information out there, but we also know things change and it can be difficult to stay up-to-date on so many products and services. 

❓ Can I suggest content for Zenmaster Wellness?

Absolutely – please do! We’re always on the lookout for new, innovative products and services to research. That being said, we can’t review everything we want to show you. As a small team, new ideas are constantly battling for our attention and putting out a thoroughly-researched, quality write-up for our readers is our number one priority. 

Just shoot an email to zenmasterwellness@gmail.com with your idea. 

We are also open to sponsorship posts, so long as they align with our guidelines and vision for Zenmaster. We still retain full editorial control. Don’t be shy!

❓ Do you accept guest posts?

No. Please stop asking me.